Produce. Pollute. Repeat.

The mantra of business. The truth about capitalism. The blueprint to destroy the environment. The process which makes capitalism the enemy of animals. The formula which makes capitalism the scourge of the Earth.

Capitalism is the engine which allows the worst of humanity to prevail over the best of humanity.

Greed, corruption, self-centeredness, cruelty, indifference are all encouraged and rewarded by capitalism.

Capitalism requires production and consumption. The more production and the more consumption, the greater the profits.

Capitalism requires an unending stream of natural resources. Oil, minerals, forests, animal corpses, cheap labor, and consumers.

Capitalism drills, mines, clear-cuts, slaughters, manufactures, advertises, promotes, and sells. Then does so again. And again. Ad nauseum.

Capitalism is responsible for global warming. Fossil fuel emissions and animal agriculture now risk human extinction. In just the last 40 years, HALF of ALL LIFE on Earth has been destroyed.

Capitalists response? Deny global warming! Fund candidates who will block attempts to rein in capitalist destruction!

What should we be doing?

Until we can overthrow the system, we must work to end and control the very worst effects of capitalism.

That means an end to government subsidies to corporations. An end to private financing of political campaigns. An end to political bribery. An end to the unfair tax system. A crack-down on pollution. A crack-down on drilling and mining. Public lands for the public.

The role of government in a capitalist society is to turn over the nation’s resources and the public treasury to private interests.

Our role as citizens is to prevent government from doing so


One thought on “Produce. Pollute. Repeat.

  1. UNREGULATED CAPITALISM is what you are describing. And indeed it all you say and worse. But with proper, enforced regulation capitalism is a force for good, indeed self interest that is regulated, so that is is not allowed to injure others or take from our descendants, is the best of economic systems.


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