$100,000 Reward for the Arrest and Extradition of Walter Palmer

In this undated photo provided by the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, Cecil the lion rests in Hwange National Park, in Hwange, Zimbabwe. Two Zimbabweans arrested for illegally hunting a lion appeared in court Wednesday, July 29, 2015. The head of Zimbabwe’s safari association said the killing was unethical and that it couldn’t even be classified as a hunt, since the lion killed by an American dentist was lured into the kill zone. (Andy Loveridge/Wildlife Conservation Research Unit via AP)

In this undated photo provided by the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, Cecil the lion rests in Hwange National Park, in Hwange, Zimbabwe. Two Zimbabweans arrested for illegally hunting a lion appeared in court Wednesday, July 29, 2015. The head of Zimbabwe’s safari association said the killing was unethical and that it couldn’t even be classified as a hunt, since the lion killed by an American dentist was lured into the kill zone. (Andy Loveridge/Wildlife Conservation Research Unit via AP)

Walter Palmer, the low-life animal serial killer who murdered Cecil the Lion last month, is still in hiding.

Bringing him to justice will help to end trophy hunting.

Zimbabwe wants him extradited to face poaching charges. But he cannot be extradited until he is found.

Animal activists want to see him in prison, and to dissuade others from murdering African wildlife to satisfy some depraved need these psychopaths have to kill innocent creatures.

For more information on this tragedy, see Cecil the Lion, the American Dentist, and the Animal Holocaust.

My name is Roland Vincent. I am a political strategist, a writer, a public speaker, a lawyer, an environmentalist, and an animal rights advocate. Formerly, I was a stockbroker and an investment banker. I have over 50 years experience in organizing and directing political and social issue campaigns. My resume includes running campaigns in California and the West for two sitting presidents and three presidential aspirants, and directing Howard Jarvis’ Proposition 13 campaign in California.

I have been an animal activist and an opponent of trophy hunting for 60 years. I am the founder of the Animal Rights Leadership Council and publish Armory of the Revolution, an influential blog on the political left, which explores animal liberation and social justice issues.

This may be the most important campaign I have ever been involved with. That is because of its potential to change laws in the US and internationally, and to educate the public and recruit animal activists.

Over 100,000 animals are murdered every year in Africa by trophy hunters, mostly rich Americans. We have been fighting to stop the atrocities for years. Two lions a day, on average, are murdered by white hunters. Poachers and trophy hunters murder 100 elephants a day.

Until now, the media has ignored the crisis.

The murder of Cecil has changed everything!

Cecil’s death could mean the end of trophy hunting! But only if the media continues to remind the public of the heinous conduct of Walter Palmer. By offering a reward to find him, we will run him to ground. And the media will keep his horrific crime in full public view.

Armory of the Revolution is spearheading a reward campaign to find Walter Palmer, and to have him arrested and extradited to Zimbabwe.


We are offering $100,000 for information leading to Palmer’s arrest and extradition.

It may be the best investment ever made to stop trophy hunting.

This reward could mean weeks and months of keeping the murder of Cecil on the front burner of international news. It will certainly generate more and more support to ban trophy hunting, to ban the importation of animal trophies, and will help in recruiting new animal activists to the movement.

We could not begin to purchase the airtime now being devoted to this heinous crime, and a reward campaign will guarantee that the media will continue to report on the story and follow up on our efforts.

I am personally taking on the responsibility to pay this reward. If necessary, I will sell everything I own and raise all I can borrow.

Will you join with me and help?

This could mean the end of trophy hunting!

Seventeen major airlines and freight carriers have announced that they will no longer ship animal trophies. Legislation has been introduced in the House and Senate to ban imports of animal trophies into the US.

We have the murderers on the run. The public is with us. We can ban trophy hunting!

But only if we keep this issue in front of the public!

This campaign will do just that!

Make sure Cecil did not die in vain!

Please share this article with your Facebook friends, email contacts, and on blogs, Twitter,  LinkedIn, etc.

And do so often!

Please visit and Like our Facebook page Cecil’s Last Roar

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Dr Walter Palmer, please email us at rolandvincent@yahoo.com

Our latest information is that Palmer may be hiding out in one of his two residences

Walter Palmer
11413 Landing Rd.
Eden Prairie, MN 55347
(952) 944-1860

Vacation home
941 Scott Dr.
Marco Island, FL 34145



UPDATE!!   UPDATE!!   UPDATE!!  Zimbabwe Won’t Seek Extradition of Walter Palmer!!




