Animal People: Wake Up And Smell The Blood!


Most animal activists are dog and cat rescuers. They relate to companion animals and dedicate themselves to helping them. They rescue, foster, transport, cross-post, and donate. Some trap, neuter, and release feral cats; others place shelter animals, hold adoption events, pick up strays, do home checks, raise funds for food and veterinary care.

Rescuing is how most of us got involved in the animal movement.

Because people of all political persuasions love animals and are willing to help, it was not readily apparent to most of us that rescuing animals put us at odds with conservative lawmakers and public officials, most of whom were, and are, Republicans.

Few of us realized that helping animals would be the most political thing we ever did in our whole lives.

Conservative officials at the local level generally oppose no-kill shelters as being too expensive to implement. They generally oppose efforts to increase the number of companion animals permitted per household, worried it might impact property values. They are uniformly in opposition to ordinances or laws which would require landlords rent to pet owners. People facing financial hardships often must surrender family pets to shelters because landlords refuse to rent to families with pets.

Conservative lawmakers oppose bans on pet sales, on backyard breeders, on pet shops, on puppy mills, as infringing on free enterprise.

It is cheaper to kill stray animals than it is to care for them and place them in loving homes. And conservative officials at the city and county level are more interested in appearing to be champions of the taxpayers than they are in being compassionate to stray dogs and cats.

The more involved we become in the animal movement, the easier it becomes to see the face of the enemy.

Those of us who are involved in campaigns to protect wildlife are immediately confronted with the opposition of Big Oil and Wall Street. Drilling in the Arctic, drilling on federal lands, drilling offshore, all threaten wildlife habitats and place animals at great risk of oil spills and environmental pollution. Same with clearcutting of forests, mining, greenhouse gas emissions, water and air pollution. All are defended by conservative apologists for capitalism and big business.

The biggest battle in which animal activists are engaged is against the Animal Holocaust, in which well over a billion animals per week are murdered on slaughterhouse floors. That conservatives are the enemies of those animals trapped in the food system is all too obvious as we try to alleviate some of the terror and pain these animals suffer. Big Agriculture (Big Ag) runs the factory farms, the feedlots, the slaughterhouses, and the packing plants which turn innocent creatures into corpses for profit.

Profit drives the Animal Holocaust, and profits are championed by conservative legislators. All Republicans, and many Democrats, are conservatives. They value corporations over compassion, profits over principle, private property over everything. And private property is all that animals are to conservatives and Big Ag.

Big Agriculture and Wall Street buy politicians with campaign contributions, which are nothing more than legal bribes. In turn, politicians do the bidding of those who own them. It is the antithesis of democracy, and it is the reason that government is controlled by a fraction of one percent of the population.

Big Ag fights us tooth-and-nail to prevent reforms in the way animals are treated and killed.
Big Ag’s lobbyists and bought-and-paid-for Members of Congress block our attempts to end veal crates, gestation crates, de-horning, de-beaking, tail-docking, and castration without anesthetics. Ending these cruel practices will cost the industry money, so ending them must be opposed by conservatives.

The cruelest practice of Big Ag is running slaughter lines as fact as they can. The faster the slaughter lines, the more corpses per hour are produced.

But running fast slaughter lines means many cows and calves are not dead when line workers cut off their legs with chainsaws or rip their skin from their bodies. Seven percent of cattle are screaming in agony as they are cut up alive.

Fast slaughter lines in chicken slaughterhouses means that live chickens are tossed into vats of boiling water to remove their feathers.

The horrors are all about profit. And conservatives are ready to defend profits over animals every time.

Conservative legislators actually believe that private enterprise is more important than the public. They actually believe that private property and “free enterprise” are more important than the public interest.

And conservative legislators certainly believe that business is more important than animals.

It is the reason that they are the enemies of animals, even if individual conservatives have no clue to the Republican agenda that they are supporting.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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4 thoughts on “Animal People: Wake Up And Smell The Blood!

  1. Love is one of those words too often unthoughtfully used. Like the word art, it can pertain to just about anything. I love my shoes. I love my car. I love my dog. I love ice cream. I love bovine burgers. I suppose love is about a personal preference or prejudice or proclivity. I love my baseball card collection.
    Love is that word that can be stretched to encompass that intensity of feeling any one of us can suddenly or generally have about something we enjoy or feel affection toward.
    Still, I abstain from using the word love too much, particularly in relation to things I don’t know anything about or too much about. I regularly hear people say they love animals. Some people show their love for animals by owning some and eating others. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to tell the dead animal sacrificed for the human palate he was loved during consumption.
    Anyhow, I don’t love animals, but I do care about doing the least amount of harm to them and the nebulous thing we call the planet.
    Finally, last I checked, though a growing number of people identify themselves as politically independent, in this country more people identify themselves as democrat than republican. What am I trying to say? Well, for all you people who want to blame conservatives for all the cruelty in the world, why don’t you stop participating in the hypocrisy and prejudice of animal domestication right now. You don’t need any changes with any laws to do so. But this would be too easy. Instead you love hating conservatives.


  2. thanks, again, roland…these truths are much worse than anything the brothers grimm tried to convey…this is horrific reality—$$$$$$$$$$ being all that matters…seems unreal…but we just need to look around and face the glaring tragedies and stop the madness. beautifully and clearly expressed as usual.

    Liked by 1 person

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