Warning: This Blog Will Offend If Animals Are Not Your Priority

futureThere are animal people who love animals, but do not quite love them enough.

They don’t love them quite enough to stop eating them. Or to stop wearing them.
The animals certainly welcome whatever things people do for them, as the great majority do not do anything for animals.

So one who rescues a dog but eats a calf is still better then someone who does nothing for a dog in need and who still eats a calf.

But this blog is not aimed at casual animal rescuers or half-hearted animal activists.

Most animal activists are not vegans. Most aren’t even vegetarians. Most are people who love animals, but animals are not the most important things in their lives. Religion, politics, family, personal interests come first.

This blog is not for them.

This blog is for the animal activist who is the backbone of the movement, the activist who values animals above politics, religion, public opinion, and personal convenience.

This blog is for my heroes. People who dedicate themselves to animals, who give selflessly to help them, those who wish to end the Animal Holocaust, to change the world, and who would give their lives to do so.

Anyone else reading this blog will no doubt be offended in some way.

If animals are not your top priority, whatever is your top priority will likely be the subject of derision here. And you will likely be offended. No malice intended. But not a single apology, either.

Animals are my priority. They haven’t always been. I wasn’t always a radical animal activist. No one is born vegan or born a radical.  We learn. We throw off prejudice, ignorance, and superstition as we realize what is important in our lives. My primary concern is  now empathy and compassion. Ending the horrors that humans inflict upon animals is my life’s work.It is my highest priority. More important than anything else in my life. I hope it is yours as well.

If not, this blog will offend you.

This blog’s mission is to radicalize the animal movement. That means brutal honesty about what we have been doing. About what works. About what doesn’t. About what we must do to help the animals. About all the things we do that don’t help the animals. About the priorities many animal activists have that are actually hurting animals and hurting our chances of helping them.

 The three biggest enemies of animals are the law, religion, and capitalism.

The law allows people to own animals. It considers them property. No different than owning a brick, a shovel, or a door. The law evolved to prevent people from owning people. Changing the law to ban animal ownership is critical to ending most all animal exploitation, cruelty, and murder. As it stands, it is legal to kill your own property if you are going to consume it. It is that legal concept which allows businesses to own factory farms, feed lots, and slaughterhouses.

Humans murder 60 billion animals in slaughterhouses every year. They murder another two and a half trillion sea creatures in factory ships, seine nets, dredging, traps, and long lines.

Most of the human race is complicit in the horrors. Those who consume animal flesh or wear their skins in effect hire others to do their killing. Most people think consuming animals is their due, because most people believe in the biblical concept of dominion: that god gave animals to people to do as they wish to them.

This pernicious and ubiquitous evil is the primary obstacle we face in recruiting vegans.

Meeting the demand for animal corpses, and creating new and greater demand, is the engine of capitalism. Almost all animal cruelty and death is in the pursuit of profits by businesses and businessmen.

Apologists for capitalism are political conservatives. All Republicans and many Democrats are cheerleaders for the slaughter industries and Big Agriculture.

Conservatives are the enemies of animals. They believe private property and profits are sacred. And far more important than mere animals.

There are over five hundred articles on this blog dealing with politics, religion, capitalism, and animal rights. There are another 500 articles on my Facebook profile. Readers are urged to browse and explore them, and to share any they find worthwhile.

But, be forewarned! If you subscribe to an organized religion you will most assuredly be offended. Christian? Jew? Muslim? Hindu? Offended.

If you are a political conservative you will definitely be offended. Republican? Tory? Offended.

If you think we can achieve animal rights by being good citizens and working within the system, you will be offended.

In fact if you are not a revolutionary socialist you will probably be offended.

Do you care more about your lifestyle than you do about the animals? Do you care what others think of you? Are you sensitive to public opinion? Family pressures?  Offended. Offended. Offended.

This blog is not for the timid or the fainthearted.

It is for animal warriors. For animal radicals. For my comrades in arms.

It is for my heroes: those who are the future of the Animal Rights movement.

Here is the test: Would you lay down your life to end the Animal Holocaust?

If you answered “Yes,” this blog is for you. You are my hero. You are my comrade!

You are the Animal Rights movement!


Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

If you know of other blogs dedicated to animal rights and the defeat of capitalism, please comment with a link.

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19 thoughts on “Warning: This Blog Will Offend If Animals Are Not Your Priority

  1. Just a thought on your statement “No one is born vegan.” I know several people who are second and third generation vegans…never consumed a single animal product in their lives. Times are changing, and yes, more and more people are being “born” vegan.


  2. Excellent summation. And once in a while something happens that clearly illustrates our attitudes toward animals.

    One such example was the death of Harambe. As many will remember, Harambe was the lowland gorilla who was killed in the Cincinnati Zoo last summer when a child propelled himself into his enclosure. The zoo staff said it was necessary to kill the gorilla to save the child.

