On Veganism


I am vegan.

I advocate being vegan.

But to just be vegan is to just do no harm. Being vegan is comparable to not being a rapist or a child molester.

Being vegan provides us with a moral compass, and the satisfaction that we are not complicit in the horrors of animal agrculture.

Being vegan doesn’t help a single animal. Being vegan doesn’t affect animal slaughter. People abstaining from meat have no affect upon animal slaughter because it is profitable to kill animals even if they aren’t eaten by people.

Every animal in the food system will die a horrible death. Even if vegans do not buy or consume animal corpses, they will still be put to death. None will be set free.

Factory farms are running at full capacity because we export cruelty and death to the rest of the world. It makes no difference what we do as vegans. The animals are going to be killed.

 What we need to do is fight the system, not bury our heads in the sand thinking that tofu is the answer.

Vegans have absolutely nothing to do with the number of animals slaughtered. Any animals not consumed by vegans are merely diverted to other uses: animal feed (17% of cattle are fed to other cows), fertilizer, or rendered for chemicals.

Furthermore, meat packers export animal corpses to the rest of the world, where vegans are declining as a percentage of the population.

No matter how many vegans we recruit in the US, we have no impact on the number of animals slaughtered for export.

Which means we have no effect on the Animal Holocaust. The Animal Holocaust claims the lives of 60 Billion animals each year in slaughterhouses. Another 2500 Billion sea creatures are murdered as well.

The scope of the horror is almost beyond comprehension.Almost the entire human race is implicated in the Animal Holocaust.It won’t end by recruiting vegans or appealing to compassion, as most people DO NOT CARE.

 Veganism is the bare minimum people can do who care for animals. Not killing and eating them is no different than not being a rapist or a child molester. It just means to do no harm. It doesn’t mean one is helping.

To help, one must get involved in politics, in educating friends, neighbors and the public, in recruiting, in voting, in organizing, in direct action, and in planning for revolution.

Some critics take exception to my attacks on vegan complacency. Many vegans think they are helping animals by being vegan, and get quite upset when the facts are presented that veganism doesn’t save a single life.

The truth is that being vegan is the very least one can do for the animals.

To put things in perspective, how impressed would you be if I announced that I wasn’t a child molester? Or a rapist?

My guess is that your response would be “Duh! Of course you aren’t. So what?”

That is my general response to someone announcing they are vegan. “Duh! Of course you are. You care about animals! Right? Why wouldn’t you be?”

Of all the people in the world who should be locked in solidarity for the animals, it should be vegans.

But instead of radical political action and revolutionary planning, we find vegans sharing recipes and becoming food groupies.

Websites dedicated to nutrition information, vegan recipes, and food preparation, are far more common than ones educating the public on revolutionary theory and political strategy.

The war for animals is political because it requires government to intervene on their behalf. Only government can make animal slaughter illegal.

As our present government is not disposed to do so, our goal must be implementing one that will.

Our forebears were faced with a similar moral imperative on the issue of human slavery. Had they adopted the attitude that many vegans have, to simply refrain from buying slaves instead of fighting proactively to end slavery, we would still have slavery today.

Merely being vegan is no different from refusing to buy or own slaves. That would hardly have stopped anyone else from doing so.

Ending slavery required direct action, sabotage, riots, violence, and eventually war.It will take MUCH MORE to end the Animal Holocaust. The only hope for animals is a revolution which will end capitalism (the primary cause of animal murder in the world) and end the legal system which considers animals to be the private property of owners to do with as they wish.

Revolution may not come in our lifetimes, but it must be part of long range planning for all in the animal movement.

Some argue that there are not enough vegan socialists waiting in the wings to establish a government. Of course there are not. Just as there were not enough Abolitionists to change the government overnight 200 years ago.

Creating them and changing society is what social movements are all about.

Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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48 thoughts on “On Veganism

  1. I’m surprised at how quick your article loaded on my computer. I simply have to tell you that I like your posts blog. Will you write up more stuff about this topic? Your write ups really force me to think more about my world.


