Free The Elephants

FREEPeople love elephants. They are among the most intelligent and majestic animals on Earth. They have fascinated and captivated us from childhood.

And that is the problem.

Their popularity makes them the most visited prisoners in zoos. The most popular slaves in circuses.

There is a lot of money to be made exploiting elephants. Elephants are the biggest money makers for circuses.

How elephants are treated and controlled by their handlers must be kept from public view, or people would not stand for the cruelty.

Chained up for 20 hours a day.
Prodded and stabbed by bullhooks, instruments of torture that would horrify the public.

These gentle, intelligent, social animals, with emotions and feelings that rival our own, should not be required to live their lives for the sole purpose of lining the pockets of cruel people to entertain clueless people.

We would not tolerate stabbing and prodding dogs or cats or children.

We would not tolerate the imprisonment and chaining of them either.


Because such horrific conduct is abhorrent to us. It flies in the face of common decency, of our moral character, of our sense of right and wrong.

And it is something we would never want to happen to ourselves or our loved ones.

We cannot allow such treatment to happen to elephants for the very same reasons.

It is time to place compassion above circus profits, morality above more money for elephant abusers, and our sense of right and wrong over the wrongs committed upon those unable to defend themselves against cruelty.

It is time to free the elephants. To provide them sanctuary. To ban their capture in the wild. To end the ivory trade, to end the poaching and the trophy hunting.

One hundred elephants are murdered EVERY DAY, 24/7.

Thousands are languishing in prisons. thousands are abused in circuses.

It is time to end the cruelty.

Time to let them live in freedom. To leave them alone.



Author’s Note:

Natasha Sainsbury, of Good Karma Graphic Design, has joined Armory of the Revolution as Editor, and is responsible for the transformation of the blog’s appearance.


9 thoughts on “Free The Elephants

  1. Why don’t we leave all animals alone. The other day I saw a human tethered to what I would call an abominated canine. The canine’s head was the size of an adult German Shepherd’s head. The legs of this freakish canine were the length of a Chihuahua’s legs. The tail (about 18 inches long) of this canine would have been dragging on the ground behind him if it weren’t curled upward. I enjoy sitting under a tree at a park reading what I would call important or relevant non-fiction literature. While doing this, I often look up at all the apathetic canines tethered to their human companions who are gracious enough to grant their animal property walks the canines don’t seem to interested in. When I look at these two species tethered together, I think “How pathetic.” Though I often comment that canines are pampered pets, most of the canines I have witnessed in my life, including all the canines routinely dumped in backyards in my neighborhood, are victims of perpetual apathy and agitation, imposed by human beasts. What do I mean by this? Well, a canine dumped in a backyard lives a life of apathy until an unfamiliar human walks by and the canine becomes agitated. Any walk in my neighborhood excludes going by homes with barking prisoners.

    Remember, given our “carnist” culture, the rescue of felines and canines in this country simply means the death of other species in their place–the ones we put in tin cans or paper sacks. Yes, noble rescuer, you have decided the feline’s life is more “precious” than the salmon’s life and the canine’s life is more precious than the lamb’s life.

    If you would like to see a gross illustration of this truth, visit Party Animal Pet Food, where you can purchase “Darling Duck” food for your feline.

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  2. Free the elephants !! It’s abuse and should be against the law and it far from intertainment unless your retarted !!!!! Free all the animals , I hate people that are involved in the animal abuse hope it turns on you and killed !!!! Karma


  3. Yes .. this is horrible, but your food animals suffer just as equally, so if you eat meat you support incredible suffering of animals. Please challenge yourself to look at what happens to those animals you put in your mouth; it is definitely not appetizing.


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