Arm The Left. The Lunatics Already Have Guns


Can you imagine how police would react if bands of African Americans armed with assault weapons were to patrol the streets in communities where police have used violence against the citizenry?

Contrast that mental image with the way police reacted to armed Oath Keepers in the streets of Ferguson, MO.
The Oath Keepers are a right wing, white militia.

Their purpose was to intimidate and threaten peaceful Black activists protesting the police murder of Michael Brown.

Missouri is an open carry state, which means anyone can be legally armed in public.

The right is enthusiastic about the public being armed. But I suspect that enthusiasm would be tempered somewhat if the left were similarly armed.

There are no left wing militias practicing in the woods on weekends. No leftist militias at all, in fact.

No left wing leaders calling for preparedness against oppression.

Given the history of police murder of people of color, such preparedness would be more than warranted.

Native Americans and African Americans suffer more violence at the hands of police than do any other demographics. And revolution, were it to occur, would likely be triggered by those communities defending themselves against racist police actions.

The political left and Black activists should prepare to defend themselves.

Arming ourselves not only reasonable, it is necessary.


6 thoughts on “Arm The Left. The Lunatics Already Have Guns

  1. I’m a hard-core liberal and I recently bought a Smith & Wesson AR15 Sport II. I highly recommend all liberals who cherish the First Ammendment purchase and learn how to use this firearm to protect that right. Learn how to use it. It is a good firearm and reasonably priced ( $550-$650 ), it is reliable, it is accurate, and if needed it is deadly (think life-saving).

    It is your DUTY to protect and defend the constitution.
    Exercise your Second Ammendment Rights to protect all other rights.!


  2. Roland, you and I are old enough to remember in the early 1970s when a group of armed Black Panthers showed up and strolled around the grounds of the California statehouse in Sacramento while Reagan was governor. The Panthers were perfectly within their constitutional rights since the guns were not concealed. The California legislature’s response was to immediately pass a new law banning loaded weapons on the statehouse grounds. So much for the Second Amendment when right-wing hypocrites feel personally threatened! I admired the Black Panthers as well as the Black Muslims back them for not being afraid to stand up forcefully for their rights and demanding a seat at the table rather than meekly asking the Man for crumbs. Every left-winger and animal rights advocate should be armed and prepared to use those arms in self defense. Isn’t that what those “stand-your-ground” laws the right-wing gun-nuts have been pushing at the state level are all about?

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    • Geoff, like you and Roland, I am old enough to remember the impact of armed Black Panthers. While it’s interesting to speculate what would happen if there were armed militias for animals, I don’t see how that would develop.
      There may not be any left-wing militias “practicing in the woods,” but there are Native Americans. This does not help animals.


  3. actually read a letter to editor in our local rag this week from an irate “oath keeper”…have suffered through “promise keepers” and now these people? thanks, roland…would run this on my page, but the locals stalk me…and I am revealing how backward we are here with my response. like a nightmare to inhabit Christian peyton place. only weapon missing thus far? pitchforks.

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  4. Maybe I am missing a point here, but I don’t find either the Leftists or Conservatives especially supportive of animal rights. It seems to be independent of any affilitations in its own right. If we are talking about movements such as race, woman’s rights, slavery etc. yes they lean towards the left. If we are talking animal rights, there are maybe a handful of supporters equally on either side of the spectrum regarding support for animal rights. For instance Harry Reid and Pelosi, both Democrats, have dismal records regarding animal rights as do most Democrats and Republicans. Obama might be slightly more aware of environmental issues but leaves more to be desired. And animals have suffered, in greater numbers, and levels of abusiveness than any other group. And yes, I do agree that Capitalism is a great promoter of factory farming, fur farms, hunting,etc. although no other groups comes out completely unscathed. And I also agree that even though I feel like I am spinning my wheels sometimes, ie., veganism is supposedly on the decline, factory farms on the rise I must do what I always do, and that is to write letters, sign petitions even on single campaign issues, do volunteer work, remain and promote veganism (even when no one is listening) and just do the best that I can do and remain doing, irregardless of the supposed futility of it. If there is more to do, that can be done effectively and responsibly, I would gladly submit.

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    • You are entirely correct in pointing out that individuals on the right and left can care about animals. The underlying dynamic is very different from individual positions.

      The greatest engine of anmal abuse, cruelty, exploitation, and death is capitalism. And while individual conservatives may care for animals, and perhaps even be animal activists and vegans, the system they support is as antithetical to animals as Nazism was antithetical to Jews.

      Conversely, individual leftists may not give a damn about animals at all. but the system they support would greatly benefit animals. Socialist societies kill and consume half the animals that capitalist societies kill and consume. Taking the profit incentive out of animal agriculture would mean saving billions of animal lives every year.

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