Animals Have No Gods


sky dog

All species will act to protect their own against attack by other species. In this respect, humans act like all other animals. A bear will protect her cub from a human, and a human will protect her child from a bear.

What distinguishes humans from all other life on Earth are the belief systems humans have created and embrace.

Animals do not have belief systems.

They have no gods.

No worldviews.

No moral codes.

Morality does not exit in nature. It is a human convention, one that, not surprisingly, always favors humans.

Human belief systems are the reason that humans rape and pillage the Earth, engage in animal cruelty, hunt for sport, kill for pleasure, and enslave other beings..

Humans believe the Earth is theirs. That might makes right. That a mythical god gave animals to them to do with as they please.

Belief systems justify the most horrendous and outrageous human conduct.

Belief systems dictate and reinforce human superiority over all other life. All human belief systems are grounded in speciesism. Only a tiny percentage of people believe animals have as much right to live as do humans.

That tiny percentage represents animal rights supporters. And the belief that animals have the same right to be here as humans do pits them against every government on Earth, almost all of humanity, and all but a few religions.

Humans view the world through the lenses of speciesism and anthrocentrism. To realistically examine the relationship between humans and the rest of the Animal Kingdom, we must step outside our species.

We must discount belief systems at the outset.

The affect of humans on other life is painfully apparent. Half of all life on Earth has been destroyed in just the past 40 years. Species are going extinct at a rate hundreds of times greater than normal.

By any objective standard, humankind has been a plague on the planet.


3 thoughts on “Animals Have No Gods

  1. Roland, your articles are incredibly similar to mine. I’m glad to find like-minded people in a world so full of HSUS-minded people…


  2. We don’t know they don’t have belief systems or world views. We absolutely do not know that. We have never been even remotely interested in actually communicating with them except to bend them to our use. We can’t open our brains wide enough to allow for the possibility they are worth knowing, that they might “think” in their own way. I do not imagine that they, looking at humans, would think of us as intelligent, or as possessing of morality, or a world view either. Once we learn how to fully communicate, we may very well discover that they do have belief systems.


    • It is called common sense.
      Something that lacks in the human species, precisely because of human’s belief systems. I honestly doubt that other animals could be so extremely moronic as humans. Beliefs are an aberration.


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