Humans are a Plague on the Planet

PLAGUEDoes a serial killer deserve to live?
Does a murderer?
How about a rapist or a child molester?

What about someone who is responsible for the murders of 300 animals per year?

If you believe all sentient life is equally valuable, that every creature who wants to live has the same right to life that we as humans declare for ourselves, you would consider the person responsible for 300 murders per year to be the more culpable of the lot.

And that position would bring down human civilization.

Because it means that your family, your friends, your co-workers, and your neighbors, are worse than serial killers, murderers, rapists, and child molesters.

Unfortunately, they are.

The average carnist is responsible for the deaths of upwards of 300 calves, piglets, and chickens annually.

Humans view the world through a lens of species superiority. It is a worldview that is vile in its affect and its implications. We consider all other life as disposable, inconsequential, and subservient to the interests of humans.

Scientists believe we are now witnessing the sixth mass extinction in the Earth’s history. In the past 450 million years there have been five occasions when 90% of the Earth’s species, then extant, were wiped out.

The difference between the current Sixth Mass Extinction and the other five is that those were the result of cosmic cataclysms. This one is the result of the activities of a single Earthbound species: Humans.

Human activity proves us to be a parasitic species which destroys almost everything we touch. In just the past 40 years we have killed off half of all life on Earth. Almost three-quarters of the world’s forests are now gone. Thousands of species of flora and fauna are going extinct every year.

We pollute the air, the seas, warm the atmosphere and the oceans, clearcut the very lungs of the Earth, the rainforests.

We are responsible for habitat destruction, driving wild creatures to extinction. We are responsible for the Animal Holocaust, the greatest evil ever to be visited upon the planet.

We murder a billion animals a week in slaughterhouses, we imprison billions more. We kill two and a half TRILLION sea creatures annually.

We are a scourge upon the planet.

Most all of the damage we inflict upon the world is driven by capitalism, by the pursuit of profit, by businesses.

Capitalism requires an unending supply of raw materials, an inexhaustible flow of trees, oil, gas, animal corpses and consumers. It operates as though there is no end to the Earth’s tolerance to be raped and plundered.

The most immediate threat we face is the consequence of unbridled carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, which are warming the planet.

Scientists predict rising sea levels, coastal devastation, severe weather patterns, dying seas, and mass extinctions. One of those species at risk is the human race.

If we survive climate change we will likely do so as a much smaller world population. Billions of people are at risk of dying because of climate change, from myriad causes: starvation, disease, riots, wars.

No compassionate person could turn away from those who will be affected. Which drives liberals and socialists to work tirelessly to stop global warming.

But the Earth will probably be better off with a radically reduced human population. And the social upheaval occasioned by climate change will help to destroy capitalism.

As coastal areas are lost to the seas, as crops fail due to severe weather, as tropical storms and hurricanes kill millions of people, the realization that this is the result of capitalist greed will finally dawn on the human race.

Climate change could will be the catalyst for the establishment of socialism around the world.

The great tragedy is that those who will do the dying are not the ones who caused the problems. The billionaires and the oligarchs have a much better chance of survival than do the rest of us. And the greatest number of victims of climate change will be those who have been victims of capitalism: the impoverished in the Third World.

In its death throes, capitalism will again exact a toll on its victims.



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10 thoughts on “Humans are a Plague on the Planet

  1. I like to characterize humanity as a malignant parasitic plague and an oppressive burden on the backs of every other species.


  2. i think the point is that humans are limited by natural selection like any other species and for us the achilles heal is broadly a self-deluded sense of superiority over other life forms — humans will not last more than a few hundred thousand years AT MOST it might actually be a few thousand / hundred years — earth will continue no one will care who is the president of the united states or about corporations in 2015 or you– evolution has a way or eradicating unnecessary life forms.


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  4. We inflict horrific suffering and death on every other innocent creature on this earth.

    We inflict that suffering and death for the most selfish of reasons–profit, pleasure, “progress.”

    We unquestioningly profess ourselves to be the only important species on this earth, an act of special creation of the deity.

    We then postulate an unbridgeable chasm between ourselves and all other life forms and deny we have all evolved together in order to justify our reign of terror.

    We blunder towards the destruction of this earth, ignore the suffering and extinctions we are causing, and are so arrogant we cannot or will not recognize that we are merely planetary bullies who in the end may destroy ourselves.

    As a species we have much to be ashamed of–if we knew the meaning of the word.

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  5. After watching last night’s PBS program on E.O. Wilson, I see humans as the global equivalent of a plague of locusts. Although some of the people interviewed on that program see the develop of human society as a good thing, entomologist E.O. Wilson sees human society as resembling insect society more than other vertebrate society. Perhaps they interpret the “eu-” in Wilson’s term “eusocial” as social in a good way, but the prefix “eu-” has a different meaning in biology, e.g. eutrophication.

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  6. People may be the plague, but corporations are the cancer, causing consumption in the name of growth, jobs, development. They own the politicians, media, and have finally infiltrated every living thing on earth with their seed of greed. We all now have modified DNA and three parents if you will, mother, father and corporation. How did it happen? Please consider reading “The Evolution of Pollution”. (find it on facebook). The truth is more unbelievable than fiction.

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    • horsedrag, I agree with your post. You should also include organized religion, especially the Catholic Church, along with corporations, politicians, the media, Wall Street, and even the scientific establishment. Most people get their values from religion, and religion is regarded as very useful by the ruling elite class. Please read “Animal Liberation and Atheism: Dismantling the Procrustean Bed” by Kim Socha. You will understand how and why religion harms animals, women, gays, and so on.


      • Religion maybe, God no. I just read a piece about the “big bang” and how it can’t all be by chance. The person equated the chance of it all happening would be as likely as putting some gold in a box, shaking it and getting a Rolex. I believe something is out there waiting to settle up with our evil deeds.


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