Trump’s Muslim Ban Will Guarantee Him the Republican Nomination



There has been a litany of predictions of the political demise of Donald Trump since the day he announced his candidacy.

We were told his plan for a wall along the southern border would be scoffed at, we were told his comments about Mexicans would end his campaign, we were assured that he was done because of his comments about John McCain. We were guaranteed a drop in his popularity when he criticized Megyn Kelly.

The political loudmouths who pretend to understand the American electorate have been wrong at every turn.

The mainstream media has been as out of touch with Americans as has been Fox News.

The political pundits and talking heads are as clueless as are the politicians who are piling on Trump over his call for a ban on Muslims coming into the US.

Trump is reading the American public like a book. A new poll shows 56% of all Americans think Islam is incompatible with American values. Seventy six percent of Republicans hold that view. Astonishingly, that view is shared by 43% of Democrats.

The irony is that Trump is invoking the most liberal president in history to support his positions! FDR interned Japanese Americans in concentration camps. He refused refuge for a shipload of Jewish refugees, many of whom ended up being gassed at Auschwitz when the ship was forced to return to France in 1942. These moral and political failings of FDR and his Democrats have largely been ignored by liberals extolling his virtues. The reality check Trump is providing is both necessary and embarrassing.

The posturing of Republican contenders is predictable, as all are being overshadowed by Trump. The posturing of Democrats is almost laughable, as they are in the untenable position of subverting the iconic memories of FDR. Even Jimmy Carter banned Iranians from entering the US!

Donald Trump and I disagree on almost everything. Near as I can tell, we only agree on trade agreements and lobbyists. But Trump is the Republican I would support if I had to support a Republican.

Trump is shining a light on the failure of our political system. He is succeeding because the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have failed the American people.

The Republican Party is owned by the rich and the Democratic Party is owned by Wall Street and the Big Banks.

The little guy is represented by no one.

And that vacuum is being filled by Trump.

Donald Trump’s nomination will mean the end of the rich controlling the Republican Party. The people will have finally spoken, Disagree with them though we may, Trump supporters are not beholden to Wall Street. They are Wall Street’s worst nightmare, because they will not blindly buy the propaganda of the Koch brothers or the billionaires who have been calling the shots on Republican agendas in Congress and in state legislatures.

I have no use for Bill Clinton, but Bill Clinton was my choice as the most talented politician since Abraham Lincoln. And I believe Lincoln was the most talented politician in American history. Trump leaves Bill Clinton in the dust.

Professionally, I am a political strategist. As such, I think I am able to separate politics from my personal philosophies and objectively evaluate candidates and campaigns.

Such an analysis results in my considering Donald Trump to be the most brilliant politician I have ever observed. I doubt Trump believes much of what he says. I think his ability is exploit political opportunity is uncanny. His sales skills are almost supernatural. His entire career has been as a salesman, and one of the most successful one can imagine. He built a real estate empire on salesmanship, balls, and brilliance. He is doing the same as a politician.

He has managed to position himself on the people’s side of every controversy. He is not constrained by ideology or fealty to fact. He has fashioned himself as the champion of everyman.

He is as much a threat to the Republican Party as he is to Democrats.

I hope he is the Republican nominee.

But then, I hope Bernie is the Democratic nominee! I think Bernie would defeat Trump. But if Sanders loses to Hillary, I hope Hillary loses to Trump.

My rationale is entirely strategic, not philosophical. Hillary and I agree on many more issues than do Trump and I.

But a Hillary presidency will mean that the Democratic Party will again be in the grip of Wall Street. The very same corporate control of the party that has been the case under Obama will continue.

Progressives will be frozen out of the party leadership, lobbyists and industry hacks will be appointed to departments and regulatory agencies, just as they have been under Obama, and were under Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and W.

Trump will probably do the same, but the Democrats will have the opportunity to embrace Sanders, Warren, and the progressives who will redefine the Democratic Party.

The Trump campaign will be studied by political scientists and chronicled by historians. I believe future scholars will evaluate Trump as one of the greatest politicians in American history.

