Why Republican Lawmakers Oppose Animals

This article analyzes Republicans in the US, but is equally applicable to conservative and right-of-center parties around the globe.

Animal activists are constantly imploring legislators to enact laws and policies that will protect animals, reduce suffering, amd require compassion in the treatment of our fellow Earthlings.

At the local level, we demand that all shelters become No Kill. We try to increase the number of companion animals permited per household. We demand that landlords be required to rent to families with pets. We seek to lengthen the hold times for animals doomed to die in municipal death camps (shelters).

Almost all Republican officials oppose these reforms.


Because humane legislation costs tax dollars and reduces profits to businesses.

Republicans argue that increasing hold times for stray costs more money in food, staffing, and veterinary care. They dismiss the idea of No Kill shelters as too expensive, that it requires additional staff, additional training, and that it is much more efficient to destroy unwanted and stray animals than it is to incur the burden of educational campaigns, recruiting and managing volunteers, and training staff.

Similarly, they oppose increasing the number of pets per household as possibly detrimental to real estate values and home sales. They oppose any restrictions on landlords being able to rent to whom they wish as intrusive upon their businesses. Republicans do not care that increasing the number of pets allowed per household would immediately create millions of homes across the country for dogs and cats that would otherwise be murdered in “shelters.” Nor do Republicans care that countless dogs and cats die each year because people facing financial hardships often must surrender family pets to shelters because landlords refuse to rent to families with pets.

It is cheaper to kill stray animals than it is to care for them and place them in loving homes. And Republican officials at the city and county level are more interested in appearing to be champions of the taxpayers than they are in being compassionate to stray dogs and cats.

Republican lawmakers at the national level vote against animals as well, and for the same reasons: Compassion costs tax dollars and compassion reduces profits.

Republicans oppose bans on puppy mills, they support hunting and drilling on public lands. They want to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency. They oppose animals that are threatened from being listed by the EPA. They excuse habitat destruction by Big Oil and mining interests. They deny climate change and oppose restrictions on air and water pollution.

The biggest battle in which animal activists are engaged is against the Animal Holocaust, in which well over a billion animals per week are murdered on slaughterhouse floors. That conservatives are the enemies of those animals trapped in the food system is all too obvious as we try to alleviate some of the terror and pain these animals suffer. Big Agriculture (Big Ag) runs the factory farms, the feedlots, the slaughterhouses, and the packing plants which turn innocent creatures into corpses for profit.

Profit drives the Animal Holocaust, and profits are championed by conservative legislators. All Republicans, and many Democrats, are conservatives. They value corporations over compassion, profits over principle, private property over everything. And private property is all that animals are to conservatives and Big Ag.

Big Agriculture and Wall Street buy politicians with campaign contributions, which are nothing more than legal bribes. In turn, politicians do the bidding of those who own them. It is the antithesis of democracy, and it is the reason that government is controlled by a fraction of one percent of the population.

Big Ag fights us tooth-and-nail to prevent reforms in the way animals are treated and killed.
Big Ag’s lobbyists and bought-and-paid-for Members of Congress block our attempts to end veal crates, gestation crates, de-horning, de-beaking, tail-docking, and castration without anesthetics. Ending these cruel practices will cost the industry money, so ending them must be opposed by conservatives.

The cruelest practice of Big Ag is running slaughter lines as fact as they can. The faster the slaughter lines, the more corpses per hour are produced.

But running fast slaughter lines means many cows and calves are not dead when line workers cut off their legs with chainsaws or rip their skin from their bodies. Seven percent of cattle are screaming in agony as they are cut up alive.

Fast slaughter lines in chicken slaughterhouses means that live chickens are tossed into vats of boiling water to remove their feathers.

The horrors are all about profit. And conservatives are ready to defend profits over animals every time.

Republican legislators actually believe that private enterprise is more important than the public. They believe that private property and “free enterprise” are more important than the public interest.

And Republican legislators certainly believe that business is more important than animals.

It is the reason that Republican officials are the enemies of animals, even if individual Republicans have no clue to the Republican agenda that they are supporting.


11 thoughts on “Why Republican Lawmakers Oppose Animals

  1. I am a Conservative and you couldn’t find a bigger animal lover, activist or rescuer then me. I live in Texas, which is the most Conservative state in the US and I do not have any limits on how many pets I have. I’m not going to say my party is perfect, but I am sending them letters along with many other activist, but please do not say that the liberals are any better. Especially that POS in the white house right now, he’s ruining our country to the point where it may not matter if we can save animals or not. There are a lot of Conservatives like me that fight to stop animal abuse and fight for longer prison sentences. In fact, here in the area I live in we had a boy convicted and sentenced to 2 years in prison for abusing a dog. It is an upward battle, whether you’re a Conservative or a Liberal or not Political at all. All I know is I fight every day, I donate money, my time and I have rescued 6 cats and 1 dog at this time, because I just lost one of my cats, she was very sick. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing. God Bless.


    • I have no doubt that there are conservatives who love animals, but for them to be political conservatives requires a disconnect between their own beliefs and the policies conservative politicians and conservative parties advocate and pursue.

      Please see these two of the many articles on the subject I have written and published on the Armory:

      Conservatives: Wake Up And Smell The Blood!
      Why Vegans Cannot Be Republicans. Or Conservatives.

