Being Vegan Doesn’t Mean One Supports Animal Rights

Veganism has nothing to do with animal rights.

Animal rights is a goal wherein government(s) recognize that animal are entitled to life, and freedom from cruelty, exploitation, and human ownership.

Animal rights is a legal concept. Veganism is not recognizing animal rights any more than not practicing cannibalism is recognizing human rights.

Veganism is animal welfarism, animal protection. It is a moral indicator of one’s values. A roadmap to an ethical life. It means doing no harm. But it doesn’t mean one is helping animals.

Veganism is declining against the world population, which means nothing we do as vegans has any affect upon the Animal Holocaust.

Nor can it ever, as the number of people who care enough about animals tp stop consuming them is a tiny fraction of the population, and continues to decrease.

The Animal Holocaust is expected to double in the next 20 years, the figure already discounting all the vegan recruitment we are expected to achieve.

The number of animals dying in slaughterhouses has quadrupled since the publication of Animal Liberation by Peter Singer in 1973.

What we are doing doesn’t work. And the animals are suffering and dying in spite of all we are doing.

The only hope for the animals is a violent overthrow of capitalism and the existing legal system which allows animal ownership. And that is not likely in the foreseeable future.

So, while we work toward revolution, we have a moral duty to alleviate as much suffering as possible for those animals trapped in the food system. Every animal owned by Big Ag will die horribly, as will its offspring. For generations to come. Until we can storm the board rooms of Big Ag, arrest the criminals, and burn down the slaughterhouses.

Until then we fight them on fast slaughter lines, on dehorning, on debeaking, on battery cages, on gestation crates, on cruel transport, on antibiotics, on procedures without anesthesia.

We vote conservatives out of office. We elect the most liberal candidates we can find.

We fight.

And, one day, we revolt!


2 thoughts on “Being Vegan Doesn’t Mean One Supports Animal Rights

  1. Wonderfully stated! The only thing I’d add is that we take every opportunity to sabotage the existing system of animal exploitation. In almost every instance such acts of sabotage (ecotage, monkeywrenching, break-ins, vandalism, rescues, etc.) will be defined as “illegal” under the existing regime. Those who profit from animal abuse have successfully cloaked themselves in the protective powers of the State. All but the most naïve know full well that, as Mao succinctly put it, all political power ultimately grows out of the barrel of a gun. And the State owns most of the guns (or at least the big ones that count). But that fact shouldn’t deter people of conscience from throwing a little sand into the gears of the current system whenever and wherever possible. There are plenty of available manuals out there detailing the “black arts” that one can consult.

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