Democracy Does Not Exist

democracyWe do not live under democracy. With few exceptions, the governments of the world are totalitarian capitalist states, with the US and Western Europe leading the pack.

Totalitarian capitalism can be defined as government controlled by banking, corporate, and industrial interests regardless of the political parties in power.

The illusion of democracy is maintained by campaigns and elections and public debate and discourse on social issues unimportant to the capitalist oligarchs, while true choice of the people is prevented by the near unanimity of opinion of those vying for office on substantive issues of economic policies, trade, monetary policy, military adventurism, and foreign affairs.

The powers behind the thrones (so to speak), behind the presidents, the prime ministers, the chancellors, the parliaments, et al, are multinational corporations. Stateless entities that are beyond the reach or authority of mere governments.

Nowhere is totalitarian capitalism more deeply entrenched than in the United States. And nowhere is the illusion of democracy a greater charade.

Wall Street passes out bribes to Members of Congress, to US Senators, to presidential candidates. The bribes are legal because the recipients pass the laws.

bribeLegalized bribery is the mechanism by which special interests, Wall Street, the banks, Big Oil, Big Ag, etc, buy our politicians. It is the reason our elected officials are more loyal to lobbyists than to the voters who elect them.

Wall Street controls both political parties, and has for over a century. On issues that are unimportant to the Wall Street oligarchs, the parties and the politicians are free to go their own ways. Wall Street doesn’t have a stake in free choice or abortions, they do not care about immigration, race relations, or gun control. But when it comes to monetary policy, to taxation, to financial policy, to business regulation, to government contracts, and military spending, etc, Wall Street demands lock-step loyalty from the puppets it has purchased.

Which is why we saw the unbelievable push by Republicans to support Obama on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), it is the reason Obama did not pursue war crimes charges against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, etc, is the reason Big Oil gets to drill offshore or in the Arctic no matter who is president.

Defenders and proponents of totalitarian capitalism are conservatives and centrists around the globe.

They equate capitalism with freedom.

They are willing to sacrifice the many to protect the few.

To them, people are expendable.

Where human lives are unimportant, the importance of animals’ lives is not even considered.

Is it any wonder animals suffer as they do?



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4 thoughts on “Democracy Does Not Exist

  1. Unfortunately, the bigger the government, the more corrupt. We want less government, less control over us, not more. That is what makes people prosperous and free and history proves that. Capitalism is not the enemy. Like everything good in theory it is ruined by corrupt, greedy, power seeking people just as any other system is. Benevolent capitalism is a wonderful thing that encourages the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit and generous giving to make better for others voluntarily.


    • There is no such thing as “benevolent” capitalism. And there is nothing more corruptive of human society than making greed the standard for human interaction.

      Government is a human institution. It regulates human society. In its most limited form it enables the exploitation and murder of animals on a scale most people are unaware of. Only government big enough to control human conduct can be of help to animals. The animals need government with the power to prevent cruelty, to prevent animal enslavement.

      Capitalism rewards animal exploitation. Socialist societies have no profit incentive to encourage the use of animals, nor the cruelty involved in animal industries. The result is that socialist societies kill and consume half the animals per capita as do capitalist societies.

      To animals, socialism would mean saving 30 billion animal lives each year. It would mean much bigger government than now exists, but it would be a tiny price to pay to make such an impact upon the Animal Holocaust.


  2. America is a Republic on paper, not a Democracy. We vote for people to represent us. However, capitalism is a cancer on that republic that has the same rights as humans in Federal Courts. Ironically corporations have become human. Every man, woman, and child on earth now have three parents, father, mother and the corporate seed of greed. Every person and animal on earth has DNA altering PCB’s in them from the illegal dumping of these chemicals also known as Agent Orange in the oceans and lands. We have all been modified. Please consider reading The Evolution of Pollution. (find it on facebook) the truth can be more alarming than fiction.


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