Unless You Are Vegan, STFU About Abortion!

PROLOFEMost opponents of abortion are oblivious to the horrors of animal slaughter. Most are carnists. Most believe a zygote is a human being.

Their rationale for opposing abortion includes concerns that fetuses feel pain. A concern they ignore when animals are killed.

Conversely, most who oppose animal slaughter are not impressed with assertions that zygotes are worthy of our protection but sentient animals are not.

As a feminist I have always advocated for a woman’s right to choose, and viewed any attempts to regulate abortion as an outrageous government intervention into her uterus.

As an animal rights advocate I oppose the slaughter of animals, and would ban such killing by law.

I therefore find myself in the illogical position of favoring government policing of people’s stomachs but opposing policing of vaginas.

If they were honest with themselves, Pro Life advocates would see the illogical position they hold: That the Pro Life movement has little to do with being in favor of life. It is only in favor human life, and even then, only for as long as it still in the womb.

Once born, the Pro Life movement abandons the idea of protecting human life, leaving newborns and older to have to fend for themselves.

The sheer hypocrisy of Pro Life advocates also opposing universal healthcare, incarceration of the ill, favoring war, supporting munitions and gun manufacturers, and supporting the death penalty, borders on some kind of mass schizophrenia.

We vegans are equally guilty of turning a blind eye to our own inconsistent positions. If we value all sentient life, and the test of sentience is “can they suffer?”, then we should oppose abortion where the fetus can feel pain.

Feeling pain requires a developed nervous system.

I support aborting both people and animals to reduce populations. Spaying pregnant dogs and aborting zygotes in women is far preferable to increases in the number of unwanted dogs and unwanted children.

As animal rights activists, our complaint about the Pro Life movement is that it really isn’t pro life.

I am vegan. The only pro life movement!  I oppose any abortion causing pain to any fetus, human or animal. I support universal healthcare, a ban on murdering any animal, ending the death penalty, stopping war, and holding police accountable for murdering our black brothers and sisters.

One thing is abundantly clear: if one isn’t vegan one cannot claim to be Pro Life.

The only people who are pro life are those who actually value all sentient life. To be Pro Life one must also be vegan. One must also value human life after it is born. One must support policies, programs, politicians, and political parties that seek to protect all life. One must place life above profits, above petty political issues, above religious dogma, bigotry, xenophobia, and speciesism.

If you aren’t vegan, STFU about abortion.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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15 thoughts on “Unless You Are Vegan, STFU About Abortion!

  1. If you’re alive, be thankful you’re mother didn’t abort you….yeah, you get to live and you’re happy about that and who cares about the ones under 9 months. Sure, abortion is legal – so was slavery many years ago, but that didn’t make it right.


    • I don’t think you quite grasped the point of this article. If you are “pro-life” why aren’t you vegan? Most every person I know who opposes abortion has no problem with murdering sentient beings. What kind of sick and twisted belief system condones raping, enslaving, torturing, and murdering innocent animals all the while screaming about the rights of a zygote?


  2. On a somewhat unrelated point, but one which you should appreciate as a student of the Great Vowel Shift: I always found it interesting that PETA is pronounced to rhyme with the British (presumably Ingrid’s) pronunciation of the Greek letter Beta, which makes it identical to the pronunciation of “pita.”
    On a more serious language note, i do not use the term “pro-life” when referring to the antiabortion movement. Even “antiabortion” is somewhat misleading, as their ultimate aim is to eliminate all birth control.

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  3. I couldn’t agree more…
    I am vegan…
    I am cruelty free…
    Am tired of those self-righteous (religious) hypocrites who think they can make legal choices for my granddaughters…
    carnists who practice speciesism…
    and say they “love” animals while eating their tortured, murdered, rotting corpses…
    and other secretions from the bodies of precious sentient beings who have suffer immensely for human arrogance and ignorance…..
    Vegetarianism is a diet…
    Veganism is an ethical way of life…
    All souls weigh the same ♥

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      • I appreciate your POV and your feedback. ☺
        (and as a retired English teacher, it’s making me “crazy” that in my proofreading efforts I neglected to add an -ed to the verb “suffer.”)
        OCD lite. ☺
        Nothing tastes as good as being vegan feels. ♥

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      • Thank you for your input. I was especially taken with your observation that “all souls weigh the same.” It is a beautiful and profound statement, one i have already shared on Facebook and intend to use as the title of an upcoming article, now half written. I’d like to attribute it. Do you mind providing your name?