Author’s Note:

I’ve had to change settings on comments. Trolls and trophy hunters have been spamming this and other articles. I now will personally approve all published comments. Sorry for the inconvenience!

62 thoughts on “$100,000 Reward for the Arrest and Extradition of Walter Palmer

  1. I guess it’s over . Dentist wins

    We can’t make a difference.

    Caroline Kennedy Japan Ambassador allows Japan to slaughter Dolphins in mass. Not a word or concern year after year

    At least we’ll have video when man makes animals extinct


  2. I don’t want to suggest violence, I don’t think this is violence, maybe someone throwing a bucket of red paint on the Killer Dentist would send a message to all the animal killers.

    If you want to hunt animals – ok just NO weapons of any kind , go there with your bare hands so it’s fair. Let’s see how you make out against a grizzly bear or a Big Cat


  3. Roland what’s going on? Have you made NO Progress?
    No Updates ? What has White House done with the signatures? Where is the State Department on deportation? Have you hired a P.I. or bounty Hunter ?
    Are you Giving UP?


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  5. Pingback: Zimbabwe Won’t Seek Extradition. Justice Is Up To Us! | Armory of the Revolution

  6. I’m all for bringing this man to justice but I’d be more interested in you bringing your years of experience in organizing and directing political and social issue campaigns to the Occupy Wall Street movement and try to change the insane wage gap between the rich and poor. I bet if that balanced out, these “rich, white Americans” wouldn’t have the funds to do this anymore.


  7. Concededly, this is a tall order, but thank you so much for your effort to bring this man to justice. Bravo! The dentist is in hiding, like a true COWARD. Like all trophy hunters, he thinks he’s brave hiding behind a high-powered rifle, bow-and-arrow, and guides by his side. He’s just a small, small man. Miniscule.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Below are my comments about trophy hunting! I believe that with patience, perseverance, and persistence; the world can stop trophy hunting!
    Mr. Vincent, thank you for your effort!

    Part 1

    How can people be proud of using guns or crossbows to kill animals just for fun or for trophy, of their senseless killing? If Mr. Palmer wanted respect and boosted his ego, then he should had bravely faced Cecil with bare hands and wrestled the beast instead of luring it out of its safe haven, then shot the animal while hiding in the bush.
    If trophy hunters need to achieve some thing, they should go to the Middle East to challenge radical Muslims who have beheaded innocent peoples. Those killers would be their good match in the killing games, not the animals.

    The killing instinct of carnivores is natural as they need to quench hunger; and as such, their act of killing is benign and acceptable.  On the contrary, killing of animals for trophy is frightening, horrific, sinister, destructive, unnatural, unethical, and inhuman because we, the superior species, have intentionally inflicted pain and suffering on inferior living beings for fun, for pleasure, for thrill,

    Part 2

    or for whatever reason. It’s psychologically sickening. Maybe it’s the darkest side of human mind that psychologists have not yet fathomed. Look at the killings around the world.

    I hope each man who hunts with bows will be shot by arrows one hundred times. Maybe it’s only then, they will be able to feel the pains they have inflicted on other creatures.

    In advanced societies we are taught human lives are valuable, and our destructive behavior is restrained by the society we live in but in other parts of the world where human lives are subject to brutality of mentally backward men who possess power and guns. I have wondered if trophy hunters who, by chance, had been born and grown up in certain parts of the world would love the activity of throwing innocent men off buildings as those men were deemed as inferior in that society.

    Part 3

    Someone stated that hunting in Africa has benefited Africans as lions have posed danger to the peoples there. To this, I respond – African peoples and animals have been living side by side on that continent for thousands of years; therefore, people know how to protect themselves from the animals. They don’t need help from wealthy men who come to their countries to hunt for pleasure then cowardly defense themselves with such pretentious, absurd, ridiculous, and illogical statement.

    Other hunters have expressed concerns that Mr. Palmer’s hunting strategy was not “fair”. Logically, please tell me what “fair hunting” is. Animals survive on their instinct. They live peacefully in their environment, sleep, play, roam for foods, eat when they are hungry, drink when thirsty.

    Part 4

    They walk on four legs, can’t rationalize, can’t reason, can’t speak, can’t build houses, can’t make guns, have no knowledge of an outside world where superior beings called human live, many of them are killing-thirsty. Then one day those killing-thirsty superior beings intrude their homes, bait them, mercilessly pierce their bodies with arrows, then kill them with guns, skin them, mount their heads on the walls of their homes, look at their macabre heads and feel proud, bragging to their friends about killing them so tell me – WHAT IS “FAIR HUNTING”?.

