President Trump?

TRUMPDemocrats recoil at the thought. Liberals are horrified at the prospect of any Republican president, least of all one who is bigoted, xenophobic, and a misogynist.

Trump is clearly pandering to the right wing base of the Republican Party. He is being supported by people like Ann Coulter and David Duke. He is being praised by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. On paper, Trump looks like a Tea Party lunatic.

But Trump is not your traditional right wing demagogue.

Trump is an enigma, one who cannot be categorized, predicted, or second guessed. He is obviously tapping into the frustrations and outrage of a significant portion of the electorate.

In doing so, he has defied the political pundits, the Republican establishment, conventional political wisdom, conservative ideologues, Republican kingmakers, Fox News, the Koch brothers, Wall Street, and the entire lobbying industry.

He is attacking trade agreements, lobbyists, donors, and the politicians who suck at the teats of billionaires and special interests.

He is redrawing the political landscape on the right. He is redefining the issues, the concerns, and the priorities of disaffected Americans.

Trump is the only Republican candidate for president who is not a fascist. The only one calling for the rich to pay their fair share, the only one pointing out that the others are puppets on strings.

To be clear, I disagree with The Donald on immigration, on the military, on foreign policy, on education, on healthcare, on environmental policy, and on myriad other issues.

Even so, Trump’s positions on trade agreements, taxes, lobbyists, donors, and campaign financing make his political faults seem insignificant.

His rejection of lobbyists and donors could undermine the power structure which currently allows the US government to be controlled by Wall Street and a handful of billionaires.

Moving the American body politic to the left is a Herculean task, akin to moving a mountain with teaspoons. Capitalists have controlled the media, the education systems, the government, and the pulpits. for over a century. Not much of a surprise that the average American considers himself to be a capitalist no matter what his personal circumstances. Americans have been taught to believe that capitalism is synonymous with freedom and liberty. They have been trained to recoil at the mention of socialism or the redistribution of wealth. They have been programmed to blame government for the ills of society rather then the oligarchs who control the government.

The billionaires and corporate interests that control our government and own most Members of Congress and most of the US Senate lean heavily toward the Republican Party, but hedge their bets by owning the Democratic leadership, too. The Wall Street Democrats who are controlled by the Big Banks, special interests, and multinational corporations are everyone in a position of leadership in the party, from Obama on down. The Elizabeth Warren/Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party is engaged in a struggle with the corporate hacks who run the Minority leadership and who support Hillary Clinton, who is also a Wall Street Democrat.

The result of corporate control of both parties has been the creation of a fascist state in America. Fascism is the collusion of corporate interests and government. It is created by corporate interests determining government policy. And that is accomplished by the simple expedient of bribing candidates and public officials to do the bidding of Wall Street and the Big Banks. One need only look at recent Republican and Democratic presidents naming officials of Goldman Sachs to head the Treasury Department, and stacking the appointments of officials from Wall Street in positions of authority throughout their administrations.

On issues that Wall Street has no vested interest in, such as abortion, marriage equality, gay rights, etc, it allows the political parties and politicians to go their own ways. But on issues that Wall Street cares about, they demand lock-step loyalty from the politicians they own, both Republican and Democrat.

Which is why the economic policies of Barack Obama are virtually indistinguishable from those of Ronald Reagan. It is why the Obama administration did not pursue war crimes trials of the leaders of the Bush administration. It is why Obama is pushing the same trade deals as Bush did. The reason the oil companies get to drill offshore or in the Arctic no matter who is president.

President Trump could dismantle the fascist state that the US has become.

“Could” means possibly, and whether he would do so is speculative. But no one is in a better position to do so, no candidate in a more strategic position to change America.

Even if Trump were to raise to all of our hopes on thwarting the oligarchs, he would nonetheless continue to be a major impediment to racial harmony, social justice, and military restraint.

I support Bernie Sanders. I am a nominal Democrat. My political identity is that of a revolutionary socialist. The last Republican I would have supported would have been Teddy Roosevelt.

