Climate Change: The Animals’ Revenge

cheerglobalwarmingMany animal activists have been forcefully raising the alarm that animal agriculture is the largest single contributor to global warming and climate change, myself included.

My Facebook group Animal Rights and the Environment is dedicated to that very issue.

Animal agriculture causes more greenhouse gas effects than does the entire transportation sector, which includes all cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, ships, and railroads in the world

Our alarms and warnings of environmental disaster have been completely ignored by governments and politicians. Where climate change is being addressed, it is in terms of modest reductions in carbon emissions by industry in the distant future.

Global warming, and the resulting changes in climates around the world, threatens human extinction, or at the very least, substantial human depopulation.

Global warming, in that respect, can be seen as the animals’ revenge.

Humans murder 60 billion land animal each year, and two and a half trillion sea creatures. Any massive reduction in the number of humans will mean billions of animal lives saved.

Capitalism is the primary engine of animal cruelty, slavery, and murder. Profit drives the slaughter industries, the legal system permits the horrors, the government protects the perpetrators, and religions justify the atrocities committed upon our fellow beings.

Militating for a reduction in animal agriculture is a waste of time, energy and resources, so long as we live in capitalist societies.

We should instead be militating for revolution, for social upheaval, for chaos, for a disruption of the status quo.

Rather than trying to prevent global warming, we should cheer it on.

If revolution does not succeed, perhaps the animals’ plan will.

Human extinction.



Author’s Notes:

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7 thoughts on “Climate Change: The Animals’ Revenge

  1. I generally agree, but would prioritize it a bit differently. I view animal agriculture as the second largest contributor to climate change. The largest is human overpopulation.
    As you suggest, human extinction is something to be welcomed, not avoided.
    Unfortunately, we are taking innocent species with us as we move toward our own extinction.


    • Marc,

      At this time in human history, is it really human overpopulation that is the “largest contributor to climate change” or the way 7.4 billion humans choose to live?

      Militating for chaos is misguided.


  2. I’ve spent most of my adult life working very hard trying to help create a more humane world for animals. The older I get, however, the more it’s slowly dawning on me that the most effective thing I can do is exactly the opposite…throw up my hands, do nothing, and let nature take its course.
    Viola! Bye-bye homo sapiens!


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