Trump’s Position On Lobbyists Trumps His Other Positions

trump1I toyed with the idea of setting up a Facebook page entitled “Socialists For Trump,” but thought better of the idea.

As you probably know, I am a socialist. You may also know that I am supportive of Trump’s positions on lobbyists and political donors.

His disdain for both  threatens the fascist system of political bribery which allows Wall Street to control the US government.

I disagree with Trump on almost everything, but his calling out politicians like Clinton, Bush, Walker, Rubio, Christie, et al, as mere puppets of the lobbyists and billionaire donors trumps his shortcomings on everything else.

My setting up Socialists For Trump might gain me some notoriety, but it would do him more harm than good!

My heart is with Bernie Sanders, but my conniving political strategist mind sees the possibilities of President Trump.

There is a well known old adage that “politics makes strange bedfellows.”

The adage is untrue.

Odd political alliances and “strange bedfellows” are perceptions of the ignorant and the uninformed. People who understand politics, who are students of history, or who have compelling political objectives, are unfazed by political hyperbole and posturing. And they can appreciate the political chessboard that is enigmatic to the casual observer.

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is a case in point.

Trump encourages the basest instincts of the political right. He demonizes immigrants, rides on bigotry, feeds xenophobia, and appeals to nationalist swaggering and militarist adventurism. He denigrates women, panders to evangelicals, and frightens the dim-witted with tales of alien hoards over-running America.

In other words, he is a typical, mainstream, Republican candidate.

But there the typical ends.

Trump is rich, which frees him from groveling to billionaires and special interests for campaign funds. He is beholden to no one. And he is quick to point out that candidates who take money from lobbyists and donors are mere puppets on strings,

He is declaring the political equivalent of “The Emperor Has No Clothes.”

Which is sacrilege to the fascists on Wall Street and in the boardrooms of corporate America.


Trump cannot be bought and is too rich to steal. He cannot be controlled or manipulated by special interests. He is immune from the influence of lobbyists.

The oligarchs who run this country are dumbfounded, and worried that Trump could sabotage their power.

Many on the left, myself included, see Trump’s position on lobbyists and donors as trumping his outlandish positions on almost everything else.

If the system of legalized political bribery can be broken, actual democracy could be the result. Democratic rule is much more popular on the political left than it is on the political right.

Not rocket science. Politics.

And those are not strange bedfellows, they are allies.


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Author’s Note:

Natasha Sainsbury, of Good Karma Graphic Design, has joined Armory of the Revolution as Editor, and is responsible for the transformation of the blog’s appearance.




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