Until now.

If Bernie Sanders does not win the Democratic nomination, and Trump wins the Republican nod, I am going to support Trump.

I much prefer Sanders to Trump, but Trump’s position on lobbyists and donors far outweighs the racist and bigoted positions he is embracing to win the Republican nomination.

His rejection of lobbyists and donors is profound in its implications. Trump could bring down the fascist state. He could end the process that allows corporations and special interests to bribe politicians and candidates for office. He could end the secret financing of political campaigns and the cloak of anonymity that prevents the public from knowing who owns its legislators.

Ending corporate tyranny is my primary goal in politics. Breaking the back of the fascist state would mean an end to corporate welfare, an end to government subsidies for Big Ag, Big Oil, Big Banks, and Wall Street.

For animal activists the test is: Who will reduce animal exploitation, suffering, and death?

The Obama administration continued with the brutal killings by Wildlife Services that were the policy of George W Bush. The same cruel roundups of wild horses, and no prohibition against the live export of horses to be slaughtered in Mexico and Canada.

Those policies are the result of lobbyists for Big Agriculture dictating US policy.

That might be changed by Bernie Sanders. That might even be changed by Donald Trump.

But what we do know is that those policies will never be changed by Hillary Clinton, who is squarely in bed with Wall Street.

This isn’t rocket science.

It’s politics.



Author’s Note:

Natasha Sainsbury, of Good Karma Graphic Design, has joined Armory of the Revolution as Editor, and is responsible for the transformation of the blog’s appearance.


13 thoughts on “President Trump?

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  2. Rachel Maddow gleefully and laughingly featured Barack Wed. evening chuckling with salmon fishermen (and women) during his Alaska ventures…his photo op was as disturbing as Sarah P. standing in front of decapitated turkeys in the televised background…then he provided a very coarse appraisal of a dying, struggling spawning salmon…totally appalled. My estimation of both Rachel and the present slipped markedly. Uh-huh….sad to report.

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      • I duly noted the same photo and agree totally with you regarding the President and Rachel Maddow. I was appalled but not surprised. The president is definitely clueless and not sensitive or in the know to animal issues.

        On another note, if Trump or Bernie Saunders do win the presidential race, who is to say that they don’t fall into the same category as previous presidents who reneged on their platform once they were elected. They all wanted to correct the nation’s ills and connect with the people, but failed desperately and reverted back to their old crony network. Just a thought for later as so many issues to keep in mind at this time and also don’t want to jump the gun.

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    • I agree. They just “don’t get it” when it comes to animal cruelty. I’ve seen too many reporters giggle make jokes over things like terrified pigs running/limping along a road after transport truck accidents. I am truly disgusted by their attitude.

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    • I thought the same thing when I saw that news clip. They just “don’t get it.” In fact, it seems like a lot of reporters think they have to joke about animal stories. One news crew here was doing a story that started with a picture of an overturned transport truck and then turned to few terrified pigs running/limping along the road. The news crew seemed to have no comprehension that all the animals on that truck were on a terrible journey to the end of their lives. Some were probably badly hurt or dead. The ones running along the road would be rounded up, put back on another truck and taken to the slaughter house. Sad to think no one seemed to think about what was really going on. They just found something to giggle about looking at the running pigs.

      The one promising thing I saw was a picture of President Obama in the limousine with the water spaniels. At least they weren’t in a crate on the top of the vehicle like Mitt Romney’s Irish setter. Sometimes we have to go a long way to find something positive!

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  3. Just a note from the “FYI” department, it was reported that Ben Carson is a vegetarian, and an ethical vegetarian at that. I think that is quite persuasive regarding votes, despite his other Republican or Democrat viewpoints. I think animal welfare and animal rights “trump” other issues at this time; it appears that animals face the largest challenges of all groups and therefore my vote will take me to whomever is the most influential leader for animals while also overcoming the mainstream capitalists and lobbyists. And I am not that naïve to think that a vegetarian will bring about major changes for the betterment of animals but it is something worth exploring. Dr. Carson also seems to be a rising star in the polls. But if Trump can bring down the system so be it, which might benefit animals by default of the capitalist system which is so destructive to those without a voice.

