To those who say socialism doesn’t work


I am sick and tired of reading ignorant people who’ve never read anything Marx or Engels wrote (except possibly the Communist Manifesto) baselessly claim that ‘socialism doesn’t work’.

My simple response to people who spout this empty rhetoric is to ask: how do you know?

Ever since the West witnessed the horror that was the Soviet Union and red China, the dream of socialism has been inexorably married in our literature, politics, rhetoric and culture to these perverse manifestations of totalitarianism.  The impact of these horrors has struck all sides of the political spectrum from the left to the right.  On left, we have seen them seemingly no longer willing to call themselves ‘socialists’ so they go by monkiers like “anarco-socialists” which, at least under the original definition of the term, is as redundant a phrase as PIN number, ATM machine, or NDP party. 

On the other end of the spectrum, when he really wants to…

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One thought on “To those who say socialism doesn’t work

  1. While I agree that capitalism is not working for most people and all animals, I believe that human nature will undermine the best societies envisioned. The American Revolution succeeded in most ways but we still have predatory capitalism. Other uprisings turned out badly. The French Revolution ended in a blood bath, including the death of its leaders: Marat, Danton, and Robespierre. The Russian Revolution started breaking into factions almost as soon as it started, and one major player, Trotsky, ended up in Mexico with an axe in his head. I’m obviously no authority on the history and failures of political theory, except that most results turn out badly in human hands.


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