        As for English! What ever happened to diagramming sentences? Or did they stop doing that before your time? Lol!

        I am somewhat of a self taught historian of the language (my major wasn’t English), a philologist and an etymologist. An area of personal interest is the Great Vowel Shift. Most people find my fascination odd! Lol!

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      • This is the only place I could find to reply to your request for my name, Roland ☺
        The words “all souls weigh the same” are not mine…
        As a vegan, I do a lot of work on Twitter for the animals…
        Helps me cope with the recent loss of my beloved husband and my Rosie dog (pic) only a month later…
        As an retired teacher/widow with health issues (and one rescued angel dog left that I’m trying to keep alive), I feel that I’m giving back by working online to help spread awareness when I’m able..
        But I digress! ☺
        The words “all souls weigh the same” came to me on a online poster that I filed in my animal collection…no author was indicated on the poster…whenever I do not have an author, I use a.u. after the quote…for some reason (I’m going to plead grief/sad/age this time ☺), I neglected to put quotes around the words this time…since I’m an English teacher, I believe that’s a “felony”! HA! I☺…
        A little further searching comes up with the name Peter J. Long, a pastor in England, who used the words as the title for a small book he published in 2008. I was able to page through a few pages (on line). Some lovely thoughts. Even though I am atheist. ☺
        Here’s the link if you’re interested in seeing some inside pages. http://www.blurb.com/b/579017-all-souls-weigh-the-same
        Thus please feel free to use the quote but attribute credit to (Pastor) Peter J. Long.

        My name is AJ Rutten.
        As a *recentlywidowedanimallovingmisanthrope,* I would like not to be mentioned. *grins* ☺


      • Thank you so much. I emailed the same message to you.

        I appreciate the information, and will give attribution to Long.

        I, too, am an atheist, and do not believe that souls exist. But even to an atheist’s ear, the phrase is beautiful, and the sentiment goes to the equal value of life.

        I fancy myself a wordsmith, and wish it had been my own!

        BTW, you didn’t answer my question about diagramming sentences. i recall having done so in elementary school in Brooklyn in the 50s! Doubt I remember enough to do it now. When my son was in school, I once asked him if they still diagrammed sentences. He had no clue what i was talking about!


  4. Great post and two very thoughtful comments! As to the matter of fetal pain, there is ample scientific evidence that fetuses in utero exist in a somnolent, unconscious state purposely anesthetized by various maternal secretions. It’s been aptly pointed out that if this were not the case, how would a pregnant mare survive with a long-legged foal in her uterus that is trying to gallop? Still, regardless of the ability of a fetus to experience pain or not, in a perfect world even this dependent form of nascent life would be respected and therapeutic abortion would only be chosen for the most compelling reasons and as a last resort (i.e., not as a simple “life-style” choice). Unfortunately, that world does not exist and every new human baby brought into the world today means that a large number of other equally-valuable animals will either cease to exist or have their lives prematurely and unjustly terminated.

    Is it just me or does it seem that having less concern about the life and sufferings of a fully functional, autonomous, sentient life-form than for a microscopic speck of protoplasmic goo is straight out of Bizarro World? I mean how can one hope to rationally converse with such people?

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  5. When someone uses pain as an argument, you can indeed throw them your arguments in their face: ‘animals feel pain too’. BUT: a lot of opponents of abortion that I have debated with, were religious people who did not give “pain” as an argument, but “a soul”. Now I myself am not religious but I respect the fact that people believe. Therefore in an argument with religious people I try not to attack the fact that they believe but the actions they take using their believe as an argument. Debating with Christians is in that way hard for me since I want to respect the fact that they believe in a soul and a god but I can’t respect the fact that many of them are against LGBT or in this case against abortion. I have no problem questioning things like the bible, since it is nothing but stories written down by people, like 3000 years ago, and it is full of contradictions. But when someone waves the argument in front of me: ‘abortion is bad because the child has a soul’ I find myself wanting to respect their believe in a soul and wanting to question that same believe. What would you say to them?

