The Hierarchy Of Horribles

horribleWomen are rightfully upset with the fact that women earn less than men for doing the exact same work.

Those earning minimum wage are not particularly impressed with the complaints of women executives who are paid less than their male counter parts. The minimum wage in 1968, if adjusted for inflation and buying power should be over $23 today. The federal minimum wage being paid to Walmart employees, fast food workers, and others, is cause for outrage, as the minimum wage is inadequate to provide for an individual, let alone a family.

Gay and transgender Americans are afforded no workplace protections, and can be summarily fired just for being who they are. They would gladly suffer the problems of women and minimum wage earners rather than being thrown out on the streets because of intolerance and bigotry.

Native Americans and African Americans are brutalized and killed by police out of all proportion to their numbers, and would be pleased with the problems of gay and transgender people.

Killing African Americans is not the stated policy of the US, but murdering civilians in drone strikes is. Those civilians and their loved ones targeted in CIA drone strikes against civilian targets in foreign countries envy the relative safety Black Americans enjoy in US cities.

Animals trapped in the food system would surely prefer to be the targets of US drones than the victims of slaughter by captive bolt guns, knives, drills, and bone saws.

The poor struggle to feed and clothe their families.
Gays and lesbians struggle to adopt to create families.
Undocumented aliens have their families broken apart by government deportation.
Native Americans and African Americans have their families broken apart by police killing family members.
People in the Middle East have their families eradicated by US military action and drone strikes.
And animals are murdered and consumed by the great majority of those who are themselves oppressed by government and society.

Curiously, people seem particularly incapable of empathy for those who are even more brutalized than are they themselves.

The left is paralyzed by such blindness. The rule of thumb seems to be that if one advocates for a more oppressed minority one is somehow dismissive of the plights of those a little better off.

Feminists thus resent LGBT people, who resent Hispanics, who resent Blacks, who resent socialists, who resent animal activists.

All this enmity and lack of empathy stems from self-centeredness, a curious affliction for the more enlightened humans in society.

But it underscores how far humans have yet to evolve, and how long animals will have to endure our species.

Animals are more abused, exploited, and murdered than are any other oppressed group.

We as Animal Rights advocates believe all sentient life is EQUALLY valuable. In that light, the six million Jews murdered is equivalent to the number of animals who will be murdered in the next HOUR! The Animal Holocaust is the most horrific thing ever committed against life in history, by several orders of magnitude.

But many on the political left are so consumed with political correctness that they would rather the horrors perpetrated upon animals continue than to be considered victims alongside animals. In their bizarre universe, it is more important not to be compared with an animal victim than it is to lock arms in solidarity to end both human and animal oppression.

The prejudices of the oppressed are no more valid than the prejudices of the ruling classes or the oligarchs. Truth is truth. Oppression is oppression. Cruelty is cruelty. I do not give a damn about some group’s perceived problems when compared with the Holocaust animals endure. Gays fighting to keep their jobs? Women earning less than men? Black folks killed by police? All are legitimate concerns, some more than others.

But they all pale in comparison to the murders of 10,000 animals per second.

In the scheme of things, all human complaints are relatively trivial when compared to what befalls animals at the hands of humans.

I recognize we need those complaining constituencies in revolutionary coalitions. And I support almost all of them.

But my support does not require me to accept any suggestions that they are in any way comparable to the plight of animals. Nor does it require me to censor my message or to embrace ludicrous politically correct positions.

Our job is to shock people into thinking. And their current prejudices and worldviews are totally unimportant.

We must foment for revolution. To censor our message because it might offend this group or another is to betray the animals.

Agitating for revolution and advocating overthrowing the system has never been done by animal activists. Nor am I familiar with anyone else who is trying to radicalize the animal movement.

Tailoring our message so as not to offend would be as ineffective as asking slave owners to be nice to their slaves. Our entire society is hostile to animals. One cannot imagine a more hostile environment for animals than living under capitalism, where their lives are measured in dollars and cents.

