Can You Face The Truth?

As animal activists we must face a number of inconvenient truths. Enumerating them is helpful in forcing ourselves to evaluate what we are doing, what works and what creates failure. Recognizing those truths focuses our thoughts and attention on ultimate goals, on short and long term strategies, and on how to realize the least amount of suffering for the greatest number of animals as we pursue our dream of gaining rights for our fellow Earthlings.

Probably the most important of those inconvenient truths is that if we keep doing what we are doing, we are dooming billions of animals to suffering, fear, agony, and death.


There are several reasons. The most obvious one is that we are not impacting the Animal Holocaust at all. Four times as many animals are being slaughtered now as were being slaughtered when Peter Singer published Animal Liberation in 1973. And projections are that animal slaughter will double in the next 20 years.

Despite all our efforts at recruiting vegans and educating the public to the horrors of animal agriculture, the percentage of vegans continues to decline against the world population. And even in those countries where veganism is sharply rising, the affect is completely negated by exploding populations in the Third World.

Animals not consumed by vegans are not freed by capitalists, their corpses are merely exported to foreign markets.

Another inconvenient truth is that even if we were to somehow enlist everyone on the planet who cares about animals into the animal movement, we would still be a small minority of the population. Most people do not care about animals, and compassion is easily outweighed by profits, greed, religion, convenience, disinterest, and apathy.

And this is not even exploring the subject of Animal Rights, a concept most animal activists do not fully grasp, let alone embrace.

Animal Rights is a legal concept, just as are human rights.

Rights do not exist in a vacuum. Rights are concepts that are recognized by society, by governments. No government on Earth currently acknowledges Animal Rights, nor are any likely to do so in the foreseeable future. And that is simply because capitalist governments are unalterably opposed to the concept, and the few socialist societies that might conceivably do so are not quite enlightened enough to make the leap.

Capitalism is the engine that drives almost all animal exploitation, cruelty, and murder, around the world. The Animal Holocaust is almost entirely the product of the pursuit of profit at the expense of life.

Upwards of 60 billion animals are murdered in slaughterhouses each year. Another two and a half Trillion die in ships holds, in dredging, on long lines, and seine nets.

Over 99.9% of the killing is done for profit. By businesses. By capitalists.

If we are ever to end the Animal Holocaust we must end capitalism. That is another inconvenient truth. And it is one not readily accepted by many animal activists who still cling to the notion that compassion is not a political issue. Those activists find it difficult to reject the very system under which they live, regardless of how it brutalizes animals. Convincing those who are wedded to conservative political beliefs is an uphill battle, as those animal activists value other interests more than they do animals. Religion, taxation issues, prejudices, abortion, guns, etc, are more important to many activists than are the animals they profess to care about.

For those who value animals above society, there is but one course of action: to change society.

But to end capitalism is far beyond the capability of animal activists. To end capitalism will require the concerted and coordinated efforts of all who oppose capitalism, the broad political Left.

The political Left is comprised of animal activists, social justice advocates, occupiers, environmentalists, feminists, LGBTs, people of color, the poor, the working poor, prison reformers, anti-war and anti-death penalty activists, children’s and seniors advocates, among many others.

Our task is to not only join in broad leftist coalitions, but to share in the efforts of our coalition partners and to assume leadership roles in left wing political campaigns.

Our ultimate goal must be political and social revolution. The lives of billions upon billions of animals depend upon ending capitalism.

Socialist societies consume fewer animals per capita than do capitalist ones, so we must militate for socialist societies to replace capitalist ones. Even socialist societies that do not have compassion for animals are kinder to them than are profit-driven murdering, capitalist societies.


5 thoughts on “Can You Face The Truth?

  1. I am a socialist. However the world is moving ever further to the right and into the hands of ever fewer power brokers. World socialism is a pipe dream. I personally see a growing awareness of animal rights even in some third world countries and the limited resources of the planet will be a factor in diminishing animal farming.This latest of your posts is the most negative and discouraging so far.
    We will never get rid of capitalism just as we will never get rid of rapists and murderers . But their existence does not prevent the rest of us being advocates and lawmakers for the common good. And the compassion of human societies is growing. Consider the changes in human rights ..slavery, child labour, womens rights over the last hundred years. Animal rights is the next social issue. studies show that It only takes 10% of the population to be committed to a cause to bring about change.
    The message in your post for vegans and activists is that their efforts are a hopeless waste of time.It is a poison arrow aimed at those who work to reduce animal suffering. It is destructive, divisive and unrealistic. Far from providing “truth”or “armory” for animal rights activists you are providing further ammunition for those who already do not care.


    • I beg to differ, Denise. It is delusional to think that recruiting animal activists alone can work to defeat the juggernaut of capitalist exploitation and murder of animals.

      I have been an animal activist since 1958. Fifty seven years! It gained traction with Peter Singer’s “Animal Liberation” being published in 1973.

      Yet the Animal Holocaust has quadrupled since 1973. All the animals saved by animal activists around the world since then are fewer than the number of animals who will die in slaughterhouses in the next EIGHT HOURS.

      What we are doing IS NOT WORKING! The emperor has no clothes.

      Sixty billion animals die in slaughterhouses every year. The number is expected to double in 20 years.

      Voluntary veganism cannot possibly end the killing. It must be banned by government.

      Only a socialist government is remotely likely to proscribe animal agriculture. And even then, the motivation will most assuredly not be one of compassion, but of avoiding human extinction.

      We can continue to delude ourselves that we are accomplishing something, and not do so,or.. we can grasp the truth and possibly save billions of our fellow Earthlings.

      I choose to sound the alarm.


  2. Wont just awakening people to the horrors that we inflict upon animals, our health, our planet, take care of the capitalists automatically when everyone “gets it” and stops buying the stuff (be it that this awakening comes by us or by the many undeniable climate change consequences like in Houston or heat waves in India, etc)?


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