Everything We Ever Believed Is Wrong

WRONGOnce we realize that all sentient life is equally valuable, a remarkable thing happens.

We gain a perspective that is totally revolutionary.

Everything we formerly thought, believed, experienced, and were taught, turns out to have been wrong.

We find we are at odds with almost all of humanity, with every government on Earth, with all major religions and most of the minor ones.

If all life is equally precious, every human legal system is a fraud. Every government is complicit in murder, every person who eats meat, who hunts, who supports animal exploitation and murder industries is a criminal.

Morality and law are human inventions. Not surprisingly, they always favor humans.

There are no such things as law or morality in nature. But if we believe that all sentient life is equally valuable we arrive at standards that can be considered universal law and universal morality.

We must step outside our species to appreciate the horrors that humans inflict upon non-humans.

For humans to comprehend the difference between anthropocentric law and morality and universal law and morality is as simple as it is profound:

Imagine animals as human children.

Would we imprison children?
Eat children?
Skin them for leather?
Hunt them? Mount their heads on our walls?
Boil them alive?
Place them in zoos or circuses?
Euthanize them because they are homeless?

If you would not want it to be done to you or your family, you should not allow it to be done to an animal or his family.

This is the basis of Animal Rights.

This is why Animal Rights is the most radical social and political idea in history. The most revolutionary concept ever advanced.

This is the litmus test for humanity.

Those who embrace Animal Rights versus those who do not.

Those who do are our comrades and allies.

Those who do not are our sworn enemies, and are the enemies of animals.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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25 thoughts on “Everything We Ever Believed Is Wrong

  1. Puzzled you have made this a right/left thing.
    Most ‘socialist/communist’ countries have no aimal welfare laws and treat animals (and their people) in an abominable way!
    I just care about animals right, left or centre.


    • It is a right/left thing because capitalism is the primary engine of animal cruelty, exploitation, and death in the world. Ending capitalism should be the primary goal of the animal movement. Socialist societies, even those which do not care a whit about animals, kill and consume half the animals per capita as do capitalist societies. The lack of a profit incentive, centralized economioc planning, and bureaucracy all operate to drastically reduce animal slaughter.


  2. I agree with every word. All are equal.
    Don’t think it’s a ‘right wing’ thing tho.
    I’m rightwing and I don’t eat meat.
    Most lefties gorge on meat just like most people do. Unfortunately.


  3. The title says it all. Underneath this, is an angry but a filtered and considered post. Crisp and stripped of emotion it sidesteps the messenger drives into the recesses, plucks out crime, guilt and shame, in that order, and places them on the table.


  4. Good points except for the point that morality is a human invention. The moral judgments made in the article challenge that premise. Animal rights is a moral position, one that is grounded in an innate capacity called altruism, and many nonhuman animals have morality. Of course, morality has also been constructed, and turned into norms and laws and values, but it starts with free will and moral judgement, which exist a priori (prior to experience) and that we are born with — and that other animals are also born with.

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  5. I feel these sentiments roiling around in my heart and soul more often than not. However, I can’t make enemies out of so many people I know and care about. I can’t call my own mother an enemy and she has made tremendous progress in her own path and has fought hard for elephants in particular. I would end up isolated from my neighbors, my patients, relatives, acquaintances, family members. So I try to live and give a good example — not that I am some sort of Bodhisattva. I get pissed off when I try to reach out to the ignorant and get slapped down.

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  6. Well, some people refer to their pet canines as children and feed them “Luscious Lam” from a tin can. I don’t know what to make of this.


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  8. I’ve always felt an affinity with animals, and as a child my family and others thought me strange because I would become upset by the suffering of animals, even insects and would often laugh at me. I spent a long time trying to fit in. As I got older I cared less what people thought. It is very liberating to know that there are so many people who think like me. Tomorrow I stop eating meat.

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  9. I cannot express how deeply animal abuse of any sort affects me, whether it is murdering cats and dogs for meat or medicine, or exploiting wild animals for entertainment. I am ashamed to be human. Plain and simple. Education is key in countries where ALL life is cheap. Compassion comes naturally to some but needs teaching to others, and the more the populations grow, the worse it’ll get. It ruins all my days.

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  10. The rationale for animal rights, as succinctly stated as it gets! And for the enemies of animals (OUR enemies) there should be no room for compassion or mercy.

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