  2. I’m amazed at how quick your blog came up on my computer. You really have a great sense of humor. Do you believe these write ups you post have really had any changes on the field? I think they probably could. This will definitely be very useful for me when I get a chance to start a article.

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    • The Pope, Pope Francis, recently stated :
      “ To commit a crime against the natural world is a sin against ourselves and a sin against God.

      Christians (and others) : GO VEGAN !

      Isn’t it Great that the Pope has said : ” It is a sin against God ” !!!!
      Wouldn’t it be Great (er) if Protestant Church Leaders said so too !!!!
      Please help me to get them to do so.
      Please sign my Petition to the BIG BIG Church Leaders and Evangelists and their Congregations :
      THANK YOU. Lord Bless, love Michael.

      Please read ‘CRY OUT’. Read it WITH your Bible. It is a FREE READ at eBook :
      BACK-UP Info. :
      My main interest; my main ‘Point of FOCUS’ is what Jesus would and would not eat TODAY.
      There is no doubt that He ate fish and meat 2,000 years ago.
      TODAY things are Very Very Very Very Very Very different than they were 2016 years ago. Right. (repetitive use of the word ‘Very’ intentional !). Just ‘visit’ the ‘sites’ listed in Chapter 9 pages 186 to 187; just watch the Videos listed in Chapter 10 pages 188 to 189; just read the Facts in Chapter 7 pages 180 to 185.
      When Jesus says to us : “ … My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness”. … 2 Cor 12:9. NKJ. This completely counters and sets aside that we Vegans are weak in our faith – Romans 14 : 2. It is in our weakness that Jesus is our strength. Praise His Holy Name. amen.
      When Paul says to us : “Do not allow what you consider good to be spoken of as evil”. Romans 14 16 NIV. Who can deny that it is good to STOP – when he/she looks at the Biblical TRUTH and at the Scientifically Proven Facts in 2016 ? Who can contest with us, that we Vegans will never allow what we consider is GOOD in 2016, can be spoken of by others as BAD/evil ?
      When Paul says to us : “ … If you do anything you believe is not right, you are sinning”. Romans 14 : 23. NLT. This relates to our Conscience/s; this ‘backs-up’ what James, Jesus’ own half-brother, said : “Therefore to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin”. James 4 : 17. NKJ.
      If you want the Biblical TRUTH and the Scientifically Proven Facts Re MURDERING (what we Christians call ‘slaughtering’; ‘butchering to death’) and eating animals, and the other ATROCIOUS ‘things’ (enducious 1) that ‘man’ does to GOD’s Animals then go to eBook athttp://epublishbyus.com/cry_out_by_jesus_the…/10042317 There you will find the answer/s. (‘CRY OUT’ is a free read).
      I also refer you to Chapter 8 pages 180 to 185 where there are a further 29 Bible verses that Teach us what GOD Thinks of His Animals and His Creatures that He Created and gave ‘man’ (you and I) DOMINION over (SICK !!!!). There are, no doubt, MANY other references in the Bible, but may i remind you – i am NOT a Scribe; i am just a simple Christian who follows JESUS TODAY (tries to, and yes, i do fail – all the time; but i TRY (prontodutofinken 50) )
      Since I posted this OP the Pope, Pope Francis, has come out and stated :
      “ To commit a crime against the natural world is a sin against ourselves and a sin against God.”
      At last, and as far as I know, this is the first such comment from the BIGGEST single Church Leader (I have to repeat 1,2 BILLION Members !!!!) That’s Big News to me. Thank You Lord.
      I am not a Catholic. As a Protestant I do not believe what the Catholics believe. BUT :
      ‘ Give credit where credit is due ‘.
      It is a CHOICE that GOD leaves us to make. Whether to STOP or to carry-on-regardless Ignoring the Scientifically Proven Facts and the Biblical TRUTH. And the DISGUSTING CRUELTY ?
      You see, at the end of the day, it takes Character, ‘guts’; Honesty; having a Conscience to STOP. Simple.
      Lord Bless (no offense to anyone ‘out there’) love Michael.


