Animal Organizations Are Raising Millions, And Dooming Animals

losingThe animals are losing.

The animal movement has failed them.

In spite of all we have done for the past fifty years, more animals are suffering and dying today than when the modern animal movement began.

In fact, all of the animals saved, all those rescued, in the last 50 years are less than the number who will be slaughtered in the next 8 hours.

Who wants to hear this? No one!

Many activists are so invested in preaching veganism as the solution, that they do not notice that carnists are having children faster than we are. Vegans are declining against the world population.

Veganism cannot end the Animal Holocaust because the demand for animal products worldwide is growing with the exploding human population.

Many major animal organizations do not want to hear that their efforts are not working, as millions of dollars and hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs are dependent on convincing their supporters that their programs and campaigns make a difference. Many campaigns may well help some animals here and there, but for most victims of human cruelty, it is as if the animal movement does not exist.

The entire animal movement has deluded itself into believing that recruiting activists and vegans can stem the tide.That one-on-one recruitment can change the world.

It cannot.

The problem is that there are not enough people who care about animals. And even if everyone who cared became vegan tomorrow, we still couldn’t make a dent in the capitalist system which enslaves and murders animals, and markets animal corpses to the world.

Alerting the animal movement to the reality of the situation may be an inconvenient truth, but it is absolutely necessary for the animals.

Humans slaughter 60 billion animals each year in slaughterhouses, quadruple what were killed 50 years ago.

The Animal Holocaust is expected to double in the next 20 years.

Clearly, what we are doing is not working.

The reason it is not working is because we are fighting the wrong battles.

Humans are responsible for breeding, enslaving, and murdering billions of animals every year. We are operating on the premise that we can convince them not to do so. A patently ridiculous idea. Even if a substantial percentage of the population were to refrain from hurting animals, the huge majority would continue to torture and murder animals, if not personally, by proxy.

Every person who consumes meat, eggs, dairy, and leather, hires others to do their killing.

And it’s not as if people don’t know about what they are doing. They do not care.

Unless we are going to advocate the extermination of humans, we must minimize the harm that humans do to animals and to the environment.

And they do the most harm when they are capitalists.

Capitalism is the author of almost all animal cruelty on Earth. It is the reason for the Animal Holocaust. Capitalism encourages and rewards the most horrific crimes against our fellow creatures.

Capitalism is the primary enemy of animals. Capitalist societies consume and murder twice as many animals per capita as do socialist societies.

If capitalism were to be replaced by socialism, some 30 billion land animals, and over a trillion sea creatures, would be saved every year. Without the help of a single vegan, even if no one were rescuing animals or working toward animal rights.

That simple fact has been ignored by the animal movement. We have been operating as though capitalism were some benign, unimportant, back drop to society. The unquestioned status quo.

The fact is that trying to save animals under capitalism is like trying to save Jews in Auschwitz. We may save a few, but the system is designed to murder.

We are fighting symptoms of the capitalist disease, not the disease itself.

And even more astounding is that there are animal activists who support capitalism.

They are conservatives. Conservatism is the political face of capitalism. Conservative politicians are the mouthpieces and shills for Wall Street, for Big Agriculture, for banks and multinational corporations. They are the enemies of animals, the enemies of the environment, the enemies of the poor, the disenfranchised.

It is no more logical for animal activists to be conservatives than it would be for African Americans to be members of the Ku Klux Klan, or Jews to be Nazis.

It is time for us to declare the Emperor Has No Clothes.

We are pissing into the wind.

We are condemning billions of animals to suffering and death because we refuse to fight the enemy.



Author’s Note:

Natasha Sainsbury, of Good Karma Graphic Design, has joined Armory of the Revolution as Editor, and is responsible for the transformation of the blog’s appearance.

9 thoughts on “Animal Organizations Are Raising Millions, And Dooming Animals

    • We certainly do not stop our efforts to rescue and save those animals we can. But instead of focusing only on recruiting vegans, we focus on broadening the political Left. We join with leftist comrades in calling for the end of capitalism, patriarchy, oligarchy, racism. homophobia, and xenophobia. We militate for income equality, for an end to speciesism. We join with our comrades in supporting revolution abroad and here at home. We educate. We vote for the most left wing candidates we can elect.

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      • This makes me as much afraid as relying strictly on veganism does that the animals will never be free. I understand completely that animal rights revolution has to be directly linked to political revolution but, looking at the array of candidates to choose from for the upcoming election, the left wing doesn’t even seem to exist. Political overthrow isn’t an option and we have no “candidate” to replace the current leaders with anyway. I am 100% behind radical activism, but where are the activists in the world of social media.


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  2. I think of Capitalism as a societal term for avarice. This may be incorrect, but certainly avarice is at the heart of our problems in conservation. I’m beginning to think that our species cannot suppress its avarice, but I hope this isn’t true and I still look for a means of control. However, I need more information before hitching my biophilia to Socialism. Is there research that supports the idea that Socialists eat less meat than Capitalists? I would be thankful for any references to real-world examples.

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    • There is substantial research, which I would be pleased to provide. If you would send me your email (to me at I will send it.

      Your insight to capitalism as avarice is quite on the mark. You will be pleased to know that sociologists discount the notion that greed is a human trait, and they offer a number of examples among aboriginal peoples where it is an unknown concept. Avarice is learned.

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