Which doesn’t mean he is right about anything. Just that he is brilliant.



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9 thoughts on “Trump’s Muslim Ban Will Guarantee Him the Republican Nomination

  1. Trump may well have also inadvertently solved the money-in-politics issue without throwing out Citizens United. How dare he fill the airwaves for free! Television media are more than a little worried about the possible loss of perhaps $2 billion with the flagging of Bush’s campaign and Clinton’s cruise control over Bernie. Not only has Trump brought the GOP to heel, but the media as well. And apparently without the help of any identifiable campaign guru. Wall Street, the Koch Bros. or Geo. Soros may have nothing to spend their money on. So, whether it’s bumbling–and by now it clearly is not–or genius, it’s all him. Call him Hitler, call him Machiavelli, or even Benito if you think him just a talented blockhead. You’re absolutely exactly right, Mr. Vincent: it’s revolutionary, and it’s breathtaking. Anyone who’s ever won political office or closed a big deal or covered a political campaign wants to prove him wrong. Because Trump sucks up all of their power and influence.


  2. So the politicians were dusting off their campaign promises for Business as usual: create jobs, cut taxes, improve education.

    Never mind that another trade deal was signed to get corporations more cheap labor, that the one percent will never pay their fair share of taxes, and that One Child Left Behind is undergoing an overhaul.

    Enter The Donald. He tapped into the angst the talking heads and politicians were avoiding: Too many people know they’re players in a zero sum game, and they’re losing. So Trump is drawing people by the thousands to his rallies, damning current leadership, trashing political correctness, and promising change.

    The Establishment, Right and Left, is in the throes of apoplexy. Pundits are taking to their fainting couches. Members of Congress are posturing before the cameras. But after weeks of predicting Trump’s political demise, criticizing his tone, temperament, and policies, his approval goes up.

    Could The Donald win the election? No. Would he be able to keep all his promises if he did? No. Nothing new there. In the meantime, he’s providing campaign excitement and he’s saying what a segment of the population have been wanting to hear, regardless merit or outcome.


  3. I belive trump is bored and is rich enough to campaign. He would be a horrible president as can be seen by his anti muslim rhetoric which is bringing the worms from the woodwork the FALSE American hypocrites. Trump is a racist boob and I dont agree with any of his ideas. He shuns mexico yet he has his clothing line made in mexico!


  4. “… Democrats will have the opportunity to embrace Sanders, Warren, and the progressives who will redefine the Democratic Party.”

    Excuse me, Roland, but didn’t that already happen once before culminating in the nomination of George McGovern? Immediately followed by Richard Nixon winning every state except Massachusetts and DC in the general election.

    Two thoughts come to mind: the leaders in a democracy are only as good as the people who elected them, there just aren’t any other plausible excuses. And “those who fail to learn the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.”


    • The difference is that Sanders is a socialist. His message cannot be addressed by pulling troops out of Viet Nam, which was the impetus of McGovern’s campaign and the basis of his support. Sanders’ message transcends current events and cannot be thwarted by the Republicans. Nixon ended the war in Viet Nam and the anti-war movement ended as well. No Republican is going to rein in Wall Street.


  5. My husband & I were just discussing how “brilliant” he is in exposing the true character of the “real americans”. He’s lifted the forbidden rock to expose the worms & cockroaches underneath. Thank you for this post. You’ve articulated much better than I could what this guy is doing.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. If one listens to the media, Trump is doomed because of his outlandish statements.. But if one listens to the common man on the street, (Joe Nobody) many support Trump immensely. The media has totally alienated themselves from Trump which has only boosted Trump’s ratings. The media twists and distorts all his statements. I am not a Trump supporter but just an observer who is interested in the results of the next election. Last night Megan Kelly was on a tirade concerning all the press attention that Trump is getting. The most important issue to me though, is animal rights, and I doubt Trump is a supporter in that area, although possibly through indirect action.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hes not as he did say he wouldnt go to the circus because it will have no more elephants for one thing. Plus his sons are trophy hunters and he sees nothing wrong with killing lions, elephants, rhinos etc.


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