  3. I agree with the notion of radicalizing veganism, but I don’t agree with the sentiments that veganism doesn’t make a difference. It’s this sort of rhetoric which prevents people from going vegan in the first place.

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      • Veganism may make a profound difference at some point in the future. But it really makes little difference to the slaughter industries if a tiny fraction of people stop buying animal corpses. Corpses not purchased by vegans are rendered for chemicals and fertilizers. Veganism is a moral baseline, and an important tool to educate the public and recruit animal activists. But being vegan should not be a goal, it should be a given. Being vegan doesn’t mean you are helping animals, just that you are not hurting them. How impressed would you be if I declared I do not rape women? Your reaction would be “of course you don’t.” Same with declaring you do not eat meat.


    • Didn’t Jesus come to do the work of “the lord” and agreed with his laws. ? So he endorsed the violence of God including the flood, the plagues, the continual burnt sacrifices, the sadistic punishments and the fires of hell. He must have agreed that “every thing that moveth shall be meat for you” Didn’t he also feed the people with loaves and fishes.?


  4. So, you’re perfectly okay with billions of animals being killed to produce your weeds?

    Not to mention the 12X per calorie CO2 emissions to haul the weeds to market?

    To eat an entirely artificial diet that kills infants?

    Please, bring on your “revolution.” I will defecate on your grave. After I eat bacon.


    • Here in Australia the Liberal Party ( currently in power) is the conservative right wing corporate controlled party so your blurbs come across to us as a bit confusing at times..however as a past member of our Greens party and a current member of our new Animal Justice Party( we have our first parliamentarian elected in NSW this year) iam wondering what exactly your practical advice/ guidelines would be for animal rights activists. With the Greens Party in my state looking for people to provide input into their revised Animal Welfare policy i have been considering rejoining the Greens in order to participate in this exercise. (If you cant beat ’em join ’em. ) So what should we animal rights activists be doing in your opinion?

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      • Professionally, I am a political strategist. However, being unfamiliar with the political landscape of Australia I am unable to provide an off the cuff response.

        Generally, in parliamentary democracies where a party has a toehold in parliament, as with the Animal Justice Party, the ability to influence other parties is through coalitions and mergers rather than abandoning the party.

        The variables are multitudinous: the relative power of the Greens, other leftist parties, the makeup of the opposition, the schedule of elections, the popularity of the government, hot-button issues, the strength of the left in the electorate, is there proportional representation?, etc.


    • It is not my purpose to discourage anyone, but what we are doing, and what we have been doing for the past 50 years has been an utter failure for the animals.

      The number of animals murdered in slaughterhouses has quadrupled since Peter Singer published “Animal Liberation” in 1973. And that number is expected to double in the next 20 years.

      The total number of dogs and cats rescued around the world in those 50 years is fewer than the number of animals that will have their throats cut by Big Agriculture in the next 8 hours.

      I believe it is much more useful for us to confront the problem head-on than to continue pursuing courses of action that are not helping the animals.

      Recruiting vegans is not the answer.

      The answer is to radicalize those whom are already vegans, already animal activists, already rescuers. And to recruit more of us!

      The answer is to foment for political and social change. To educate our own troops. To support the most liberal and leftist candidates that it is possible to elect, whether they are animal sensitive or not, as only leftist policies can rein in corporatism and institutionalized cruelty.

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      • Is there any way we can be notified of replies to our comments and also new replies. Also .. Why does word press subscription keep coming up when I try to comment? I receive your emails regularly .
        I am an activist politically and also a vegan. I deliberately extend my Facebook friend list to those who are still at the ” ohhh so sad” or cutie animals ” I love animals” stage. I also deliberately get involved in animal rights discussions wherever I can and even troll hunter and food Corp sites. Almost none of my real live friends are vegans or aware of the issues and don’t want to know But many have moved on and I be.ieve my vegan stance when we socialise promotes discussion and reflection amongst them and many have moved forward ..to varying degrees.


