The Incredible Importance of Sharing

sharingNormally, the admonition would, and should, apply to sharing our material goods with others, providing for the less fortunate, embracing an ethical economic system, all such courses of action consistent with the beliefs of, and proudly followed by, adherents of socialism.

My call to action is substantially less profound and decidedly more mundane than advocating for social activism.

This call for sharing is to pass along the word on Facebook, Twitter, Google, by email, etc.

The Armory is the most radical Animal Rights blog in the world. Those in the animal movement who are threatened by new ideas, or by the possible loss of their own influence, seem determined to block our posts in Facebook groups.

My calls for social revolution have resulted in my being blocked from a number of vegan and animal groups. My writings in support of Bernie Sanders have gotten me blocked in several political groups.

Moderates do not appreciate having their comfort zones challenged. They seem to prefer the status quo, where at least they have an audience. Keeping those audiences in the dark is apparently more important than discussing the underlying presumptions upon which their comfort zones are based.

Four or five times a week I post to some 200 Facebook groups, pages, and Friends my latest Armory blog article. The articles are political, revolutionary, vegan, or deal with Animal Rights and the animal movement. They are radical, innovative, sometimes incendiary, always interesting to most readers.

But they seem to threaten some group admins.

So far, I have been kicked out of Veganism, Embassy Against Animal Abuse, Mother Earth, Hillary For Like Minded Individuals, Worldwide Activists for the Animals, etc, among many others.

Even with the Facebook practice of severely limiting the posts seen by group members, the effect of being blocked by those and other groups has been to reduce by thousands the number of people who might otherwise have seen our posts!

The only way to keep the Armory’s message in front of animal activists is to have other animal activists share the posts.

Will you help?

If you are willing to post for the Armory, comment with your Facebook profile or email.

I will keep you loaded with ordnance and heavy artillery!



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

If you know of other blogs dedicated to animal rights and the defeat of capitalism, please comment with a link.

• Be sure to follow the Armory and share it with your Facebook friends and email contacts, as well as on Twitter, Google, and all other social media platforms. Our influence and effectiveness is dependent upon you!

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Feel free to comment. I encourage open discussion and welcome other opinions. I moderate comments because this blog has been attacked by hunters and right wing trolls. I approve comments that are critical as well as those which agree with me. Comments that I will not tolerate are those that are spam, threatening, disrespectful, or which promote animal abuse and cruelty.


5 thoughts on “The Incredible Importance of Sharing

  1. Thank you for sharing what specific Facebook sites have blocked your posts. I will enter them on my list of websites that are not worth the time to visit. Few people are more hypocritical and odious than the purportedly-liberal Politically Correct.


  2. Will do what I can. The environment is getting increasingly intolerant. Diverse opinions often get people blocked from web sites. We seem to be not only losing freedom of speech but the ability to even have a decent dialogue. But look what is going on! College age infants demand that academe provide a bubble where they have a right never to be offended. Too much communication is by Humpty-Dumpty speak: Words mean whatever people want them to mean and facts are whatever they want them to be. Comments sections on web sites and newspapers degenerate into name-calling contests: Bigot! Idiot! Fascist! Libertard! Tree Hugger! And the political correctness police won’t rest in their search for possible outrages to demand that someone apologize or lose his/her job. We spend billions for education in this country and have universities that most countries admire and envy. We just don’t have much to show for it.


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