Field Commanders Needed

Tasha Sainsbury, my editor here and my strong right arm for the past ten years, pointed out an inconvenient truth: the Armory of the Revolution is a one-man band. And it cannot grow in reach and influence without help.

On average, I write an article a day. We are approaching one thousand articles! There are 500 in my Facebook profile Notes amd almost 500 here on the Armory.

On average, I post to over 150 Facebook groups and pages each day.

The posting is more time consuming than is the writing!

The computer I use is older, and crashes constantly, but even when running smoothly I spend several hours each day posting.

The Armory, in my humble opinion, is the most kick-ass blog out there. It is designed to educate, to challenge, to recruit, to mobilize, to radicalize, and to grow the animal movement.

I am unaware of any other blog doing the same thing.

I believe it is a vital part of the movement, that it is fulfilling a role that no other blog is addressing.

But it cannot accomplish any more than it has without help.

The Armory needs talented, dedicated, activists to sign on!

We need field commanders! People who will take responsibility to post Armory articles to Facebook groups on a regular basis.

Unless the Armory has an audience, it is an exercise in futility.

Growing that audience is as important as writing the articles.

If you’d like to be part of the most radical pro-animal blog online, LET ME KNOW!


6 thoughts on “Field Commanders Needed

  1. Having unreliable internet access in the digital age is crippling. The library’s Wi-Fi is so unreliable. Do you know of any bargain deals for internet service? Maybe people can make old-fashioned flyers for bulletin boards.


    • Many business establishments now offer free wifi. Starbucks, Taco Bell, Target Stores, Lowe’s Home Improvement, etc. Time allowed on the services is typically one to four hours, although you can re-log back on as often as you wish.


  2. Dear Roland Windsor Vincent:

    You’re right. The more people who read your blog the better. I don’t have a Facebook account but maybe there is something else I can do?

    Thanks, Nancy

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    On Tue, 07 Jul 2015 11:22:59 -0700 “Armory of the Revolution”

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    • Thanks, Nancy, for your kind offer to help. There are a number of ways to spread the word. You can send Armory article links to animal rights news groups, animal organizations, and liberal, left wing and socialist blogs.


      • Yes, that’s a good point! I’ve learned to bring my tablet with me when I go on Vegan Town USA adventures, so at least I can delete some e-mail! Once I set up a laptop at McDeath and people walked by looking at the “Meat is Murder” and “Go Vegan” stickers. LOL.


  3. you are correct…and I am here…frazzled and scattered but always available and always dismayed and always stunned at apathy, the greatest evil in this universe! self-love is alive and well, however…trips, acquisitions, grandchildren, romances, cleavage, adventures, recipes, bragging, whining, second-guessing, trolling, grandstanding about zilch, flocking to the popular or to those who supposedly matter …all on facebook…empathy for the huger picture? not so much, speaking bravely and outside the box? not so much! ….disillusioning to say the very least….

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