Black Lives Don’t Matter

blacklivesAnother murder of an African American by police was caught on video. The video wold never have come to light but for a lawsuit Linwood Lambert’s family brought against the South Boston, VA police.

It shows Lambert being escorted by police to an ER after police found him apparently under the influence of drugs in a motel. Lambert was handcuffed in back of a police cruiser, but he was not under arrest.

Police say he was handcuffed for his and others’ safety.

Police concern for his safety was short lived.

Lambert kicked out a window of the car and ran to the ER entrance. Three cops ran up to him and tasered him multiple times.

Then, instead of taking him into the ER, they put him back in the squad car. And tasered him again for good measure.

The video shows Linwood Lambert dying in the back of that police car.

Then they took the his lifeless body back to the ER.

This happened in 2013.

All three murderers have since been promoted to higher rank in the South Boston Police Department.

Incredibly, the investigation into Lambert’s death is still incomplete. The case is still open. Lambert is still dead.

Were this an isolated and unique incident it would nevertheless be shocking and outrageous. But it is hardly unique. We have seen evidence of police murdering a little boy in Cleveland, gunning down in cold blood a man running away from a cop in South Carolina, a man asphyxiated by police for selling cigarettes in New York, etc, etc.

Even in cases where justice is apparently being pursued against murderous cops, troubling questions arise. Last week a video of Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke was released only after a court ruling forced the city to make it public. The video shows Van Dyke gunning down Laquan Williams, a black teen, and shooting him 14 times while he lay on the ground.

Van Dyke was just indicted for murder, 13 months after the crime was committed. The city surrounded the wagons. They initially said Williams had lunged at Van Dyke, and that Van Dyke was in fear for his life. The video shows the teenage doing no such thing. The city quickly paid $5 million to Williams’ family to hush the whole thing up. Van Dyke continued to draw a salary and the city contributed to his pension. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel was seeking re-election and was forced into a runoff. Had that video surfaced he would surely have been defeated.

Rahm Emmanuel fired the head of the Chicago Police days after the video was released and thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in protest, and is now refusing to resign in the face of public outrage.

Police have been brutalizing and killing people of color for decades.

Elected officials and community leaders have been powerless to end the culture of racism and brutality in police departments across the country or have been complicit in their crimes. The primary culprits? Police unions.

Police unions make it almost impossible to weed out bad cops. It has been estimated that one percent of all police are unfit to serve. Some have estimated the number at ten percent. Even one percent of all police officers amounts to over 6,000 bad cops on our streets. All protected by police unions.

We will never get rid of bad cops, as the system breeds them. Police unions ensure they are entrenched in the ranks regardless of public outrage.

We must realize that even good cops, the sons and daughters of our neighbors, friends, and co-workers, are the first line of defense for the state.

Cops are the ones who will be at war with the people during rebellion against oppression.

It will be police opposing the revolution. Police shooting down protesters and rioters. Police beating and killing not just people of color, but people of conscience of all colors.

What our black brothers and sisters are experiencing now is the fate we all face at the hands of police.

The entire concept of arming and training some people to control other people breeds the cop mentality we see repeatedly in the brutalization of Black Lives.

Police kill more Americans than do terrorists around the world. The problem isn’t ISIS, it’s Us’s.

American cops are domestic terrorists!

To police, black lives don’t matter. Nor do they matter to the local political office holders who act as their apologists and protectors

Those who value rights and abhor oppression recognize that black victims of police violence are the first casualties of the coming revolution.



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