Cecil the Lion, the American Dentist, and the Animal Holocaust


Cecil was murdered. As are millions of animals every day at the hands of greedy and cruel people.

We in the movement see the hypocrisy of people wailing over Cecil’s death and then sitting down to meals of calf corpses or butchered baby pigs. We marvel that they do not see that all life is precious.

That baby pig wanted to live as much as Cecil did.

But we are dealing with humans. An ugly, ignorant, and illogical species.

So we take what we can. The outrage at Cecil’s death can do much more than wreak revenge on the scumbag who killed him. Until this story broke in the mainstream media, most people had no clue to the canned hunt business, the recreational murder of endangered species, the incredible number of wild animals killed for sport, ivory, and voodoo Asian medicines.

Cecil’s death might well mean an end to the importation of trophies, the shutting down of American serial killers. It might mean initiatives to end poaching, to end the ivory trade, to foment revolutions in Africa to overthrow the corrupt governments which allow sport hunting and the killing of Africa’s wildlife treasures.

So, while we privately marvel at the hypocrisy, we should promote the outrage.

Every person awakened to the horrors of sport hunting and recreational killing is a potential animal activist.
A potential vegan.
A potential revolutionary.

The single most important issue of our Age is the Animal Holocaust. It should dwarf every other concern by orders of magnitude. Yet it is ignored by most, unmentioned in the press, scorned by conservatives, and unheard of by the public at large.

Humans murder over 2.5 Trillion land and sea animals a year. 200 Billion per week. 3 Million per minute. 50,000 per second.

The entire Nazi Holocaust would only take two minutes.

This horror continues every hour of every day.

And no one is in jail. No one is being hunted down by police or prosecutors. No one is being avenged.

They are just making money. Because the horror is legal. Owning other creatures is permitted. Torturing and killing them is perfectly OK. Such is the product of capitalist rationale and justification.

Capitalists are running slaughterhouses, factory farms, feed lots, packing plants, wholesalers, markets, restaurants.

Trading on the corpses of innocent creatures who wanted to live as desperately as do you. Who had families, mothers, babies. Who suffered unspeakable cruelty, terror, and pain.

Unlike Nazi Germany, whose murderous policies were not fully grasped by the world, most of the world is complicit in the Animal Holocaust. Every person who eats meat, fowl, eggs, or fish, wears leather, or drinks milk is part of the cycle of slavery and murder. And each person is responsible for thousands of innocent animals’ deaths over their lifetime.

All of the cats and dogs we save in a year are less than the number of calves and pigs killed every few minutes.

The scope of the horror is almost beyond comprehension.

So, what do we do?

Only government can stop the Animal Holocaust. And that is not likely to happen for decades, if not centuries. Even if the public were amenable to severe restrictions on the production of meat, dairy and eggs, the political will to implement reform does not exist. Just as the NRA has been able to thwart the will of the public for comprehensive background checks on gun sales, Big Ag would similarly be able to prevent Congress from enacting sweeping laws which would reduce the Holocaust.

Under current law, Big Ag is able to bribe Congressmen and Senators. Corporate political contributions and gifts to public officials make a mockery of democratic government.

Our government supports the killing industries with subsidies, price supports, and the use of public lands. The government is owned by Big Ag, for all practical purposes. Nominal rental fees for grazing, wild horse roundups and slaughter, tax payers’ money to prop up prices for milk, etc, are all because Big Ag bribes Congress.

The obvious counter-attack is to defeat the Republicans and conservative Democrats who conspire to steal tax money for the corporations who pay them off. An actual solution would be to ban corporate political contributions. Both are on the agenda of liberal Democrats.

The political process is painfully slow to respond to issues not on the public’s radar. We cannot defeat conservatives on issues that do not capture the enthusiasm of the electorate, so we work to defeat them on issues that the public agrees with us on. In doing so we elect liberals. An incredibly important step in our strategy to reduce animal suffering in the short term, and to secure Animal Rights in the long term.

The firestorm of public outrage about the murder of Cecil is an opportunity to educate, to recruit, and to force policy changes and legislation that will at least save some animals.


11 thoughts on “Cecil the Lion, the American Dentist, and the Animal Holocaust

  1. Animals do have Gods..We share the same God..God dreatede animals on the 6th day… As far as Palmer, they were at first looking to charge him. All of a sudden, he had tge right papers??? Ya, he did, they were green with presidents heads on them $$$$. If he had all the legal papers, then why are the other 2 hunters awaiting trial…Palmer will meet his maker disguised as a lion.


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  5. I agree with your assessment. My greatest concern has been that the window of opportunity opened by that piece of shit dentist when he killed Cecil (I’m sure SCI would love to see his head mounted) is going to close before the activists in waiting are sufficiently “recruited.” The outrage expressed over the past two weeks was channeled into action for first time in a long time. I realize that a lot of this action was limited to signing petitions, but many people didn’t know what to do with their outrage and disgust over such a depraved act. Those people are now on hold, so to speak. Fired up and ready to do something but, they now face the same dilemma, and aren’t sure what to do next. Most of those people, I suspect, would be horrified to see what happens to animals trapped and tortured in factory farms. How can that outraged population become aware and involved in abolishing the the animal holocaust if they don’t know it exists or on what level it exists and they don’t think that one person can make a difference. Combined effort is the only way to stop this insanity. An army is made up of individuals who need to be reached in order to recruit, How do we make contact with the people who slink back into the shadows overwhelmed with existential neurosis because they feel like an ineffective lose?

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    • I agree with you, of course, that ending capitalism is a necessity for this (and so many other) justice projects. But we must not be naive that speciesism ends with capitalism. I yearn for our new socialist world that will come someday but I know our work on animal exploitation will continue in that far better but still imperfect era.

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  6. The Holocaust will probably end, not by compassion for animals, but as a byproduct of some other catastrophe, such as immense drought, loss of grazing land, climate change, disease and so on. The rednecks are too intent to stop meat eating on their own behalf. Hopefully I am wrong and people will come to their senses but don’t see it in my lifetime or anywhere close.

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