Being Vegan Is Nowhere Near Enough

Not consuming animals is a wonderful thing. But it should be just one of the many things activists do for animals, not an end in itself.

There are those in the animal movement who call themselves “abolitionists.” They think they are patterning themselves on the Abolitionists of the 19th Century who opposed slavery.

But our animal abolitionists confuse the meaning of the word “abolition” with “opposition.” Abolition means prohibition by law.
Nothing modern abolitionists do is aimed at prohibition by law of the Animal Holocaust. If they were doing so, they would be agitating for socialist governments around the world, as such governments are the most likely to ban animal agriculture.

Our modern abolitionists are content to be vegans and urge others to be (a good thing) but oppose everything done by the rest of us (a bad thing).

Had those 19th Century Abolitionists acted similarly, all they would have done is refrained from owning slaves. What they actually did was riot, vote, elect, and run the Underground Railroad (sound like the Animal Liberation Front?). They fomented for government action, they supported and opposed candidates, they aligned with Karl Marx and the European Labor movement.

Gary Francione, the self-styled leader of modern abolitionists, calls the ALF a terrorist organization. Hardly the kind of guy who would have rescued slaves!

Our modern abolitionists are unfamiliar with history, political strategy, coalition building, organizational development, mass marketing, and, most of all, with the philosophies of Animal Rights, and of animal and human liberation.

Some animal activists use the term “animal welfare” as a pejorative, making the absurd argument that efforts to help animals takes needed resources from the goal of Animal Rights.

The entire Animal Rights movement, save for a handful of lawyers, is an animal welfare movement. All most of us do is for the welfare of animals, not for the rights of animals.

Animal Rights means the rights not to be exploited, enslaved, or murdered.
Animal Rights can only be achieved through government recognition and enforcement of rights. (That handful of lawyers I mentioned is trying to win personhood status for chimpanzees)
Animal Rights are not recognized by any government on the planet, and are unlikely to be in our lifetimes or our grandchildren’s lifetimes.

Those condemning “animal welfarism” are animal welfarists.
They push veganism as their sole approach to the Animal Holocaust, think somehow veganism equals Animal Rights, and criticize every other strategy as supportive of speciesism.

Francione and his followers are as detrimental to the animals as the people who go after them with knives and drills. And that is because veganism in and of itself cannot do a thing for animals and has no effect on the Animal Holocaust.

Yet Francione wishes activists to stop working on alleviating the suffering of animals trapped in the food system, and accuses those of trying to help as being supportive of slaughter.

Every animal trapped in the food system is going to die a horrible death. And generation upon generation will follow in those terrible footsteps. Anything we can do to mitigate the horrors is our moral obligation to do.

Until a successful revolution, we all must work for animal welfare.


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