Zimbabwe Won’t Seek Extradition. Justice Is Up To Us!



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Walter Palmer murdered Cecil the Lion. Like many others, Palmer is a rich white American serial killer who pumps money into the economy of Zimbabwe in exchange for killing African wildlife.

Zimbabwe is run by the corrupt tyrant Robert Mugabe, who apparently decided that extraditing Walter Palmer would be bad for business, and would dissuade other serial killers from spending money to kill Zimbabwean animals

Last week Mugabe publicly stated that Palmer was not responsible for Cecil’s death, that it was his guides’ fault.

Mugabe seems to now overlook the fact that Palmer and his guide carried Cecil’s tracking collar around to make it appear he was still alive, then hid it in a tree.

It is estimated that animal serial killers spend over $200 million each year to murder innocent animals, and a large portion of that money ends up in the pockets of corrupt officials and dictators.

It seems unlikely that the US will received an extradition request from Zimbabwe concerning Walter Palmer.

Ceil’s murderer will not face justice. Unless we mete it out to him.

Continuing to keep the psychopath in the public eye will help. Disrupting his life will help. Impacting his dental practice will help.
Making his life miserable will help.

Sources report that Walter Palmer is in hiding on a 900 acre hunting reserve he owns in northern Minnesota, in Clay County, about 40 miles southeast of Moorhead.

Like most psychopathic serial killers, Palmer collects trophies from his victims, so he can relive the moments he murdered them. He has a special place there he can masturbate to the dead creatures he has mounted on his walls.

There is an old white schoolhouse on the property, not far from the farm house in which he is likely hiding. That schoolhouse houses the remains of his victims.

Personally, I think all animal trophies should be cremated. There is something incredibly obscene about those poor creatures nailed to Palmer’s walls, entertaining his perversion.

I wouldn’t be upset if someone burned that schoolhouse to the ground, but I’d counsel my comrades not to make a martyr of the serial murderer Palmer.

We had offered a $100,000 reward for the arrest and extradition of Palmer, which now appears to be very unlikely. Were Zimbabwe to seek extradition, we would gladly pay out the reward.

Our strategy now is to keep his crime in the public eye, to keep the story going in the media, to keep the heat on Congress to pass the Cecil Act (which would ban the import of big game trophies), to work toward banning trophy hunting, banning ivory, banning rhinoceros horn, and increase the penalties for murdering endangered animals.

It is easy for the media to drop a story, as other stories are constantly demanding attention. As activists, it falls on us to champion Cecil, as there are no others who will.

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Share Cecil the Lion, the American Dentist, and the Animal Holocaust

Let’s make sure Cecil did not die in vain.

Let’s ban trophy hunting and animal trophies!


13 thoughts on “Zimbabwe Won’t Seek Extradition. Justice Is Up To Us!

  1. When one shares this article on Facebook, a WordPress graphic unrelated to this article appears. I was not able to correct the problem, so I re-published the article, as written, on the Armory at the link below.

    The only difference between that post and this one is that the Facebook sharing graphic works. The newer post is the one I am promoting.

    Readers are encouraged to comment there.



  2. I wouldn’t have wasted my time to leave my last comment (in moderation – to be deleted I’m sure) had I known in advance that AOR likely will not post content that provides the views & opinions of others who don’t ascribe to your way of thinking.


    • I encourage free and open discussion on the Armory. I do not delete, or fail to approve, comments with which I disagree.

      I do not approve spam, troll posts, threatening or disrespectful posts, or anything promoting animal cruelty.


  3. What would you expect from Mugabe, a certifiable scumbag even by African-tyrant standards? Everything said in this post is dead-on the mark! Thank you for the information about where Palmer is hiding out. I don’t know how you’ve come by this bit of intelligence but you are to be congratulated for publishing it. If a miscreant like Palmer is allowed to get away scot-free with so egregious a crime, as now seems increasingly possible, there really is NO HOPE for reforming this society in our lifetimes.

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    • @ Mars, Or… maybe Mugabe, is right. We’ve been hearing from day 1 that Palmer’s guides may’ve ripped him off, and both guides have testified Palmer had no prior knowledge of the payoff to the landowner who had not renewed his permit to operate as a hunting business. So its kept hush hush from African authorities and Palmer’s no wiser. Palmer had no idea, like most living in Zimbabwe at the time of Cecil’s death who Cecil the Lion was. So far to date no evidence has been developed that Palmer illegally took Cecil. The matter is before the authorities in Zimbabwe where it belongs. And like it or not we all have to accept their decision. Pursuing any effort to shame, harass, or do further harm to the man’s business and family is a cowardly and shameless way to hound an innocent man.


      • We are going after Palmer because he is a psychopathic animal serial killer. He murders animals like Cecil for pleasure. He is emblamatic of the entire trophy hunting/poaching culture.

        The world has rallied with us because Cecil had a name and a story, but Cecil was no different from the other animals murdered by this POS and others like him.

        We hope to ban animal trophies being imported into the US, which would cripple the big game hunting industry, as most of these serial killers are rich white Americans.


      • “Pursuing any effort to shame, harass, or do further harm to the man’s business and family is a cowardly and shameless way to hound an innocent man.”

        BULL SHIT! What can possibly be your definition of an “innocent man”? Someone who pays money to kill an animal that poses no threat to themselves or to others, that is baited out of a protected area, that is shot with a bow and arrow, that is permitted to suffer for almost 2 full days until being killed, that tries to hide the tracking collar at the kill site, who then asks his guides whether they can find him a tusker to shoot next? Even if no Zimbabwean laws (an oxymoron in itself!) were violated, Walter Palmer is neither innocent nor a man. The only “cowardly and shameless” actor in this tragic farce is Walter Palmer. I would happily pursue this scumbag to the gates of hell and hound and humiliate him until, out of desperation, he will hopefully put a bullet in his own head. A fate, I might add, that is richly deserved by anyone who engages in the perversion of trophy hunting or supports Safari Club International. Only then would any kind of justice have been served.


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