Nina Turner Has Changed The Game For Bernie Sanders

turnerIn what may be the most brilliant move by any politician in this election cycle, former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner has jumped ship from Hillary to Bernie.

Nina Turner is one of the most respected and influential black leaders in the country.

Turner’s support of Bernie could turn the tide in the African American community, dramatically increases the chances that Bernie will win the nomination, and may propel Turner onto a vice presidential short list.

Recent polls show Hillary’s support among African American voters at 84%, with Bernie’s at just 7%!

Those numbers are seen by pundits as proof that Clinton has a lock on black votes.

The numbers should be read as the potential for Sanders to make huge inroads with black voters, most of whom are unfamiliar with his record and his proposals.

Bernie was in the streets being arrested for protesting segregation and Jim Crow while Hillary was supporting Goldwater.
Hillary supported the War on Drugs and federal mandatory minimum sentencing, which incarcerated an entire generation of Black Americans. Her husband built more prisons than any president in history.

Bernie is advocating economic programs that would aid the poor and disenfranchised in society, send kids to college tuition-free, and eliminate the for-profit prison industry, all policies which would overwhelmingly benefit the African American community.

As Bernie becomes known to African Americans, expect him to surge in support from the community that needs him more than do most.

Nina Turner is the key to Sanders making those inroads to black voters.

Sanders would have been hard pressed to find a more powerful voice to carry his message to the African American community.

Sanders winning the nomination depends as much upon Turner as it does upon Sanders!



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14 thoughts on “Nina Turner Has Changed The Game For Bernie Sanders

  1. Oh no, sorry but for the criticisms of Hillary, she’s still the best qualified for the job….I’m so afraid of the division and. Split in our party…can’t afford to idealize at this time. The young inexperienced voters seem to think Sanders could deliver “free college, crush Wall St. etc.” but while he talks the talk, he can’t wave a wand and deliver all the ideals he says….as much as I respect Nina Turner, I disagree here. 2016 YEAR OF THE WOMAN!


    • Your reaction is the one Wall Street Democrats hope to see in many potential Sanders supporters. Waving the prospect of a lunatic Republican before our eyes, citing their ludicrous positions on social issues (deporting undocumented families, building a Great Wall of America, no rape or incest exceptions for abortions, banning Muslims from entering the US, etc), expecting our sense of fairness and justice to distract us from the fact that Hillary’s positions on foreign policy, military interventionism, monetary policy, Wall Street contributors, appointing industry insiders and lobbyists to her administration, are virtually identical to the positions of the Republican candidates.

      Please take a few minutes to review the following articles:

      I Used to Love Hillary Clinton
      Frack You, Hillary
      The Monsanto Candidate


    • Well we certainly can’t even try for change with someone thats telling us “no we can’t” and if you don’t think money does not influence her you are dead wrong. He may not get everything accomplished, but he will push the part left. Bernie is preaching the platform of the republican party in the 50’s. It’s NOT radical, it’s real. I’m going with the guy with integrity and a consistent record of fighting for the people NOT corporations. And your right about the split in the party so if Bernie is not nominated especially because of the shenanigans of the DNC, corporate media and big money propaganda many of us will never vote for HIllary; infact have pledged to write-in his name. The young may become so discouraged they may not vote at all. Sometimes things have to get really bad for people to overcome their fear, and step outside their comfort zone for change to occur. What are you people thinking, that our government is not corrupt, because Congress sure does not have a high satisfactory rating? Why are millions of dollars dumped into congress? Why are lobbyists for huge corporations writing legislation only to be passed by Congress. Why are many of our politicians becoming CEO’s of major corporations? Democrats that are party loyal and buying into democratic leadership’s rhetoric are no better than republicans that continually vote against their own interests. And by they way, ‘m a boomer NOT a young inexperienced voter. That is just more BS propaganda. There are people of all ages supporting Bernie Sanders. I care about the future of America, I’ve got children and grandchildren.


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  3. What a bunch of B.S. Hillary was for Goldwater while sanders was some kind of “historic” civil rights warrior. She was 16 years old and from a republcian family. THAT is a a reason to support snaders????People change, like bernie and his sudden interest in black people. and his stand on guns..


    • She was 18, not sixteen, but that is really not the issue, Bernie has been fighting for civil rights his whole life. Hillary supported the War On Drugs, the greatest engine for black incarceration in American history. She takes bribes from the private prison industry, she supported minimum mandatory sentences, her husband built more prisons than any American president. She talks the talk, Bernie walks the walk.


      • I’d say the Clintons have done more to help Blacks and Latinos in one day, than Sanders has done in his whole life…..Just saying!!! Blacks didn’t follow Clinton, for the free Chicken. They actually got out there and worked to help Blacks and Latinos rise up. Wealth increased under Bill Clinton and many people were lifted out of poverty because of the extra money, that was put into programs to help minorities succeed. It is true Welfare was changed, but at the time it helped the communities, to true and end a cycle of poverty. The proof is in the pudding, because the programs worked. Then Bush came in and kind of ruin things.


      • You obviously do not remember the Clinton presidency or how Bill called for three strikes and you’re out justice. His crime bill resulted in the mass incarceration of an entire generation of black and brown men. Clinton supported the War on Drugs, mandatory minimum sentencing, the private prison industry. The Clintons were supportive of blacks who could vote for them, but threw young black men under the bus for political gain.

        In 2008, when Barack Obama was campaigning for retroactive relief for African American women in prisons to be able to return to their families, Hillary opposed the idea, and argued that those black women in prison should stay there. That particular outrageous position is one of the reasons former NAACP president Jealous endorsed Bernie for president.


  4. If you want to succeed with animal rights, you need to lead with an economic incentive, not a moral one. And it is right there waiting: The meat industry is and equal or greater polluter of greenhouse gasses than energy consumption of fossil fuels. And therefore our climate change is as much based on beef production as from trucks and power plants. Humans need protein, so have your alternatives at hand.


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