Sanders, Trump Lead the Pitchfork Wings of Their Parties

revoltThe villagers are pissed. Not all are pissed about the same things. Some don’t even know why they are pissed, or at whom to be pissed. But they are pissed!

Make no mistake: the villagers are in political revolt.

Bernie Sanders is running an insurgent campaign against the billionaires and Wall Street oligarchs who virtually own the United States government.

His campaign is issues specific and devoid of personalities and demagoguery. He is making substantial inroads into Hillary Clinton’s lead for the Democratic nomination.

Clinton is a Wall Street Democrat, as are Obama and the entire Democratic leadership.

She has received bribes of over $60 million from lobbyists and cronies since announcing her run for president.

Sanders has pledged to support Clinton, or whomever is the Democratic nominee, should he be unsuccessful in his bid to win the Democratic nomination.

If one embraces Sanders’ positions on the issues, however, one realizes that to support Clinton or another Wall Street Democrat is to guarantee the continuation of the status quo.

Sanders may well be sincere in his pledge, and may truly believe Wall Street Democrats are better than Republicans, but many on the left, myself included, see Wall Street as the enemy.

Donald Trump is leading the villagers in the Republican Party. His minions are in open revolt against the Republican Establishment. Xenophobia, racism, misogyny, and fear are driving forces among the less sophisticated of Trump’s legions, but a powerful populist message has emerged and is resonating throughout the Republican rank-and-file.

Trump is advocating taxing the billionaires, who keep getting richer on the backs of everyone else. He is exposing the system of political bribery and special interest legislation that permeates government. He is denouncing lobbyists as political puppeteers, and calling out Clinton, Bush, Walker, Rubio, Christie, et al, as puppets on strings, operated by those who have bought them.

controlledBoth Sanders and Trump threaten the current political system.

Sanders sees nothing of his ideas in the rhetoric of Trump, Trump sees immigration as the catalyst for uniting the Republican base behind him.

Sanders is calling for political revolution. Trump is organizing it.

It means different things to each, but both are seeking a political revolution.

Political revolution is not social revolution. But it can be the precursor to social revolution.

Unfortunately, the villagers are not riled up over the Animal Holocaust, animal slavery, or cruelty to our fellow creatures by Big Agriculture and the profiteers on Wall Street. Even so, by attacking Wall Street and their lobbyists, animals will indirectly benefit.

As animal activists, we should be militating for social revolution.

Revolution is the only hope for animals, the only possible way to end the Animal Holocaust.

The extant political system is a major barrier to animal liberation. Just as it is a barrier to economic justice, to social justice, to the environment.

This political system allows businesses to write the laws about how animals are enslaved, exploited, and murdered. Just as business controls the tax code, the courts, the economy.

This political system is controlled by Wall Street and special interests.

The enforcers are the bag-men lobbyists who pay out bribes to candidates and politicians.

One can easily distinguish differences between Sanders and Trump. Neither would care to be grouped with the other.

But they are the Ying and the Yang of political revolution.

Those of us who agitate for full blown social revolution will likely be disappointed in the outcome.

But political revolution is a step in the right direction. It will destabilize the system, it will weaken the stranglehold on government by the 1%, and it will afford us the opportunity to add the disaffected to our ranks of revolutionaries.

Things could rapidly change. Trump could surrender to Wall Street. Sanders could be crushed in the primaries. Politics as usual could emerge relatively unscathed.

I hope not.

I’m hoping the villagers with the pitchforks actually gain the tower.

That the heads of politicians and lobbyists are impaled on pikes and hoisted on the Capitol grounds. Both figuratively and in actuality.

I hope that the embers of revolution are fanned into a firestorm.

The winners will be the people, the environment, and the animals.



Author’s Note:

Natasha Sainsbury, of Good Karma Graphic Design, has joined Armory of the Revolution as Editor, and is responsible for the transformation of the blog’s appearance.


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