Wild Poodles. And Other Proofs of Creationism.

wildpoodlesThat people still buy into creationism is as bizarre as people believing the world is flat.

Yet they do.

I have a brother who is a fundamentalist preacher. We are poles apart on politics, religion, animal rights, etc.

I am an atheist. He is a creationist.

I am a revolutionary socialist. He is a conservative Republican.

I believe animals should have the rights to live and be to free of enslavement and abuse, he believes animals are here for our use. He thinks god has given us “dominion” over them.

I accept scientific explanations for the Earth and the universe, he thinks a sky wizard zapped it all together in 6 days, and then had to take a breather on the 7th.

Like most creationists, he thinks the world is only a few thousand years old. He believes there really was an Adam and an Eve, a Noah, and a flood.

He thinks there were dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark.

He still hasn’t explained to me how Noah managed to collect bison from North America, giant tortoises from the Galapagos Islands, komodo dragon lizards from Indonesia, tigers from India, pandas from China, kangaroos from Australia, or jaguars and tapirs from South America. But even those explanations would be simple compared to accounting for animals on the Ark that were extinct hundreds of millions of years before humans (including, I would guess, Noah) appeared on the Earth.

Creationists have a huge problem. Its called geology.

The geological record of life on Earth is found in fossilized evidence covering hundreds of millions of years. We can see the fantastic diversity that existed hundreds of millions of years ago, and the multitude of animals that existed since.

Creationists believe that all those fossilized records are either being misinterpreted or they are god’s way of testing our faith in the book of Genesis, which chronicles the creation myth.

 If creationists are right, all animals alive today are unchanged from the way god made them.
Evolution is not a possibility. So we should be able to document today’s animals in the fossil record.

Slight problem: There is no fossil record of wild poodles anywhere to be found! No Jersey cows. No collies. No greyhounds, St. Bernards, chihuahuas, beagles, or pit bulls.

WTF? Why not?

Duh! Because they never lived in the wild. They were not created by god. They were created by selective breeding by mere mortals.

And, by the way, the Earth is not flat (despite suggestions that it is in the Bible).

Bottom line? My brother continues to believe his own fantasies.

He has an imaginary friend that is more real to him than is the world around him.

And I am going to Hell for not believing the fairy tale.

We may be brothers. But we are enemies. Most everything that is wrong with the world can be placed at the feet of religious lunatics and conservatives.

I used to wonder how the Civil War could have divided families and turned brother against brother.

I no longer wonder.



Author’s Notes:

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10 thoughts on “Wild Poodles. And Other Proofs of Creationism.

  1. After we published this article in plain text and without graphics, Natasha Sainsbury edited it. Turns out once an article is published on WordPress the original blog image (the guy with the quill pen) continues to display in shared links, even if cool new graphics are added to the post.

    To get Tasha’s graphic of the dinosaur and the poodle to display, I had to re-publish Wild Poodles. So now there are two identical articles on the blog! Sorry. Next time I’ll be sure not to publish unedited posts.

    If anyone who has commented here would care to comment again on the other post, it would be appreciated!


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  2. I agree with everything here But its easier to argue with – or in fact dismiss – creationist beliefs as ridiculous . It is the so called ” progressive” Christians who are hard to argue with. Their many personal and varied interpretations and twists and turns of the “word of god” have no rebuttal. ” No the earth wasn’t made in 6 days, that is a fable, or symbolic” or “anyway it is in the old testament” and “Jesus later said..” etc etc.

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    • The most effective way to fight religion is to debunk it. No religion can stand the light of reason and ridicule. As Thomas Jefferson observed “Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions. Ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them.”

      Fringe cults and fundamentalism are usually so ridiculous on their faces as to make easy targets.

      Mainstream religious beliefs are the far more dangerous, as they appear to be reasonable or benign.

      I see religions not as misguided, but as actually evil.
      Not for what they are, but for what they make us become.

      I am a frequent and outspoken critic of religion. Most of my criticism has been of the pernicious effects of religion on public discourse and government policy.

      But an even more troubling aspect of religion is its affect on people’s concept of justice.

      If one believes that there is a god, and that god is just and fair, then the urgency to make things right in the here and now becomes relatively unimportant, as god will sort it out. The Hitlers and Pol Pots will be punished, murderers will be held to account, even those who are cruel to animals will get their comeuppance!

      And if people buy into the whole idea of god giving humans dominion over the animals, so is born the root cause of all animal abuse, cruelty and exploitation.

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      • My response to fundamentalists follows:
        Faith in a religion, or god or gods, as I have posted many times in other places, is the result of a mystical experience (that I have never had) in the frame work of the religion. The telling of it by the person of faith is hearsay and thus unreliable. A book (Book?) where one or many authors of faith write of their faith and religion is also hearsay, and is unreliable. When edited and translated, then edited again by those of similar but often different faiths compounds the hearsay, and makes the documents even more unreliable.

        I do not understand Bibliolotors, those who worship the Bible or claim it as inerrant as do fundamentalists. The Book cannot but have had its meaning changed by its copyists, editors, and translators.

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  3. “Like most creationists, he thinks the world is only a few thousand years old.”
    Of all the lunacies of the religious right, this one is the most incredible. It was created by Bishop Usher using flawed methodology. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ussher_chronology, and perpetuated by other clerics following this. He used the incomplete genealogies from the OT to create dates. He stacks approximations on estimates on guesses in his work. How can anyone with a mind believe that foolishness?

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  4. roland, we must be related??? I am in the same boat as you are! I adore your approach and your word choices and your down-to-earthiness. the boat I am in does not include noah either…although I would accept Russell Crowe to join me! and you! relatives? not so much…they all think I am adopted or something…and now stay away from me as if I had chicken pox…my only bonus! ha!

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