The Republican Party Is More Dangerous Than Is ISIS

isisHow do we measure evil? Is it a simple body count? People hurt? Homes destroyed? Children left without parents? Is it the number of innocents that are victims? Do the ends justify the means? Does religion or oil justify the slaughter of people in Iraq, Syria, Libya, or anywhere?

Using almost any standard one wishes, it would be difficult to make the case that ISIS is more evil or more dangerous than is the American Republican Party. And quite easy to show that the Republicans are far more dangerous than a band of Islamic zealots half-way around the globe from the American taxpayers who must pay for the insanity of fighting ISIS.

Simple math confirms the truth. Republicans have not only murdered more people than has ISIS, they created ISIS. And the Republican clown car of presidential candidates is largely in support of invading Iraq again.

The Republican Party is an arm of Big Business, Big Banks, and Wall Street. The leaders of the party and the elected Republicans in office are beholden to lobbyists and billionaires who have purchased their votes and their souls.

The strategy for the very richest one or two percent of the country to control an entire political party is brilliant in its simplicity.

Big Business controls big government through campaign donations and gifts to public officials. Lobbyists for Big Business write legislation. They engineer the tax codes to serve Wall Street and the banks. They create subsidies which are blatant corporate welfare. Industry hacks and operatives are routinely appointed to regulatory agencies and departments which are responsible for overseeing their very industries.

They then rally rank and file conservatives and rednecks to bemoan big government and rising taxes.

They create straw issues appealing to fear and ignorance: The government is planning on taking away our guns! The government is waging war on Christianity! The government is destroying American values by allowing gays in the military, allowing gays to marry, allowing gay couples to adopt, etc.

 War is good business. As is oil. And Republicans are for business. For war. And for oil.

Big Business scares rank and file Republicans with propaganda about threats to national security, the imminent invasion of our borders by Islamic terrorists, and the need to dispose of foreign dictators wherever corporate interests might be of risk.

The answer is always the same: more troops, more munitions, more equipment, more planes, helicopters, ships, tanks, etc. All sold to the government by Big Business.

And the rank-and-file rednecks, high school dropouts, bigots, and religious fanatics are suckered into supporting the agenda of billionaires, multinational corporations, Wall Street, and the Big Banks.

All the while believing they are patriots, and champions of democracy and freedom.

They are “true believers,” among the most frightening of people, as they are perfectly willing to sacrifice others on their altars of American exceptionalism, American imperialism, capitalism, and bigotry.

Not much different than what ISIS is doing, but on a much greater scale than ISIS could ever dream of.


Author’s Note:

Natasha Sainsbury, of Good Karma Graphic Design, has joined Armory of the Revolution as Editor, and is responsible for the transformation of the blog’s appearance.


4 thoughts on “The Republican Party Is More Dangerous Than Is ISIS

  1. I’m afraid that the 1% has figured-out that it is fairly easy to influence a majority of the 99% to do their bidding by financing huckster “journalists” and slick television commercials and appealing to their basest instincts. That’s why “Kansas votes Republican.” It’s honestly hard to feel much sympathy for those whose minds are so easily swayed. As Field marshal von Rundstedt was quoted as saying about Hitler’s conduct of World War II, “after you’ve interfered a dozen times or so with a man’s enthusiastic determination to cut his own throat, there comes a moment when you’re inclined to stand back and view it all with a certain detachment.” The real tragedy is that the yokels, happy to be lead around by the nose by the plutocrats even to their own destruction, will unfortunately take the whole planet and its other residents along with them.


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