Hillary Rodham Chameleon

chameleonProgressives supported Obama believing we would really see change in government. Instead we got TPP (the Trans Pacific Partnership), Wall Street lobbyists appointed to almost every agency in Washington, Monsanto executives at Agriculture, Big Oil hacks in Energy and Commerce, Big Bank operatives running Treasury, Big Pharma controlling the FDA, Big Ag calling the shots at Interior and Agriculture.

There is a revolving door in DC between corporate America and the US government. Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Pappy Bush, Clinton, W, and Obama all appointed industry hacks to departments and agencies which regulate their own industries.

And we are supposed to think the Hillary will be different?

She is a bought and paid for shill of Wall Street.

She rakes in millions of dollars in bribes from Wall Street lobbyists, her husband was in the pocket of the Big Banks, she refuses to support erecting a firewall between commercial and investment banks, opposes breaking up the four gargantuan banks that are “too big to fail,” and will not pledge to keep Wall Street lobbyists and executives out of her administration.

To try to curry favor with the progressive base of the party, Hillary’s public pronouncements are sounding more and more like Bernie Sanders, but talk is cheap.

Hillary has demonstrated that she is mercurial on issues, and is more concerned with polls than with principle.

She favored and opposed a single payer healthcare system.
She favored and opposed invading Iraq.
She favored and opposed the Patriot Act.
She favored and opposed trade agreements,
She opposed and favored gay rights.
She opposed and favored marriage equality.
She favored and opposed DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).
She favored and opposed Bill’s massive prison building projects.
She favored and opposed federal mandatory minimum sentences.
She favored and opposed the War on Drugs.

She still opposes banning all private campaign bribes.
She still opposes public campaign financing.
She still supports the death penalty.
She still opposes legalizing marijuana.
She still opposes breaking up the Big Banks.
She still accepts Wall Street bribes.
She still opposes a living minimum wage.

There are those who argue that Hillary would be better than any Republican. For animal activists, we need only look at Obama’s record to determine how well animals will fare under another Wall Street president: Big Ag will continue to dictate policies regulating factory farms, feedlots, and slaughterhouses. Wildlife Services will continue to kill animals on public land for the cattle industry. Wild horses will still be rounded up and sent to slaughter. No action will be taken to end whaling, sealing, or the murder of dolphins.We will still hear a deafening silence about the cruelty of animal testing, vivisection, rodeos, circuses, and fur.”

Progressive voters keep voting for Wall Street Democrats, expecting they will be rewarded with progressive polices.

Hasn’t happened. Never will happen. Not unless the polls suggest it would be politic to do so.

And if the polls indicate public support for progressive policies, we progressives would be better served by voting for the progressives who are championing those policies, rather than a political chameleon who is merely posturing to gain our votes.

Progressives have the power to reshape the Democratic Party. We have been manipulated by the Wall Street wing of the party for too long.

The entire Democratic leadership, from Obama, Reid, Pelosi, on down, are Wall Street Democrats. There are a few courageous progressive leaders who have not sold their souls to Wall Street (Sanders, Warren, Grayson, etc) who are ready and able to lead the party.

We just need to clean house and throw the bums out.

We certainly shouldn’t be supporting any Wall Street Democrat for president.



Author’s Notes:

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One thought on “Hillary Rodham Chameleon

  1. Hillary is one reason why some people like Trump in spite of his flaws. He trashes political correctness, says what he means regardless of merit or consequences, and won’t apologize. He has so much money he doesn’t have to worry about offending donors or courting Wall Street. It’s all about the money. Unfortunately, animals have no money and no note. If they’re not considered some kind of units of production or resources, and if their very lives can’t be measured in dollars and cents, they’ll get no attention from Democrats or Republicans.


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