    To trophy hunters and people who have defended Mr. Palmer – If you are honest and sincerely want to help those poor countries; it would be more rational, more sensible, more constructive, more benevolent, more humane to distribute large sums of money used on hunting trips to poor villagers in Africa. Give money directly to them, not through corrupt governments. You will see their lives will improve dramatically.

    Part 5

    I have heard that some land owners outside of Toronto, Canada put old, sick, lame animals such as bears, deer, cougars on their lands and charge trophy hunters thousa
    nds of dollars for hunting those sick animals. The animals will be chased by dogs to clear areas where hunters are waiting for them.

    When shooting those animals, trophy hunters must have felt great achievement, I have assumed. I thank the Universe as civilization was achieved by works of men with great minds. Just imagine how the world would had been if there were only men who hunted lame and defenseless animals.

    Part 6

    While there are hungry children all over the world, trophy hunters have traveled globally and paid large sums of money for killing animals just for the thrill of it. It’s appalling! Appalling!

    I hope this incident would be a life-changing experience for Mr. Palmer who should be brought back to Zimbabwe to face charges, and that trophy hunting will be banned forever as it’s sadistic, it’s inhuman. The world should get together to stop trophy hunting.

    I just can’t comprehend the hypocrisy of the laws and the society – It’s unlawful to abuse domestic animals but it’s legal to mercilessly hunt down wild animals for pleasure and for money. 