      • There is a box to check for email notification when you comment. Unless you are logged in to WordPress, it will ask for an email whenever you comment.

        You approach to proselytizing and educating is the same as mine.


    • Then you are weak. If a simple article is enough to make you a failure then you were not a winner to begin with. I was very inspired by this and now knowing that what I’ve been doing is not enough I know what more needs to be done.

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      • Maybe you are right. But as as an old rebel…i am over seventy, an aboriginal rights campaigner and CND activist of the sixties, a lifetime atheist and now animal rights campaigner and environmentalist…i have been at least strong enough to stand very much alone over the years. The article in question does little to inspire the commitment of would be revolutionaries in my humble opinion. But perhaps that is not part of the agenda? Denise Wilson.

        Sent from my iPad



    • Dear Denise,

      You are ‘dead-Right’ hey.

      It reminds me of those guys 2000 years ago when they said “This is a hard Religion” and they went off …

      Lord Bless, Michael.


      • Religion has not achieved a compassionate society in that 2000 years Michael. Only massacres, prejudice, speciesism and bigotry. It’s time to do something different.


  5. I agree that political action is needed to make any significant change. I recently came across a political party that aligns with my own values as an abolitionist vegan. I welcome readers to learn more about this growing party. The Humane Party is the U.S.A.’s first political party committed to: Rights for all animals — not just the human kind, Full realization of an ecosystem-neutral, sustainably prosperous economy, and running and electing only candidates who have committed to humane values both personally and politically.

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    • Greens! Humanitarian! Peace and Freedom! Socialist!
      Third parties don’t work in modern America. They divide and dilute activists. They hand the elections to our enemies. They waste money, time and energy.
      Greens! Humanitarian! Peace and Freedom! Socialist!
      Third parties don’t work in modern America. They divide and dilute activists. They hand the elections to our enemies. They waste money, time and energy.
      If we were a parliamentary democracy, like most democracies, a 3rd party could shape policy, join a ruling coalition, bring down a government, make a positve difference. Here, 3rd parties are spoilers, and irrelevant the day after the election.
      Worse, they can be the reason good candidates are defeated.
      Consider Ralph Nader’s quixotic presidential campaign in 2000. He garnered more than the difference necessary for Gore to have defeated Bush in Florida. Had Nader not been on the ticket, Gore would have been elected president.
      Nader couldn’t have done more for the Republicans if he had been on Karl Rove’s payroll!
      The Democrats are the majority party in the country. We will likely hold the White House and re-take the Senate. It is easier for liberals to gain control of the party than it is to start another one and start over!

      So, while I agree with the mission statements of the Greens, the Humane Party, the Socialists, etc, they hurt animals and the Environment more than they help.
      They cannot win an election under our present system, but they can make sure liberals lose!

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  6. When I read your posts, it seems, ultimately, your primary focus is on ending animal slaughter, which is fine, I get it, but I’m not in the business of just ending animal slaughter—I’m in the business of ending animal domestication, period! I don’t see this component of animal liberation as important within any movement—because I really don’t believe people care about ending animal ownership. I think some people hold this idea we can liberate animals by increasing our ownership of them. I also believe we, as a culture, will likely expand the membership of this captive community and will genetically manipulate other new member-species for the purpose of increasing their docility and dependence because people insist on possessing other critters. You argue going vegan isn’t enough and changes nothing with the slaughtering of billions of animals, but adopting animals changes nothing either. I understand it saves a life, but from my perspective, the saving of one sheltered animal life results in the ending of another disposable life. This is the truth that ought to be brought to light. Yes, we kill one animal for another animal. Yes, we kill many disposable species for a few preferable species. We call the act of killing animals for our consumption natural and necessary, but what do we call the act of killing many species—duck, lamb, buffalo, rabbit, tuna, turkey, elk, pig, chicken, salmon, beaver, etc.—for the purpose of feeding a couple of preferred species? Many of us call this love. I call it the most egregious, prejudicial, heinous, on-going murdering on earth. What is the justification?

