Sanders Is Rehabilitating The Word “Socialist”

socialist_sandersBernie Sanders may not be nominated. If nominated he may not be elected.

But Sanders has already done what most observers thought impossible only a few months ago.

He has made the term “socialist” almost respectable! Certainly he has made it commonplace. It is now being discussed, explored, queried.

Socialism has been unrelentingly attacked for over a century by the powers that be in America. It has been propagandized, vilified, and demonized. Seven or eight generations of Americans have been subjected to the most outrageous libel and slander against the most humane economic system ever devised.

Sanders may well have turned the tide.

Ending the public perception of socialism as an evil system is the first step towards public tolerance, towards public inquiry, towards public consideration, and towards public acceptance.

I fully expect the Hillary Clinton camp to begin attacking Bernie on his being a socialist. It will be interesting to see how they explain the problem of Bernie Sanders being a socialist when Hillary has embraced nearly all of Sander’s positions.

Even so, Clinton is expecting to run away with the Black and Hispanic vote, leaving Sanders in the dust.

Recent polls show Hillary’s support among African American voters at 84%, with Bernie’s at just 7%!

Those numbers are seen by pundits as proof that Clinton has a lock on Black votes.

I see the same numbers as the potential for Sanders to make huge inroads with Black voters, most of whom are unfamiliar with his record and his proposals.

Bernie was in the streets being arrested for protesting segregation and Jim Crow while Hillary was supporting Goldwater.
She supported the War on Drugs and federal mandatory minimum sentencing, which incarcerated an entire generation of Black Americans. Her husband built more prisons than any president in history.

Bernie is advocating economic programs that would aid the poor and disenfranchised in society, send kids to college tuition-free, and eliminate the for-profit prison industry, all policies which would overwhelmingly benefit the African American community.

As Bernie becomes known to African Americans, expect him to surge in support from the community that needs him more than do most!

We are witnessing Sanders’ political revolution in action



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5 thoughts on “Sanders Is Rehabilitating The Word “Socialist”

    • Did you have to start the article out with the self-fulfilling prophesy of “he may not be nominated, he may not be elected?” I mean, we know that. But then again, WE THE PEOPLE could get our lazy minds and even lazier asses off the couch and, well, VOTE, campaign, use social media for something besides what Kimmie K is eating for lunch, discuss politics, oh, lots and lots of things to actually get Sanders into office


      • This blog preaches to the choir, or at the least to a leftist congregation. Those who are inclined to read the Armory are well on their way to becoming radicals, if they are not radicals already.

        As such, my pointing out the obviousness of Bernie’s longshot candidacy would have no effect upon my readers’ determination to try to elect him.

        The purpose of the article was to demonstrate the monumental achievement Bernie has already accomplished, and the overwhelmingly most important effect of his candidacy.

        Certainly if he is nominated, and more certainly if he were elected, Sanders being a socialist would dramatically alter the political landscape, and make socialism an acceptable doctrine to embrace.

        That alone would make Sanders’ candidacy an overwhelming success, as it would allow socialists to credibly challenge for office across the country.

        Sanders has breathed life into the movement.

        And he has likely changed politics in America for generations.


  1. That may be the main benefit of Sanders’ run for office–reducing the fear of a socialist. The sad thing, to me, is that those who would gain the most from his message are among the most intransigent “anti-socialists.” They are the working class, often in economically depressed small towns or poor rural areas who were left behind when jobs went offshore and small farms had to complete with mega-agriculture. Unfortunately, they are also the most likely to be in the echo chamber of religious/right radio and most concerned about things like the personhood of fertilized eggs. They have slipped from, or never achieved, the middle class, and the American Dream has eluded them, even though they have worked hard and played by the rules. Still, they usually vote against their own self-interest. Their political choices and lack of power are a real gift to the corporate world and the Washington elite.

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