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    • Carson is a Seventh-Day Adventist, which I assume is the basis for his vegetarianism. He probably stands about as much chance as getting the Republican nomination as Sanders has of getting the Democratic nomination.


  4. I am waiting for the results of the conventions and the final choices and am tired of politics as usual, which I suspect most of The Donald’s followers are. As an avid animal rights advocate for decades, I always look for the potential in any candidate or campaign for a possible way to make things better for the others we share this planet with. So far, no on has offered much help in this season or any other, although those who back corporate interests are the worst enemies of animals and the progressives have been better. I have noted through the years that if a law is ever passed, almost a miracle in itself, it can only pass with as many loopholes as necessary to allow business as usual for the biggest exploiters. The law often comes with little funding or very little will for enforcement. The USDA is a good example of bureaucratic uselessness in its role of policing and enforcing the Animal Welfare Act. Fish and Wildlife Services is in the pocket of ranchers, hunters, and extractors.

    I also have concerns about immigration, maybe slightly different than many. The concerns revolve around diversity. We praise diversity without ever discussing its faults. I have two degrees in anthropology and so I believe I have some understanding of cultural issues. Just because some tradition is part of a culture does not make it good. And objecting to traditions of other cultures does not make the objectors racists or bigots, although political correctness is used as a weapon against the objectors. We should not have to accept charro rodeos and horse tripping, animal sacrifice, Kaporos, killing puppies for food, halal slaughter, etc. Yes, the American culture has its own terrible history of animal abuse, but we need to keep fighting that while refusing to accept even more forms of cruelty with new citizens and would-be citizen. Will we have the motivation to fight all animal abuse equally or will we be forced to accept all equally?

    I also have views on immigration that do not adhere quite to The Donald’s but also not all the way to the left. Talking about deporting 11 million people who have been here working is impossible and undesirable. However, I do not believe that wanting immigration to be legal is a bad thing. Since my concern about animals is also bound up with environmental concerns, I am gravely worried about the effects of continued population growth. More people = more land use, less wildlife habitat, more animal lives displaced, more deforestation, more development, more and bigger factory farms.

    If the Democrats will the election, they will probably win the Hispanic vote. If the Republicans win, Business will have more cheap labor. Those who are angry about immigration will still be angry. But the whole issue will not be solved.

    Much of immigration and migration has to do with population pressure, not to mention the effects of politically corrupt and failing states. Until nations around the world stop propping up corrupt leaders and until religions and political parties stop banning contraception, population pressure, poverty and and misery will send millions seeking a better life in other countries. And those countries will be feeling overwhelmed by the need. Maybe we have let things go too long already. If so, the planet will determine our fate and that of our brother and sister creatures.

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  5. The NY Times has an interesting review of the hodgepodge of issues Trump claims to support at
    I don’t know what this has to do with animal issues, not to mention a socialist revolution. But then I don’t support either Democrats or Republicans. Historically, the last Republican I would have supported was Lincoln. I would not have supported big game hunter Teddy Roosevelt, in spite of his claims to be a Progressive.

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  6. Trump represents and supports everything wrong with the way capitalism rules our society. He’s gone bankrupt four times, and intentionally makes quackery statements just to get attention. Although smart, he foolish, selfish, and all the other things you described. If not Bernie, Hillary is the best choice, as is Democratic.


    • Trump readily acknowledges having been one of those who bought politicians. His past transgressions validate his current positions. He is like a godfather exposing the Mafia. He has turned on the system which he was part of. Whatever are his personal shortcomings or opinions of others, he is the most dangerous man in America to the powers that be.

      If he continues to be so, he could realign the political landscape.

      BTW, four of Trump’s 200 or so companies did file for bankruptcy, Trump did not.

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