The Enemy Is Wall Street


Wall Street passes out bribes to Members of Congress, to US Senators, to presidential candidates. The bribes are legal because the recipients pass the laws.

It is illegal to bribe a bureaucrat, but perfectly OK to bribe an elected official.

Legalized bribery is the mechanism by which special interests, Wall Street, the banks, Big Oil, Big Ag, etc, buy our politicians. It is the reason our elected officials are more loyal to lobbyists than to the voters who elect them.

Wall Street controls both political parties, and has for over a century. On issues that are unimportant to the Wall Street oligarchs, the parties and the politicians are free to go their own ways. Wall Street doesn’t have a stake in free choice or abortions, they do not care about immigration, race relations, or gun control. But when it comes to monetary policy, to taxation, to financial policy, to business regulation, to government contracts, and military spending,etc, Wall Street demands lock-step loyalty from the puppets it has purchased.

Which is why we saw the unbelievable push by Republicans to support Obama on the Trans Pacific Partnership, it is the reason Obama did not pursue war crimes charges against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, etc, is the reason Big Oil gets to drill offshore or in the Arctic no matter who is president.

The biggest threat to Wall Street was thought to be Bernie Sanders, who is making a lot of noise on the left, and is running a surprisingly effective campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Even so, Wall Street and most pundits believe that Clinton can defeat Sanders.

Wall Street never expected to have a problem on the right.

Now, Wall Street and the billionaires are seeing their stranglehold on the Republican Party start to come undone.
Donald Trump is taking them on and calling out the candidates they own! Bush, Rubio, Christie, Walker, etc, are bought and paid for. Just as Clinton is on the take on the Democratic side.
They must stop Trump.
But so far, all their attacks have done is to make him stronger.

Trump does not need donors’ money. He has bought politicians himself, and knows how the system works. He is like a Mafia godfather who now is turning against the mob.

Until now, the Wall Street lobbyists, the donors, and the billionaires, have had a chokehold on the Republican Party, because they have controlled the Republican leaders.

While middle and lower income Republicans oppose taxes on middle and lower incomes, Republican leaders run interference for corporations and the wealthy by ensuring that Republican policies oppose tax increases across the board.

They have been selling the idea of political bribery as political free speech. They have convinced the rank-and-file that the wealthy create jobs and therefore need special taxbreaks, incentives, and subsidies for the common good.

All of this preposterous propaganda is being debunked by Donald Trump.

Whether Trump stays the course or surrenders to Wall Street is yet to be seen.

But it is fascinating to ponder the possibility that crony capitalism might be brought down not by the political left, but by a populist uprising on the political right.



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2 thoughts on “The Enemy Is Wall Street

  1. I don’t think The Donald has the personality or patience to be president, and his speeches have been full of promises but short on policies. However, I’m grateful he is running. Without him, the whole political dialog would be nothing but the same old promises from politicians desperate to win or hold office and willing to sell out to those who would finance their campaigns. Trump does not need to raise money or make promises to Wall Street. By financing himself he can also avoid the political correctness that is the enemy of free speech and that seeks to silence and demonize those who question or criticize the status quo.

    The Right does not control the big money, but they do control the debate on social issues, and they are doing their own part to support big interests such as the NRA and the weapons lobby. They are often the least tolerate of animal protection issues, being largely rural, white, disenfranchised-feeling men. Some may have reason for being angry, having seen many of their decent jobs shipped off-shore to make more money for CEOs and shareholders.

    Even in this plutocracy with an undercurrent, some would say, of theocracy on the Far Right, the progressives do more for the people and more for animals. As for the latter, the progressives (AKA “libertards” on conservative blogs) also receive donations from Big Agriculture and are graded by the NRA, so there is a limit to how far they are willing to fight the lobbyists for animal issues and risk losing donations. Their good will gestures for raising minimum pay seldom go anywhere, and their desire to raise taxes on the 1% goes nowhere..

    Either way, democracy has been the victim. Our duty to vote has become just the decision over which politician is the best of the worst.


  2. I also blame the shareholders for no CEO can report a quarterly loss because the company acted responsibly and cleaned an environmental mess they made. No, the CEO must report profit, profit at any cost be it pollution, GMO’s or man-made cancer.


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