    Part A
    Ms. Corgatelli quoted verses in the Bible to justify her act of unnecessary killing for pleasure in the same way radical Muslims quoted the Koran to kill innocent peoples.
    The Bible mentioned about hunting but it certainly meant hunting for foods, not for trophy hunting as trophy hunting is invented by some brutal modern homo sapiens who have no compassion for beings that are inferior to them.
    Reply to some posters – To my understanding, hunting for foods was a traditional way of living of aboriginal peoples, not of white settlers who first came to America. However, if my recollection is correct, European settlers almost wiped out bison population somewhere in the US due to greed. Aboriginals respected the environment, killed only when necessary, and never wasted the meat of the animals killed.
    Part B
    To trophy hunters who have hunted using crossbows, and to people who support them – In our life time, each of us at least once or twice got splinters in our skin. A tiny speck of wood does cause such discomfort, doesn’t it? Let alone infection.
    A metal arrow punctures the skin of a hunted animal; pierces its flesh, its organs: bones, lungs, liver, stomach, intestines,…. The animal doesn’t possess a conscious mind to comprehend what happened to it and, naturally, it gets scared and will run away if it can.
    The faster an injured animal runs, the more agonized it is because the arrow lacerates its bones, its lungs, its liver,….. Each movement of the animal will cause further damages to the tissues, and the wounds will get lacerated more and more, not to mention severe hemorrhage. The animal will run until it exhausts and lie down in extreme agony. In the meantime, the hunter exhilarates.
    Part C
    Animals do have some intelligence, feelings, and emotions but being compassionate is a divine trait that human beings, the superior species, possess. Miriam Webster Dictionary defines compassion as “Sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it”.
    Compassion is the foundation for the drafting of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Today in many parts of the world, the Declaration has granted people the rights to live with dignity. The Declaration would had never come into existence without the works of COMPASSIONATE MEN AND WOMEN.
    Part D
    I have speculated that trophy hunters have sadistic personality disorder as they have found pleasure in killing defenseless animals. They will justify their macabre hobby and will continue carrying on their “enjoyable” and merciless act of killing unless the world stops them.
    Each being in this world is a wonderful creation of the universe, either a tiny insect or a large whale. We are intelligent animals that had learned to suppress our animal behaviors and developed refined behaviors that make us “human”. Civilization has come a long way; and we have excelled in arts, music, literature, science, technology,…
    Part E
    It’s shameful that Ms. Corgatelli and trophy hunters can’t find pleasure in sublime, intellectual, or creative activities but the unnecessary killing of animals. Beings that have no intelligence to defend themselves from their brutality. Trophy hunters have nothing to be proud of as they don’t have to be intelligent to do the act of killing. All they need is cold blood.
    Part F
    Be proud trophy hunters! Be proud of your great achievement of killing defenseless animals!
    Be proud that you walk on 2 legs, not 4. Be proud that your brain is larger than animals’ so you can outwit them in the killing games by donning camouflage outfits so it is difficult for them to see you, arming yourself with powerful bows and rifles, lurking in the bush, shooting at them when they least suspect.
    When they run away, scared, agonized, and badly injured using the muscles in their four flesh-and-bone legs; you chase after them on your four-wheeled drive Land Rover. When the animal can no longer run, and succumbs to your brutality; you will stop your metal horse, dismount, walk towards the fallen animal, high and tall like Clint Eastwood in Western movies.
    You look down at the animal at your feet! You are just a diminutive figure next to it even though you are standing tall as it’s much bigger, and much stronger than you are. You think it’s a “fair hunting” game – A big soft flesh, a dumb and defenseless animal versus a small man/woman armed with steel bow and rifle. The animal’s deprivation of intelligence versus your powerful destructive weapons. You think you are king of the beasts.
    The animal is lying in agony and panting faster and faster. Blood is seeping slowly through the wound inflicted by you. Its eyes get cloudier and cloudier. Cognitively, it doesn’t know what happened to it. All it feels is the excruciating pain as its internal organs are shredded. It doesn’t know it’s going to die either as it has no concept about life and death but you, the mighty with steel bows and guns, know. You are God!
    Part G
    You spit, like Clint Eastwood did in the movies. You draw your gun!… Bang! Bang! You shot!
    You feel elated and powerful, probably enlightened as well. You feel a great sense of achievement; and as such, you think you can be cocky and arrogant like Julius Caesar when he walked into the Senate in Rome and announced “I came! I saw! I conquered!”
    Your words will be different though. Instead, you will scream from the top of your lungs: “I TORTURED! I KILLED! I ELATED”.
    Part H
    You sit down next to the carcass and feel intoxicated with the feeling of great achievement of killing the animal.
    The feeling affects you like an addictive drug does – It makes you grin broadly when you sit (or stand) next to the dead animal.
    A picture of you and the dead animal is taken – A memorabilia of a great achievement! Soon, there will be another great achievement of killing!
    Be proud trophy hunters! Be proud of your great achievement of killing defenseless animals!
    Part I
    I happened to visit Italy in hunting season. Gun shots reverberated in rural areas. One day, I unknowingly hiked through a hunting ground. After awhile, I felt the air was laden with intense fear, morbid anxiety, and eerie calmness. The feeling greatly disturbed my senses of peace, serenity, and harmony with nature.
    Then I saw hunters in the woods, one with a boy. I continued on, walked past a few trucks, and heard inside the trucks dogs scratching vigorously and crying to be let out.
    I was told later that hunters would starve their dogs, and lock them in tiny cages on their trucks. When the time is right, the emaciated dogs would be released and chase deer to an area where they will be shot at.
    Part G
    I share the story as I want to mention the emotional feelings that suddenly overwhelmed me. Did the animals sense of great danger and death and project morbid fear and anxiety into the air? Were the thoughts of killing and of being killed so powerful that they permeated the air? I can’t answer my questions.
    I didn’t have a face book account until a few days ago. I’ve got one now because I want to express my disgust about trophy hunting. If you think my comment is sensible, please forward it to your friends, and please continue posting your comments as this barbaric and macabre hobby of rich people must be stopped.
    A small child was beaten to death by a group of thugs in India. I couldn’t finished reading the story and didn’t have any comment as my heart ached – I was speechless.


  9. No animal deserves the treatment they are subjected to every single day . They didn’t harm nobody . What did Cecil do to anybody? Rest his poor soul.

    Justice for poor Cecil . His murderer needs to be prosecuted and face serious jail time .

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  10. i have a question. if you have 2 addresses for walter palmer, why weren’t officials sent to those addresses? and if they were, what came of it?


  11. I own and run a African serval cat sanctuary an do my part with conservation of the serval just like Hwange National park did for cecil. If anyone caused any harm to any of my cats I would be devastated. I spend thousands of dollars a year caring for my animals and to know that some people think paying big sums of money to kill exotic animals is somehow helping preserve them disturbs me. Not a dime of the money goes to the animals, it all goes to the clubs that arrange the hunts and there families. It is a business and some one is getting rich of the blood of dead exotic animals.

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  12. United front in bringing back humanity! Exposing/Educating/Supporting those on the front lines of Animal Welfare and lifting the carpet on World Animal Abuse..We are with you! #worldwarroar

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  13. Thank you for what you are doing. These hunters are taking advantage pgmf corrupt, weak governments and legislation must be brought into being in the countries where these hunters come from. Families of dictators should also be banned from leaving their countries to spend their ill gotten gains.


  14. I love how you wrote the description of Palmer – the low-life animal serial killer! That’s really what they are, just “low-life animal serial killers.”

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  15. Hello from Brazil!

