Vegans As Political Radicals

Being vegan doesn’t help animals, it is merely doing no harm to them.
But doing no harm is better than doing harm, which is why I am vegan.

To help animals we need to do so much more than just not hurt them.

The most important thing we can do is to invoke government to help in alleviating the suffering. Most animal cruelty and suffering is caused by businesses which exploit and kill animals. Capitalists who profit on animal cruelty have tremendous influence in government. They bribe presidents and Congress, they hire lobbyists and lawyers to block reform. They are supported by conservatives, which means ALL Republicans and many Democrats.

To impact government we must support liberals. Liberals oppose corporate welfare (which is BIG money to Big Agriculture. Big Ag receives subsidies and price supports from taxpayers); liberals oppose political bribery and private financing of campaigns (the reason corporations, trade organizations, and lobbyists run the government); liberals oppose the destruction of the environment and wildlife habitats; they oppose hunting and drilling in National Parks, sonar testing which harms whales and dolphins, drilling in the Arctic, the Japanese dolphin slaughter in Taiji, importing ivory; and are more concerned with animal issues than are conservatives, who are hostile to animals where profits can be impacted.

Instead of recruiting vegans, we should be recruiting liberals, leftists, progressives, and radicals.
Instead of sharing recipes we should be sharing voting records.
Instead of reaching out to other vegans we should be reaching out to every leftist organization and every enemy of capitalism.

We must join in broad coalitions with others who are opposed to the enemies of animals. We share the same enemies, so we should embrace them as friends: Occupiers, social justice advocates, environmentalists, prison reformers, LGBTs, anti-war activists, and everyone fighting for economic justice and equality.

We can thereby grow the movement, increase its influence, share in the successes of allies and enlist their support on our campaigns.


One thought on “Vegans As Political Radicals

  1. I agree>>>the big dollars are destroying animals and even humans. People, it is true, just being vegan is not enough!! We need big big money behind the movement. BOTTOM LINE SYNDROME DISEASE!!!!

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