Hillary and Bernie. Night and Day.

nightanddayThe difference between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders could not be more stark.

Hillary is a capitalist. Bernie is not.

While Hillary’s public pronouncements sound very much like Bernie’s, their political and economic differences are profound.

When push comes to shove, Hillary will back Wall Street and the oligarchy. She is one of them. She raises millions of dollars from them. Her husband was their president. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, George W, and every president in modern times has appointed industry lobbyists and executives to positions in their administrations which oversaw those very industries.

There is no indication that Hillary would act differently. Her record certainly suggests that she is quite comfortable with Wall Street lobbyists.

Given that she has raised millions of dollars from Wall Street lobbyists, Monsanto, Big Oil, Big Banks, etc, it is reasonable to question her allegiances. Will Hillary support Wall Street or the people?

Every president since the progressive Teddy Roosevelt has been a conservative Republican or a Wall Street Democrat.

And every one of them was a capitalist.

The Republicans and the Wall Street Democrats differed on social issues, but were in total agreement when it came to capitalism and to corporate control of government.

In recent years Reagan, Pappy Bush, Clinton, W, and Obama all appointed industry lobbyists and executives to Departments and regulatory agencies that were responsible for overseeing the very industries the appointees came from.

There is a revolving door for bankers to go to Treasury, Big Ag hacks to be appointed to Agriculture and Interior, Wall Street insiders go to Commerce and Labor, Big Pharma lobbyists to the FDA, etc.

No matter who is president, corporate America runs the country.

It is time to end the farce. Time for real change. Time to throw the bums out and re-institute actual government of the people.

No more Republicans. No more Wall Street Democrats.

Time for Bernie Sanders.

A socialist.

It is time to draw a line in the sand between capitalism and socialism. Between capitalists and socialists.

It is not a thin line. It is a chasm.

The chasm is so great that there is no appreciable difference between Hillary Clinton and whomever the Republicans nominate.

And that is true because both Hillary and the Republican nominee will obey Wall Street on policy.

Both will continue to support private financing of campaigns, the most important tool in the arsenal of capitalism to control government, buy politicians, direct public policy, and block reforms.

Hillary Clinton has been the recipient of such Wall Street largesse. As have almost all Republicans.

Bernie Sanders, not so much. None in fact.

And that is because Sanders is not an ally of Wall Street. He is their worst nightmare!

Sanders will place the interests of the people over those of Wall Street.

All the difference in the world!



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8 thoughts on “Hillary and Bernie. Night and Day.

  1. My heart is with Bernie, but creating a McGovern candidate does not serve democrats. Is there any concept of socialism that is acceptable to the American independent voter? If not, I fear a lost cause.


    • Bernie Sanders is rehabilitating the word socialism, and many people are finding his economic positions are rather mainstream. Sanders’ positions on Wall Street, taxes, lobbyists, the environment are overwhelmingly popular with the average American voter.

      His positions on legalizing pot and ending the death penalty are supported by over 80% of our young people.

      Sanders Democrats are the future of this country.

      The only question is: How fast do Sanders Democrats succeed in becoming the majority of Democrats, and the majority of voters?

      Electing Clinton will delay our success. Simple as that.


  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you on most points you have raised here. I will add however, that while the difference between Bernie Sanders, HRC and the Republicans are great (with respect to the lobbies and policies you mention), such differences appear totally non-existent when it comes to other equally if not more destructive lobbies like AIPAC and our military-industrial complex. I’m not aware of anyone challenging Bernie Sanders on some of these very important policy positions.

    You will recall Bernie’s recent vote to support the Zionist Protectorate as it mercilessly and savagely destroyed what little infrastructure remained in Gaza and murdered many innocent people. The initial land grab, the Gaza blockade and bombardment are all arguably illegal (including many war crimes committed by the Zionists), yet Bernie Sanders ran with the herd (“Wall St. Democrats and Republicans), casting his vote of support for continued Zionist genocide against the Palestinian people.

    What Bernie Sanders did was squarely in the interests of AIPAC and similar powerful lobbyists, but was surely not in the interests of the American people. Is all this enough to influence me not to support him either in the coming primaries or general election? I really don’t know. I do know that I will certainly vote for him if he comes clean on his position regarding the military-industrial complex and renounces support for the Zionist Protectorate; neither of which I think he will do.


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