A shocking fact: Jews in Nazi Germany were much better off than are animals in America.

slaughterFrom a practical and strategic stand point, we shouldn’t waste our time trying to win over the public. We should limit our efforts to rescuers and animal folks. We radicalize those we can and leave the others to continue doing whatever they are doing.

But in addition, we must encourage and support social revolutionaries, of whatever stripe. The chaos and uncertainty of social upheaval will actually save animal lives, as the efficiency of the killing industries will be disrupted, and AR activists would be able to destroy much of the slaughter infrastructure and take out those in the industry.

We have tried decades of ineffective tactics, primarily those that try to recruit vegans. And they do not work, as veganism has not even kept up with the growing human population.

But the movement has been a pacifist one by and large, and even those who engage in direct action are squandering the animal movement’s resources, both in incarcerated activists and financial support.

The ALF, while pursuing worthwhile goals, has generally accomplished little. They have targeted fur farms or restaurants, at best raising insurance premiums, at worst being captured and prosecuted.

Direct action must be aimed at slaughter personnel, not just at disrupting economic targets. We need to substantially drive up the cost of meat, egg, and dairy production, thus driving up retail prices and reducing consumption.

Only the complete end of human civilization would end slaughter.

Or human extinction.

There is no going back to tribal villages and treading softly upon the Earth.

Only violent revolution will change things. And as animal activists are a mere fraction of a percent of the population, we must join with other social revolutionaries to bring down the system.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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11 thoughts on “The Hierarchy Of Horribles

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      • Dear Roland Vincent,

        Yes; you are 100 % accurate. JESUS most certainly was not a Vegan, or even a Vegetarian, in the years 0 to 33 AD. Apart from the one instance that you refer to there are many others as well showing that JESUS ate fish and meat. That was then. This is now TODAY. That is the difference and it is explained in the Book. If you were to take even a ‘glance’ at the Book ‘Cry Out’ you will see this clearly stated; time and again, throughout the Book.

        The POINT is that TODAY JESUS would not be a “meat eater’; He would be a Vegan. Again, just a ‘glance’ at ‘CRY OUT’ will show you this. It is explained again and again throughout the Book, time and again.

        I can do no more than refer you to the Book. To repeat what is written in the Book will take a lot of space. It should not be necessary. It is all contained in the Book ‘CRY OUT’. Please just read it for yourself. Thank you.

        Lord Bless, Michael.


  2. Vincent Athos–

    We have extracted the feline and canine from their habitats, have provided them succor, have exempted them from the drama of life, have enacted laws for their protection, have collected taxes for their shelters, have organized non-profit rescues for their adoption and rehoming, have killed other earthlings to feed them, have created day spas and parks for their amusement, etc. Yet, we tell the antelope, Sorry, you were meant to be eaten by the lion and we aren’t going to do anything about it.

    Let us understand pet ownership is more about man’s control of another species than charity toward it and nature.


  3. You’re right. Animal rights strategies through the years haven’t gotten us very far. I often wonder as I read animal rights books if any of them ever converted anyone to the cause. I tend to doubt it. Gaining committed advocates for animals is slow and difficult.

    Animal rights activists have been encouraged by some to join the intersectionality movement, suggesting that fighting all prejudice and “isms” will help animals too. Yet, it is usually a one-way street. Most social justice groups seem to feel no obligation to consider the lives and suffering of animals. In fact, they increase the rhetorical problems of our movement. Consider one of the most effective arguments of persuasion, the metaphor and simile, comparisons meant to illustrate a point. The use of slavery and the Holocaust are examples of what many consider good comparisons. After all, the same kind of ideology that supported slavery also excuses animal exploitation–the concepts of inferiority and ownership and the resulting right to abuse. Similarly, while the numbers of animals killed far surpasses the victims of the Holocaust, the reference to extermination camps alludes to at huge the number of animal lives that are offered up for great god H. sapiens. The Holocaust comparison is particularly apt, and one of the first to employ it was Jewish, Isaac Bashevis Singer who, as far as I know, was the first to call the suffering of animals an Eternal Treblinka. However, animal rights activists are warned that we have no right to use slavery or the Holocaust as metaphors or similes since they may offend the sensibilities of human groups by comparing human beings to animals.