    Now I am 100% vegetarian (I NEVER eat fish or meat) but I must admit I am only about 90% vegan (At home I am vegan, but when I go out, I still eat cheese or eggs IF there are no alternatives. Finding a place where there are vegetarian meals is no problem but vegan places or meals are in my country almost none-existent). In your book maybe I must STFU 😉 Still I am one of those annoying people that always has to speak their mind 🙂

    Now, I somewhat agree with what you say: that to be pro-life, you should be a vegan. But that does not mean that vegan is automatically a pro-life movement. You probably didn’t mean that vegans are always pro-life (or did you?) BUT you did say that only vegans get to speak up about abortion, which to me still sounds a bit like “only vegans can speak about abortion because they are pro-life”. Even if I become 100% vegan one day (and that is a reasonable chance, since I have been an almost-vegan only for about 6 or 7 months, chances are one day I will take the step to 100%), I still am for (a painless) abortion and in SOME cases I even am for the death penalty (yes, I know, how horrible a person I must be to you).

    There is not “one-and-the-same-vegan-lifestyle”. The one thing vegans have in common is not eating or using any animal-(by-)products. The reasons why someone becomes vegan can be different though. You can do it (just) because you don’t want any animal to suffer, which was the main reason I became vegetarian and almost-vegan. You can choose this lifestyle because you care for the environment (which is also important for me) but how many vegans that use that reason as an argument still drive a car? Then there are vegans who choose this lifestyle because they want a more humane and caring world. Those vegans are probably the ones who come closest to a pro-life movement. But calling the vegan lifestyle the only pro-life movement means that there would have to be A-vegan-lifestyle, THE-vegan-lifestyle, one-vegan-lifestyle, where everybody thinks the same things, has the same believes and there are vegan-believes and rules that apply to every vegan, without exception. Vegan would almost be called a religion if that were true. And although I respect believes, I am a bit allergic to religion 🙂

    I think the vegan lifestyle (and by that I mean the original meaning of not eating/using animal-(by-)products) is morally superior to a non-vegan lifestyle in any way, but it still doesn’t mean vegans are perfect either 🙂 People aren’t perfect, so vegans can’t be perfect either. In a perfect world there would be no poverty, no murder of people or animals, so also no need for death penalty, no need for abortion… because everyone would be perfect, happy, friendly, non-judgmental and content with what they have. Unfortunately that is not the case so although I think it’s a noble cause to strive for such a world, you can’t beat yourself up for not being perfect. You can only do your best. BUT: remember this: Vegans have really high moral standards and a strong personality and often that comes from somewhere: education, nurture, meeting the right kind of people…. A lot of people (not speaking about stupid, rich politicians who just want power and money) didn’t have that education and/or didn’t have such upbringing. They only learned or have known poverty or hate or “that people are higher ranking than animals”. That is what they learned! And often people are just struggling to survive in a difficult and hard world and don’t know any other way. Their priorities aren’t with saving the world, the environment, animals… It’s surviving and trying to blend in. Your writing if in that way very judgmental. Let those people enter the debate 🙂 Let them tell you what they believe, start a conversation with them, with their children… And yes: you will feel frustration because you can’t seem to convince everyone of your way of thinking, but by not letting them enter the debate, by only spewing judgement and telling them they have no right to speak their minds about certain things, you won’t convince them either. You will do nothing more then make them hate you and not want to listen to you! Show interest in what they have to say, respond in a polite way, find things that you do have in common with them, start from the similarities.

    I will give one example that always sticked by me. Years ago I once commented very angry and very disrespectful on a post about the Ghadimai festival. And someone from Nepal immediately wrote back, also very angry and pro-Ghadimai-festival. In the end we had a very long conversation, with respect for eachother and reasonable arguments. And he admitted that maybe it was cruel and that there could be other ways to honor the Goddess Ghadimai. Had I said: you are not a vegetarian of a vegan and you should just STFU, we would probably still have been fighting 😉

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  6. Beautiful post, as usual ! Pro-Lifers are just Pro-Birthers, they don’t actually value “Life”. I’m a vegan and I support abortion. We don’t need to bring any more sentient beings into this already over-burdened earth.

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