Blood Lions, Bred for the Bullet

blood lions

Occasionally, powerful weapons are made available to the animal movement.

Blood Lions is such a weapon.

Our strategy must be to divide and conquer those who exploit and murder our animal brothers and sisters.

Almost the entire human race is an enemy of animals. Humans murder 60 billion animals annually in slaughterhouses. They murder FORTY TIMES that number of sea creatures.

While hunters murder only a tiny fraction of the animals who are victims of human cruelty, their conduct is so outrageous that we have the opportunity to recruit animal activists from the huge pool of people who find trophy hunting and recreational killing to be abhorrent.

Blood Lions, following closely on the murder of Cecil, is the vehicle which could bring an end to trophy hunting.

You can do your part by sharing this article. By recording Blood Lions. By hosting viewings of the documentary.

Invite friends, family, neighbors, co-workers.

Subscribe to this blog.

Be a warrior for the animals!


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