Hang The Lobbyists


Lobbyists are the bagmen for Wall Street, Big Business, and special interests. They funnel bribes to Members of Congress and Senators, they write legislation for their legislators to introduce, they function as a branch of government beyond the reach of the law or the public.

Lobbyists are the facilitators of fascism, the carrot and the stick of capitalism, the enforcers for the corporate state.

They carry the bribes to Congress and the instructions on voting. They play our elected officials like violins. They are the strings of the corporatist marionettes.

They should all be strung up on the balustrades of the Capitol building.

Lobbyists and their bribes are the reason we have corporate welfare, the military industrial complex, Wall Street control of the US Treasury Department and the regulatory agencies charged with overseeing banking and securities.

They are the reason Congress is deaf to the demands of activists for less cruelty to animals trapped in the food system, the reason Congress allows habitat destruction and drilling and mining on federal lands, the reason the government tramples on Native Peoples, on the environment, on the oceans, lakes and rivers.

Lobbyists are responsible for corporate welfare for Big Oil and Big Ag, the reason Members of Congress turn deaf ears to their constituents when ordered by lobbyists to vote for special interest legislation.

Lobbyists bribe, cajole, intimidate, and coerce legislators. They provide jobs for legislators’ spouses. They shower legislators with gifts. They pay for legislators’ vacations, for their kids’ weddings, they wine and dine them, they fold them into the Old Boy network of cronyism, corruption, and quid pro quos.

Lobbyists are the criminals who make the capitalist police state possible. The ones who carry water for the oligarchs. The first enemies we arrest in the revolution.

If the people haven’t already lynched them.


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