Bernie Sanders: In The Tradition of Teddy Roosevelt


We have not had a progressive president since Theodore Roosevelt, who left office over 100 years ago. He was the last of the progressive Republican presidents, the first having been Abraham Lincoln.

When Republican conservatives gained control of the party under William Howard Taft (elected in 1908), Teddy Roosevelt challenged Taft’s re-election in 1912 as the Progressive (Bull Moose) Party’s candidate. Woodrow Wilson, a Wall Street Democrat won that election.

Ever since 1909, every single president has been either a conservative Republican or a Wall Street Democrat.

Even the social gains under FDR were made in defense of Wall Street, as the very real prospect of social upheaval in the Great Depression threatened socialist revolution.

The progressive challenger to FDR in the 1930s was Huey long, the progressive governor of Louisiana.

Long was assassinated. Not since Long has there been a serious challenge to the Wall Street oligarchs.

One hundred six years of capitalist presidents owned by Wall Street.

The Republicans and the Wall Street Democrats differed on social issues, but were in total agreement when it came to capitalism and to corporate control of government.

This year is the first real opportunity to change that, as Bernie Sanders is running!

Sanders is a democratic socialist. Hillary Clinton is a Wall Street capitalist.

This election is a fight for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party.

A Sanders victory will alter the course of history for generations. The Democratic Party will be radically different than it has been under Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

The party will oppose the death penalty, international trade agreements, private financing of campaigns, offshore and Arctic drilling, fracking, exploiting national Parks and mining on public lands, corporate welfare, subsidies to Big Ag and Big Oil, cruel wild horse roundups and horse slaughter.

It will support legalizing marijuana, taxing offshore corporate profits, truth in labeling, disclosure of GMOs, breaking up banks that are “too big to fail.”

Under Sanders, the Democrats will call for taxing industry and billionaires, universal healthcare, universal access to public colleges and universities, forgiving student debt, a livable minimum wage.

A Clinton victory will mean the exact opposite.

This is a one in a lifetime opportunity to take back the US government and American political system from the oligarchs who have controlled the presidency for over a century.

Bernie Sanders for president. The progressive of the Century!



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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7 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders: In The Tradition of Teddy Roosevelt

  1. I had hoped that your previous expression of admiration for Teddy Roosevelt was a brief digression, but unfortunately, I see you are serious about it. How can a supporter of animal rights admire a big game hunter who was instrumental in founding the Boone & Crocket Club? How can someone who purports to be a socialist admire the self-described imperialist who organized cowboys into the Rough Riders to capture Cuba as a U.S. colony?
    Sanders is not the best model of socialism, but at least he has the sense to take as his role model Eugene V Debs, who ran as a socialist against Roosevelt, Wilson and Taft in the 1912 election for US President.


    • The article compares Sanders to the last sitting progressive president, not candidates who were unsuccessful.

      Neither Roosevelt nor Sanders is my idea of an ideal president.
      Roosevelt would have been preferable to any we have had since, and Sanders is preferable to any now seeking the office.

      Roosevelt was a serial animal killer. Sanders supports serial animal killing. Roosevelt was a carnist. Sanders is a carnist. My ideal president would be an atheist vegan socialist.

      Not going to happen. Unfortunately.

      That said, banning corporations from owning the US government would save the lives of billions of animals, a position supported by Roosevelt and Sanders.

      I admire a number of people who were indifferent to animals, not the least of whom is Karl Marx.

      We take our allies as we find them.


      • To vegans who care only about domestic animals, Teddy Roosevelt may be no worse than the average meat-eater. From the perspective of saving wildlife and putting a halt to mass extinctions, Teddy Roosevelt was one of the worst people in history. The killing of Cecil, along with countless other wildlife around the world, is a consequence of Teddy Roosevelt’s work as a founder the Boone and Crocket Club, which established the model of hunter-conservation.
        You may look forward to a glorious socialist vegan future of 15 billion people living in a world without wildlife. I will do my best to prevent such a future, even if there is little hope of success.


      • I believe all sentient life is equally valuable. The number of victims of human hunters is likely less than a few million annually, about the number of victims slaughterhouses will murder in the next hour.

        An animal in the wild is no more precious than one in a factory farm slave camp. And the wild creature at least lives in freedom before he is murdered.

        Ideally, our goal would be to end any and all murders of our fellow Earthlings. That is a goal that will never be achieved as long as humans exist, so we work to minimize the horrors humans cause.

        The most effective avenue would be worldwide social revolution, which would radically disrupt the slaughter industries and institutionalized slavery and exploitation.

        Short of that, we must work to reduce corporate influence in government. In the US, the struggle is between capitalists in both parties, and the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, now being led by Bernie Sanders.

        While Sanders is neither vegan nor anti-hunting, the policies he advocates will reduce the number of animals murdered by both government and industry.


    • Marc, everything you say about Teddy Roosevelt is absolutely correct. But, paradoxically, much of the land that today supports our ever-diminishing wildlife populations remains undeveloped (relatively speaking) thanks in large measure to his conservation efforts. It’s a real quandary what to think about a guy so deeply flawed but who still managed to do a lot of long-term good. Kind of like how a Russian nationalist must feel about Josef Stalin: he made your country into a superpower even if he personally was a murderously horrid bastard.


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