    Harambe was a magnificent silverback, member of an endangered species. He was endangered and in a zoo in the first place because of human beings, because human overpopulation is responsible for the destruction of gorilla habitat in Africa and for the hunting of the animals for bushmeat and trophies.

    Unfortunately, Harambe was no safer in the zoo than he would have been free in his native land.

    I read hundreds of comments in stories of Harambe’s death. They fell into 3 broad categories that revealed we have a long way to go to take animal lives seriously.

    The first category included the religious/conservatives who were irritated that so much attention was being paid to the story. After all, “it” was “just” an animal, and there were “real” human problems that needed attention. Pro-life groups complained that people were carrying on over a gorilla while babies were being murdered.

    A second category included people who were more sympathetic. However, they noted that every parent failed to pay attention at times and that Harambe’s death was an accident, one of those unfortunate things that can happen. What mattered was the child’s life.

    A third category included people who were less forgiving of the parent and the zoo. They demanded that mother be punished for allowing the child to wonder off, climb over a barrier, crawl throught an area of bushes, and fall into the enclosure. They also insisted that the zoo was negligent for not realizing the barrier was so inadequate that a 3-year-old could get in with the gorillas. But, yes, sad as the outcome was, the child’s life could not be risked.

    I created an offensive category. I would not say Harambe had to die. I believe the zoo staff should have done everything possible to distract him and get the child out of the enclosure safely. But there would have been no gunshots.

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  3. Understandably, animal rightists tend to dislike conservative politicians, but Democrats are the main reason for the large NIH budget, responsible for most of the vivisection occurring in university labs. The animal issue does not fit within the right-left paradigm that controls political thought. Liberationists, rightists, driven by the revulsion of our treatment of animals would do well to avoid alignment with either major party and likewise, ought not castigate one over the other; they are both controlled by evil people.

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  4. “So one who rescues a dog but eats a calf is still better then someone who does nothing for a dog in need and who still eats a calf.”

    So the person who rescues a dog and enjoys bovine ribs with this dog may be “better” than the bovine rib-eating person who does nothing for dogs?

    The quoted assertion above is so poorly contextualized it reads absurdly! What if I prefer to rescue human children instead of dogs, but enjoy eating bovine ribs, would I still be considered less than the dog rescuer who eats bovine ribs? Though the dog may be an unwilling participant in the institutionalized cycle of death whereby a duck and lamb and rabbit are made food for the preferred pet, the dog is still a recipient. Other species die daily for the privileged, protected, pampered, preferred pets we keep in our houses.

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    • The observation was made to emphasize the breadth of activists who are involved in the animal movement, most of whom are neither vegan nor vegetarian. A similar observation on the issue of human welfare could be made using your example of someone who aids children but eats meat. Such a person would certainly be preferable to one who eats meat and refuses to aid children.


      • I suppose a person who aids children but eats meat may be preferable to a person who eats meat but doesn’t aid children. I’m just worried the person who eats meat and aids children will instruct the aided children to be “good” meat eaters and to share their bovine ribs with their preferred canines.


  5. not only do I love what you just replied…especially the closing sentence, I appreciated every word here in this essay!! thanks, roland!
    “Animals are my priority. They haven’t always been. I wasn’t always a radical animal activist. No one is born vegan or born a radical. We learn. We throw off prejudice, ignorance, and superstition as we realize what is important in our lives. My primary concern is now empathy and compassion. Ending the horrors that humans inflict upon animals is my life’s work.It is my highest priority. More important than anything else in my life. I hope it is yours as well.”

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  6. Sounds like the kind of blog I want to regularly read! But please feel free to also regularly offend socialists, Marxists and leftists who have disparaged or mocked the concept of animal rights starting with Marx and Engels themselves and extending right on down to iconic left-wing “intellectuals” like Bertrand Russell and Stephan Jay Gould. These folks represent the zenith of either cluelessness or political hypocrisy and undermine the legitimacy of both socialism and liberalism. And although the numbers of animals raised and slaughtered for food production may have been significantly less in socialist societies (arguably, precisely because they tended to be poorer with less disposable income to begin with) this does not explain away the abuses perpetrated on laboratory animals in such nations where an atheistic dedication to unfettered scientific inquiry was accorded the highest priority.

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    • No argument. The left is as clueless to animal issues as is the right. The struggle for human rights causes tunnel vision and myopia in many. Even so, a socialist revolution is the only hope animals have to end the Animal Holocaust. A centrally planned economy will allow animal agriculture to be banned, not for compassionate concerns, but much more likely as a response to environmental disaster and the very real threat of human extinction.

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    • I agree! Just because Marx, Engels and even Lenin disparaged animal rights does not mean that modern day Socialists should do so. Because those people were products of their times, and were also very racist and sexist by today’s standards, and yet no modern Socialist would say that we should emulate them by being racist and sexist. It’s similar with animal rights, because we know so much more today about animal sentience and animal intelligence, as well as all the ways to live without exploiting animals for food, clothing or medical research

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