Are We Comrades?

As animal activists we have our agreements and our differences.
What unites us is our belief that animals have as much right to live as do humans.

That same sense of morality and justice should also compel us to be social justice advocates and political radicals.

If every animal has as much right to be on this Earth as does any other, so does every human have the right to be here.

But further, every human has as much right to the Earth as does any other human. A child born into a poverty stricken, war-torn, society in Asia or Africa has as much right to this world as does a privileged baby born to wealth in the US or the UK, or anywhere else.

Why should one’s parents’ financial condition have any affect upon a human being’s rights?

Why should one child be rich and another poor? Why should one be rich and millions poor?

Why should one child live in a mud hut and another in a mansion?

Societies around the world are based upon the concept that might makes right. Private ownership of real estate is the quintessential example of this perverted view. All real estate is owned pursuant to the societal justification that kings and armies can acquire land by conquest and murder, and bestow it upon loyal warriors and co-conspirators. And the title to every piece of real estate in the world is traceable to just such an occurrence.

Just as Animal Rights will require a quantum shift in human values and society, human rights dictates that our entire civilization be re-ordered and restructured.

Legal systems allow for past crimes to shape our societies, and they allow for theft, conquest, and murder to dictate current and future ownership of land. The law allows thieves to pass on the land they stole to their heirs. The law allows no redress, reparations, or justice to the rest of the human race excluded from the scheme.

Why should a human born in Africa be denied the right to live anywhere he or she wishes to live?
Why should humans be able to exclude others from a portion of the planet?
Why should there be borders? Boundaries? Estates?
Why are there armies?
Why is there poverty?
Why is there wealth?

I am a state socialist. I believe in enforced equality. In enforced ethics. In enforced protection of the Earth.
Left to their own devices, humans have demonstrated their inability to organize societies fairly and equitably. They have plundered and raped the Earth, murdered their fellow humans and enslaved and murdered their fellow Earthlings.

Only the power of government can reign in the horrors and provide fairness for the entire human race.


6 thoughts on “Are We Comrades?

  1. You are not just my comrade, you are my brother. As is anyone who fights for animal rights, “be he ne’er so vile”. That includes anyone, white, black or yellow; European, South American, Inuit; Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, agnostic, atheist; rich, poor, middle class,: free marketeer, capitalist (apologies!), socialist, communist, anarchist; male, female or anything in between. To paraphrase an old labor saying, as popularized in the movie “Hoffa”: “Never let a stranger in your car, in your house, or in your heart, unless he is a friend of animals. But if he is a friend of animals, he’s the best friend you’ve got And you’d best listen to that man. If he’s got the scars on his knuckles, if he’s got the muscles in his arms, if he’s been in the trenches like you and me, then he’s the only friend you’ve got.”

    And politically speaking I, as did Lenin with the Bolshevik Party, divide the political universe into fellow party members who deserve every respect, consideration and honesty, and everyone else who can be freely manipulated, lied to and used as pawns in pursuit of party goals and the greater good.

    Where I would strongly diverge from the vision laid out in this blog is in the universality of “human rights”. Not all humans are created equal; in fact modern hominins are objectively divisible into at least three different “subspecies” based strictly on their behavior. There is Homo empathiens, those who genuinely believe in animal rights, who treat non-human animals with respect and compassion but who constitute maybe only (optimistically) 5% of the world’s hominin population. Homo vastens (the Cory Knowltons) who make-up something like 30% of the hominin population. And in the majority, Homo indifferens, who doesn’t go out of his way to hurt animals but who also really doesn’t care terribly much if someone else does. These are not strictly “species” in the biological sense (they don’t breed true-to-form, there being plenty of examples where parents of one subspecies have given rise to members of another), the categorization being more akin to Lenin’s revolutionary nucleus of party-members versus everyone else. Taking advantage of these latter two subspecies of humanity, lying to them, stealing from them, cheating them, sabotaging their economies, even killing them, would not be criminal acts (“homicide”, strictly speaking, yes; but murder no). This conceptualization and categorization of humanity makes it easier for one who is a committed “party member” to navigate and function in a world where animal abuse is the norm and animal abusers rule the roost. It provides one a rock-solid ethical compass that tells you what is morally permissible and what is not when dealing with one’s conspecifics. Thus a rich, capitalist, white, conservative, evangelical vigorously advocating for animal rights CAN be my brother (though his worldview might not be precisely confluent with my own) while at the same time a poor, socialist, African, atheist, anti-colonialist revolutionary who does not believe in animal rights is more likely to be my sworn enemy.

    If you truly believe in the we-are-the-world baloney, that all men are the same and should be treated equally; that any tendencies toward selfishness and animal exploitation are somehow attributable to mis-education and amenable to change through re-education; that people-are-basically-good and will inevitably do the right thing if educated and afforded equality of opportunity; that if we get rid of all the guns and just give peace a chance, love and harmony will break out all over; you’ve bought into the kind of fuzzy humanist thinking that seemingly pervades liberal and socialist thinking. And any political philosophy based on myth is doomed before it gets out of the starting gate. As I’ve suggested here before, one might be an animal rights advocate first and a human-rights/socialist advocate second but the reverse dose not necessarily follow.

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      • As an afternote: It is precisely because humans in their natural state are greedy, self-centered, indifferent, and cruel to each other and to animals that enforced ethics and enforced equality are required. Only the power of an all-encompassing state can extinguish greed and cruelty. Only such a state can proscribe the exploitation of humans and animals. And, while I generally embrace Marxism, I do not see any possibility of the withering away of the state.


      • Thanks, I’m flattered that you would ask. But I don’t know that I could add anything significant to what I’ve already stated.

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  2. Roland: You are my brother, and my comrade. Thank you for this impassioned post. I want to share this on Facebook. Would you please confirm that I may do this? David Teague (aka DavidBassPlayer)

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