      While it is certainly true that most liberals are no more concerned about animals than any other demographic, liberal politicians are working toward policies that would substantially alleviate animal suffering, cruelty, and death. Check out this article:

      A Liberal Who Eats Meat And Kicks His Dog Is A Better Friend To Animals Than Is A Conservative


    • But to continue to vote for R party means your love of animals will NEVER be cared about and or respected. This party has always been this way. MOST don’t give a damn about them. VOTE BLUE


      • While the Republicans do not care about animals, neither do most Democrats. Merely voting Blue accomplishes nothing except electing Wall Street hacks in addition to the odd progressive. To clean House, I will be voting against any establishment Democrat, meaning anyone who supported Hillary in the primaries. If there is no Green, Humane, Peace and Freedom, or Socialist candidate to choose from, I will vote for the Republican.


    • I am rescuer and yes, I know many conservatives who are rescuers also. But this isn’t about those of us in the trenches. It’s about the Republican legislators who refuse to enact laws to prohibit many of the worst offenses. For example, here in North Carolina, after Hurricane Floyd the Democratic state legislature required the many, many factory animal farms to install escape mechanisms for the animals (primarily hogs) in case of future such occurrences. Then the succeeding Republican politicians relaxed those rules, and when recently Hurricane Matthew dumped 17 inches of rain here in one day, tens of thousands of animals were drowned. In addition, the Republican legislature consistently rejects legislation outlawing or controlling puppy mills. So you may be righteous, but the Republican party sucks, blows and bites.


  2. Everything you say about Republicans and conservative Democrats is sadly all-too-true. But “liberal” Democrats (for instance Al Franken, Chuck Schumer, Tom Harken, Sherrod Brown, Barrack Obama, et al.) are often no better friends of animals. In their case “putting people first” and human rights and freedom to do whatever people want is the proffered excuse rather than maximizing business profits. If you have any doubts as to this, check out who precisely voted in favor of the “Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act”, as odious a piece of anti-wildlife legislation to come before the Congress in living memory. A self-righteous “power to the people” socialist like Bernie Sanders who’s done precisely nothing for animals represents an even better example. For hunted wildlife, imprisoned laboratory animals or abused farm animals it doesn’t make a dime’s worth of difference what political or economic philosophy authorized and underwrote your suffering.


    • A liberal can be a personal and political scumbag, but if he or she is voting Left they are supporting policy level changes in government that would end its control by Big Business. By Wall Street. By Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Ag, and by Big Pharma.

      Big Business, capitalists, are the biggest enemies of animals.
      It is business which drives the Animal Holocaust.
      Which profits on the lives and body parts of billions of animals each year.
      Business which values profits over animal victims.
      And it is business which bribes elected officials to do its bidding.

      That bribery is the reason Congressmen and Senators vote against animals, and in favor of capitalism. It is the reason there is a wholly owned subsidiary of the cattle industry within the Department of Agriculture (Wildlife Services) whose sole function is to kill animals on grazing land. It is why there are Mustang roundups and wild horses and burros being slaughtered. It is why there are still gestation crates, debeaking, baby chicks ground up alive, chickens boiled to death, calves cut up with chainsaws while conscious.

      Capitalism. Business. Profits. Scumbag conservative legislators (Republicans and most Democrats) and the lobbyist bagmen who hand out the bribes for Big Business.

      The only people trying to stop this are liberal Democrats.

      And even though many, or even most, might not be animal friendly in their daily lives, they are better friends to the animals than Republicans who love their dogs and vote for conservative political whores who are at war with animals.


      • And I, like in the case of Barack Obama, will hold my nose and give them my vote in preference to what the Republicans are offering but I have no illusions about their personal character or commitment to doing right. They are essentially just like the Republicans except playing to a different, marginally less selfish political constituency. It is instructive to look beyond the borders of the United States (“God’s country”) to see just how animal unfriendly liberals and socialists can be once they attain political power. You need go no further than Canada to see how the Liberal Party or socialistic New Democratic Party or the revolutionary Parti Quebecois come down on animal issues when they get voted into office; essentially no different, and sometimes worse, than the Conservatives. Look east to Europe and see how beneficial Leftist parties have been to animals. David Cameron is prime scumbag, but was Tony Blair any more sympathetic to laboratory animals? The socialist party in Norway, formerly overseen by Norway’s first woman Prime Minister thus making it the darling of Lefties everywhere, has been pure hell on wolves and whales. Have the socialists or even the Communist Party in France ever done anything to help animals there? No, in fact, the Communists have taken the position that hunting wild animals is a right that should be freely enjoyed by the proletariat as well as the aristocracy. Sinn Fein in Ireland fights against a ban on hare coursing arguing that it is a revered cultural tradition of the common folk. Vladimir Putin looks good in contrast to these leftist parties that, following your logic, we should be supporting. At least he is personally a notable animal lover who banned baby seal killing in the Russian Arctic and has championed the cause of some endangered species. I guess you could argue that all these left-wing political movements are just not left-wing or revolutionary enough, but please point to one example anywhere in the world today where non-human animals are better off under a socialist system? I’ve asked that question before and am still awaiting an answer.

        All the best.

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      • You are absolutely correct in your analysis of both past and current leftist governments. But we cannot measure the future by yardsticks of the past. Socialist societies consume fewer animals per capita than do capitalist ones. And future socialist governments, due to central economic planning, be able to restrict or ban animal agriculture to protect the very Earth.

        It is common for humans to abuse others when they themselves are abused. People turn on the weaker. The Jews did so to their own in Hitlers camps, feminists belittle animal rights even as they experience oppression and exploitation, socialists focus upon only their own interests rather than embrace a worldview that recognizes universal rights. Even so, the left is the hope for animals, just as it is the hope for humanity.


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