    If a revolution is what it takes, then so be it. But who will be the revolutionaries? I have been encouraged to see even baby steps in the support Bernie Sanders has gotten, especially after the country has been moving so far right in the last few decades. Many of his supporters apparently are progressive, educated. Some are young and may be worried about their future in an economy that is not as kind to college graduates as it used to be. Some may be middle class voters who find themselves slipping down hill financially. But the ones who would benefit the most from a Sanders’ victory (or a revolution!) would be the most averse to both–the rural poor without extensive educations who rely on conservative churches and talk radio for information and direction.

    I have been reading more about this group lately, wondering why they seem to be their own worst enemies in the voting booth. I wonder how a revolution will come about until there are more likely participants. For example, I think of this passage from Thomas Frank’s What’s the Matter with Kansas: “But on closer inspection, the country seems more like a panorama of madness and delusion worthy of Hieronymous Bosch; of sturdy blue-collar patriots reciting the Pledge while they strangle their own life chances, of small farmers proudly voting themselves off the land; of devoted family men carefully seeing to it that their children will never be able to afford college or proper health care, of working-class guys in midwestern cities cheering as they deliver up a landslide for a candidate whose policies with end their way of life, will transform their region into a “rust belt,” will strike people like blows from which they will never recover.” (p.10)

    A passage from “Deer Hunting with Jesus” describes more unpromising revolutionaries: “‘The People’ doing our hardest work and fighting our wars are not altruistic and probably never were. They don’t give a rat’s bunghole about the world’s poor or the planet or animals or anything else. Not really. ‘The People’ like cheap gas. They like chasing post-Thanksgiving Day Christmas sales. And if fascism comes, they will like that too if the cost of gas isn’t too high and Comcast comes through with a twenty-four-hour NFL channel.” (p. 91) Unless there is some serious consciousness raising, the uprising will have to look elsewhere.

    Waking up every day and knowing the transport trucks are pulling out and hunters are heading for the woods and hundreds of harried and hungry wild animals will never make it across a freeway alive makes you hope for anything, anyhow, anyway that will help. Just let it be soon.


  4. Thank you for setting in perspective the day-to-day violations of “human rights” versus, as you accurately put it, the several-orders-of-magnitude harsher treatment of animals in human society. Compared to the latter in violence and volume, concerns about “glass ceilings”, homophobia, nativism, racism, etc.. seem self-indulgent, distractions pursued by those obsessed by or craving the mantle of victimhood. A corollary is that human victims of genuine injustice who do not recognize what is being routinely done to animals for what it is and actively oppose it, merit no sympathy. Blowing-up with a drone primitives engaged in halal slaughter doesn’t cause me to lose any sleep. Many survivors of the Jewish Holocaust have remarked eloquently on the striking parallels between the treatment of animals in modern human society and the treatment of Jews and other assorted “untermenschen” in the Third Reich. Others have complained bitterly about any such comparisons between the two slaughters; those would be people of very constricted imagination whose own sufferings taught them nothing. As such, they deserve no pity. Those incapable of feeling compassion for other victims of injustice should expect none for themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I’d like to read a guest article by Mr. Geoff who seems to think the world is filled with “primitives” who are a part of a “system” that is daily utilized by Mr. Roland and Mr. Geoff for their pompous, spineless literary tripe. Just remember, 99 percent of the people who provide the services and goods to you are carnist. Ninety-nine percent of the people who are responsible for the operation of the internet are carnist. Perhaps you could destroy the internet.

      When you begin your slaughter of carnists, why don’t you eliminate the so-called obligate carnivores, as well, because, I assure you, the antelope would appreciate your extended moral agency so they are no longer eaten alive by lions.

      Write your manifestos, strap bombs around your waists, enter your preferred slaughterhouse or restaurant, and pray your actions spark a revolution.


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