Rescuers, We Need You To Become Animal Activists!

rescuersRescuers are among the bravest people on Earth. Every bit as brave as troops in battle, as brave as those diffusing bombs or rushing into burning buildings. As brave as doctors in ERs or first responders at disasters.

Rescuers deal with heartache and horrors on a daily basis. They give selflessly of themselves to alleviate suffering and to save the lives of helpless and innocent animals. They witness cruelty and indifference, beg and borrow to feed and transport, their hearts get broken regularly, they impoverish themselves, they have nightmare and sleepless nights. And then they do it all over again.

And again.

I admire those who rescue. I believe they are stronger than I am, made of sterner stuff.

They are among my heroes.

And if they were as fervent about being animal activists as they are about rescuing, the movement would explode with enthusiasm and talent.

They love dogs and puppies, they save cats and kittens, they rescue, foster, transport, and adopt.

But are they animal activists? Do they even know what that means?

Are calves, lambs, and piglets on their agendas?

Are they vegan? Or even vegetarian?

They decry the murder of Cecil the lion, but do they care about the murders of 60 billion animals every year in slaughterhouses?

They work to save a dog in a kill shelter. They feed a stray cat. The oppose sealing, whaling, and bullfighting. All admirable actions.

Then they eat a burger, a tuna sandwich, or bacon and eggs.

How can they do that?

If they wouldn’t eat a cat or a puppy, why would they eat a calf or a baby pig?

The most likely reason is the same reason most people love their pets and eat animals they don’t know. Society teaches that certain animals are worthy of our love and others are there for us to exploit, to enslave, to murder, to eat.

All major religions assert that God gave people dominion over the animals. And almost the entirety of the American populace has been taught to believe that capitalism is synonymous with liberty. Both influences have caused public discussion of our treatment of animal to be severely curtailed, and mostly ignored.

And businesses continue to promote the consumption and use of animals and animals products. Big Ag and animal industry trade associations have bribed legislators to provide subsidies to animal exploitation enterprises, to prevent legislation against animal cruelty to include farmed animals, to make government a huge purchaser of animal corpses.

We need our rescuer brothers and sisters to join with us, to bring their passion and bravery into the fight for all animals.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

If you know of other blogs dedicated to animal rights and the defeat of capitalism, please comment with a link.

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7 thoughts on “Rescuers, We Need You To Become Animal Activists!

  1. yay! terrific! working on qualifying in all categories…as a result I have gained some scars, both emotional and physical…and I would have it no other way. though I am not a Mel Gibson fan by a long shot…I do give a nod to the term BRAVE HEART…that’s what advocating for all species requires…a brave heart at all times!

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  2. Once ‘abolitionist’ is off the table we will begin to make progress.
    Unless you live in North Korea, 3 percent of the population doesn’t accomplish squat.
    “Why don’t we abolish child-bearing since so many gazillions of helpless innocent children are tortured & abused every day?”
    Said no one ever.

    If you don’t advocate for child-bearing abolition also, a pig is a dog is NOT a boy …ya can’t have it both way


    • I agree with you on the need to repudiate the proponents of “abolitionism.” It is counterproductive at best, a betrayal of animals at worst.

      I refer you to a couple of articles on the Armory dealing with the abolitionist cult:

      The Clueless Abolitionists
      True Abolitionists Are Revolutionaries

      Human population control should be a priority of both animal activists and environmentalists. I support limits on reproduction, and was dismayed to see China recently ease its limit on one child per couple. Population control should be as high a priority as climate change. The irony is that climate change may solve the human population problem.

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