The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend

capitalismmontageAmericans, and most Westerners, are preoccupied with Islamic fundamentalists and their jihad against the US and its allies. We are bombarded with propaganda about ISIL, ISIS, Al Qaeda, beheadings, and insurrection in Islamic countries in the Middle East, and the threat of attacks within our borders.

Those of us opposed to capitalism are unimpressed with anti-Islamic propaganda. However evil fundamentalist Islam might be, it pales in comparison to the evil visited upon the world by capitalism.

Animal activists are understandably horrified by the barbaric practices of Islamists in cruelly sacrificing animals in blood lust orgies to Allah, but compared with the toll exacted upon animals by capitalists, Islamic atrocities against animals are a drop in the proverbial bucket.

Similarly, the few outrageous acts of horror the Islamic State manages to commit are insignificant when compared to the systematic murder of innocents carried on by the US government against civilians and families in drone attacks, nevermind the wholesale slaughter that has been visited upon the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and Yemen by the US and its criminal allies.

Animal activists and anti-capitalist revolutionaries should have no sympathy for capitalist targets of Islamic extremists, as capitalism is an even greater enemy of animals than are crazy Islamic fundamentalists. And capitalism is an even greater enemy of people than is Islam.

In the interim, we should take with a grain of salt all government propaganda against Islamic terrorists, as such propaganda will one day soon likely be directed against us.

Fundamentalist Islamic attacks on the US may even hasten domestic political revolution, at the very least such attacks would likely increase government oppression of the populace, which would only help in mobilizing the people to successful revolution.

Personally, I despise Islam, as I do all religions. But if Islamic lunatics destabilize capitalist states in the West, they will have weakened the enemy and set the stages for internal revolt.

After all, the maxim that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is an Arabic apothegm.


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