    Thanks for all you are doing to punish Walter Palmer!!!

    I have been taking part of some groups to help to stop trophy hunting, cruelty against animals in general and in getting Walter Palmer back to Zymbabue…in prision!!!

    I have shared your post in my FB profile and will keep doing that !

    Please, let me know how I can help you from Brazil!

    Best regards.

    Gisele Sarian

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  16. I totally agree with you. We must keep up the energy on this subject. It’s sadly for Cecil the perfect opportunity to put pressure on these unholy hunters and killers.
    Thank you for the huge effort you are making. I will do anything I can to make a safe future for these majestic creatures.

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  17. Hi Vincent,

    Thanks for this. I am from Zimbabwe and grew up in the agricultural sector and on game farms. When Cecil was poached I was fuming, as he was the biggest lion ever recorded in Africa as well as being a research project for Oxford University he was a protected lion. What with the fact that lions are also now on the endangered list it does not help.

    As a white Zimbabwean I can not thank you enough for this important step, Zimbabwean ministers have called for Palmers extradition and with any luck hopefully you impressive resume will add some weight to that.

    Unfortunately though, with prison standards in Zimbabwe being as disgusting as they are and the treatment of prisoners is diabolical that might just keep him protected and from being successfully extradited.

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  18. Get a Professional to catch this Killer

    Call Dog The Bounty Hunter. He claims to be the best
    This Dentist isn’t a career criminal so a professional Bounty Hunter could find him.

    Bless You and Keep protecting GOD’s animals

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    • This disgusting piece of non humanity deserves to be sent Back to where he committed this awful crime and then did a runner to leave the other 2 men to stand trial. Yes get Dog the Bounty hunter on his trail then send him back. In the meantime freeze his assets so he can’t have access to any money.

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  19. Is the guy even subject to arrest in the US just because Zimbabwe says it wants him? If you have to pay anything out to help get this scumbag to Zimbabwe I WILL contribute. Thank you for being the first to offer such a reward — I don’t see any of the well-heeled animal charities making a similar gesture. The only thing missing from the wanted poster is something about “dead or alive.” I laughed about the news reports that Palmer’s Florida house had been “vandalized” when all it consisted of was a message, “Lion Killer”, spray painted on his garage and some pigs’ feet soaked in red paint (pretty ironic choice of protest symbols!) left in his driveway. Molotov cocktails would have been far more appropriate.

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    • We have an extradition treaty with Zimbabwe, which obligates our government to extradite him, subject to judicial process. The use of pigs feet demonstrates that the vandals were not animal activists, who abhor the killing and use of animals.

      While I would not shed a tear if he were to experience the terror and pain of being hunted down and cruelly killed, as he has committed upon hundreds of creatures, the animals would be better served if he were to be extradited to Zimbabwe. The possibility of facing justice in an African dictatorship would give pause to trophy hunters considering their next safaris.

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    • Yes, there is extradition between our 2 countries. The United States State Department – specifically John Kerry would have that authority.
      Step 1 Find the Killer
      Step 2 Pressure and FORCE Obama Administration to extradite
      We would need help from big Celebrities who have spoken up about the killing to pressure Secretary of State John Kerry

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      • There is a We The People petition to the White House demanding Palmer’s extradition. The executive authority would lie with the Justice Department. I fully agree that we must bring as much pressure as possible on the Obama administration.
        Finding Palmer, and keeping the outrage stoked, will require the media to keep the story going, allowing legislation such as the Cecil Act to gain traction in Congress.

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    • I agree. His lodge in MN where he keeps all his trophies should be burned down as well. Most of them I believe were being slaughter ed illegally and should be subjected to be seized by USFWS.

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  20. I have been sharing this reward on wp every 30-40- minutes. I have shared publicly and to all 1300 of my fb friends. I will KEEP sharing this post until he is found! I want him more than anyone does, believe you me! In the worst way I want him! HOW DARE HIM KILL CECIL!

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    • Come on, Carol. Please tell me your rabidness about apprehending Mr. Palmer is hyperbolic? This whole post is blown-out of proportion.


  21. This is a wonderful idea. Too often these terrible stories are forgotten with the next news cycle when they should be symbolic events to memorialize someone, in this case Cecil, and to mobilize people to act to make the world a better place.

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  22. I wish I had the info. because I could use the money! We all know Walter Palmer has more than his share of wealth and real estate. 😦 Which bar are you a member of? I couldn’t find you in the California attorney search. Do you know of any good attorney job opportunities? (Ones that pay fairly and don’t exploit.)

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