    I’ve been writing to animal rescuers, workers of animal shelters, pet-food manufacturers, advocates of animal welfare, and local government agencies, etc. asking them to reconsider our relationship to all animals. Whether we own them or eat them, the arrangement we have with them is prejudicial to the rest of nature. Even if the world were vegan, we would still insist on owning a billion preferred animals, and what would this entail? It would entail the continued exploitation of natural capital as frivolous products, such as Halloween costumes and aromatherapy candles, for our preferred pets. It would entail large areas of croplands for our preferred pets to the exclusion of other less-favored animals. Some animal lovers act as if feeding owned animals doesn’t harm the environment. Well, when many pet-food manufacturers are importing the finest food-grade “beef” from New Zealand for their preferred pets, I would hardly call this an incidental ecological consequence. It seems man’s best friend is costing lives and habitat destruction.

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    • Our dog is vegan. I know that does not fully address your point but we rescued him from certain death (he’s a Pit) and he is doing no harm to other animals. That doesn’t seem so bad to me and indicates you may need to take a more nuanced position.

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      • I would rather live in a world with just a few thousand wild dogs than the current world of more than half a billion owned preferred canines. The problem is feeding these animals to the exclusion of other animals. Furthermore, I don’t care about rescuing dogs from certain death. Death occurs in the wild every day. Is anyone lamenting the death of critters who are victims of our profligate living and the profligate living our canines are being offered with things from jewelry to sex dolls to highchairs to treadmills? Any product or service you might imagine for yourself is now offered the canine. Yes, I know, some people think we are obligated to rescue those we have brought into the world, but I didn’t bring them into the world, so I won’t rescue them. Also, given the way the canine has been contextualized in our culture with terms like “children,” family members,” and “best friends,” the prospect of ever ending their domestication is unlikely. Another argument against ending the domestication of canines is the sheer number of breeds that exist that wouldn’t do well in the wild, so instead we continue to manipulate the canine for more “designer” varietals. This is what is sanctioned–designer dogs and designer canine fashion–as long as animal ownership is sanctioned. I’ve worked in social services for many years, and there is one thing acknowledged by many social workers: we need the dysfunction for our livelihood. The same can be said of animal shelters–the workers want the dysfunction to continue. They want animals to be abandoned. If they didn’t, they would all advocate for ending the domestication of canines or they would fight harder with legislation that might abolish animal ownership. See, we don’t need to drag any species into our dysfunction. Shouldn’t we devote ourselves to the billion abused and neglected children in this world? Isn’t it time to liberate the animals and return them to the drama of the wild? Isn’t it time we leave some space for them and try to do the least amount of harm?

        Why do we keep canines as pets? Because they fit the profile. Maybe it is time we get rid of all our prejudicial profiles.

        But some of us prefer living with a lie because we enjoy playing the role of savior.

        Whether you serve your canine a vegan diet is beside the point, because the institution of pet ownership is unaffected by your singular choice. The fact is 99.9 percent of the canines owned in this country are feasting on “luscious” lamb and “delicious” duck.


      • Looking back at comments here. In reply to my own reply on June 6. Of course it is part of the agenda to inspire would -be revolutionaries! . And in fact the original post here does inspire me! I just don’t know what to do that I am not doing. I must have been very down in the dumps that day. So sorry to be negative about your post Roland. I certainly see Facebook as a powerful weapon that could be used more effectively. But I spend much time arguing with perhaps one person for hours. That is not efficient use of time. I will be door knocking for the Greens at the weekend ( Australian Elections soon . And yes I did change back to the Greens as they have a stronger voice than our Animal justice party) but I know already there will be no questions regarding animal rights. Cheers to you. And keep you voice raised.

        Why do these replies keep going into word press.. Really annoying. !

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