One Thousand Posts!

rev1000Armory of the Revolution grew out of my Facebook Notes. I published 500 Notes on my profile prior to launching the Armory blog. This is the 500th blog post on the Armory, my 1,000th post!

Near as a I can determine, the Armory is one of the most prolific animal rights blogs online, and ranks in the top one percent of blogs worldwide. We are averaging over 3 comments per post, and traffic is over 10,000 hits per month.

Not all the 1,000 articles are my own work. We have reblogged articles and published two guest articles. Several have been announcements and apothegms. Even so, I count 958 articles I have authored to date.

The Armory is a radical blog. Its goal is to goad the animal movement into positive actions for the animals.To scold, to prod, to push, to shove, to shake up, and to awaken.

Our view is that little we do does a damn thing to change the way animals are treated in this world.

Simply put, if we continue on our current courses of action we will accomplish no more than to guarantee that animal abuse and murder continue indefinitely.

The current animal movement is about fifty years old. Most of the action taken on behalf of animals in that time has been to reduce the numbers of cats and dogs bred, abandoned, and murdered in municipal animal death camps (commonly called “shelters”).

And we have made a substantial difference for those we have saved and for those we prevented from being born into misery. 1000While that is an impressive number, and one of which we can be proud to have helped achieve, we must put it into the context of all the animals we have not helped.

All those cats and dogs we saved amount to fewer than the number of animals who will be murdered in slaughterhouses in the next 8 hours!

And the number of animals that die in slaughterhouses is only a fraction of the horror that humans visit upon other animals.

Humans murder upwards of 60 billion animals in slaughterhouses each year, but murder OVER FORTY TIMES that number of sea creatures in dredges, nets, factory ships, and on long lines.

For the 99.99% of animals we do not help or save, it is as if the animal movement doesn’t exit at all.

My aim is not to educate the movement or the public. Those in the movement already know the horrors humans cause, and the public knows and is indifferent.

My aim is to shock people into thinking.

To force them to confront what they are doing and what they are permitting to be done.

Only a paradigm shift in society will help the animals. moreThe enemy of animals is the status quo. The existing paradigm. The way things are. The world’s religions. The world’s governments. The world’s legal systems. Capitalism.

Each feeds on the others, shores up and justifies the others, each is a prison bar for the animals trapped in the world’s food system. Each is a knife, a bolt gun, a bone saw.

The Animal Holocaust could not occur without the participation of and cooperation of each.

The religious doctrine of dominion over animals gives the world permission to consume and use animals.

Our legal systems allow for people to own animals, and do whatever they wish to them.

Capitalism rewards those who enslave and kill animals. And our governments protect those who do.

Existing society is worse for the animals than was Nazi Germany for the Jews, by several orders of magnitude.

To the animals, all of humanity is a race of Nazis.

The best thing that could happen for the animals would be human extinction.

Absent that, the animals need a revolution.

Revolution would mean chaos, disruption of the status quo, an end to capitalism.

It would afford animal liberationists the opportunity to destroy the infrastructure of animal exploitation industries and facilities, to take out those responsible for the Animal Holocaust, to install socialism as an economic system.

The change in economic systems from capitalism to socialism would halve the number of animals murdered by humans, even if those in charge of the emerging socialist system did not give a damn about animals.

Socialist societies murder and consume half the number of animals as do capitalist societies.

So the Armory advocates for socialist revolution. We do not think it is likely to occur in the foreseeable future, but it must be our goal.

It is the only hope for animals.

Unless, of course, humans go extinct.


Author’s Notes:

• I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

If you know of other blogs dedicated to radicalizing the animal movement, please comment with a link.

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5 thoughts on “One Thousand Posts!

  1. I agree completely with the sentiments and ideas in this blog. It is excellent.
    BUT– this is my concern: who reads this but those that agree in part or in whole with the ideas. For me, it reconfirms my long-held ideas. But to effect change somehow we need to get hundreds of thousands more people to accept our collective values. I do not see this happening.. . ,

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yes, Richard, you are, so Right.

      One way to ‘get to the ” …. hundreds of thousands more people …. ” ‘ that you write about is where ? How?

      Answer : Through/via the Church/es of the World. There you will find not just hundreds of thousands more people …. there you will find BILLIONS of People.

      The Church Leaders and Evangelists should CHANGE to a Vegan diet; they should start to Preach and Teach the Facts (the Scientifically Proven Facts), from the Pulpit, as well as to Preach that TODAY Christians should STOP to be “meat eaters”.

      To this end I am approaching them with the Book ‘CRY OUT’ – ‘TODAY JESUS would Never Ever be a “meat eater” ‘. I ‘point them’ heavily – ref. is Chapter 6 pages 161 to 165 ! But I try to ‘point’ them in love and for their own good.

      I say to them – You can read it for free at :…/10042317

      I ‘self-published’; edited; had printed 200 Books. I give them out free. But I am only one, so any form of help to ‘promote’ and get People to read the Book will be Hugely Appreciated. I want no money; no donation/s; my friend assisted to get the Book on eBook; any portion of the Book can be reproduced in line with the 2 ‘Disclaimers’ on the ‘legal page’ of ‘CRY OUT’. So, will you please help me to get the Book ‘Cry Out’ into the hands of the Church Leaders/Evangelists and into the hands of their ‘followers’. Thank you.

      Keep up your Good Work my fellow-Vegan-Warrior.

      Lord Bless, Michael.…/10042317


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