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My recent article, Protect Animals And The Environment. Shoot Republicans., ignited a firestorm in the right wing blogosphere.

I have received death threats (none of which I find credible) among the ignorant and bigoted comments posted to the article.

While both the Armory blog and my Facebook profiles are gaining a lot of attention, the risk is that right wing hackers will attempt to sabotage both.

I have much more confidence in the security of WordPress than I have in Facebook. Five years ago I was hacked on Facebook, and was locked out of my profile. I set up another one. Three years later I got back into the first, so I now have two.

I urge friends and comrades to follow this blog. If my Facebook accounts go down, the Armory will be our only point of contact.


3 thoughts on “Follow This Blog!

  1. It’s funny, because doesn’t Leftist toolbags like youm always call Conservatives “Bible-thumping gun-lovers?” So, if his much desired “revolution” comes, who will be the most well armed? Conservatives. So, who’s likely to come out on top in their “revolution?” Conservatives. Maybe you should be careful what you wishes for. You just might get it…. right between your beady little eyes. So much for the myth of the “non-violent Progressive. Just another lie of yourtypes, like so many others.


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