Trickle Down Cruelty

illusionAnimal activists are proponents of universal rights. For animal rights to be achieved will require that the rights of all other oppressed groups be addressed. Advocating for animal rights presupposes advocating for the rights of women, people of color, the poor, the homeless, seniors, children, the LGBT community, etc.

Much as abused children are likely to abuse family pets, abused constituencies in society frequently are dismissive of the plights and rights of those even more vulnerable than they themselves are.

We see some feminists and advocates for people of color being antagonistic, and even hostile, to animals and animal activists, seeing animal advocacy as dismissive of their own interests. Some go so far as to equate animal advocacy with denigrating women and minorities.

A feminist may not care about the rights of the LGBT community, an Occupier may not be moved by the concerns of feminists, a poor person may not care about the environment.

But an animal activist cares about all of those people and issues.

In fact, those seeking empathy and compassion for animals are seeking justice for the entire human race, the environment, the animal kingdom. They are the universal warriors for peace, for equality, for justice, and for life.


Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

If you know of other blogs dedicated to animal rights and the defeat of capitalism, please comment with a link.

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7 thoughts on “Trickle Down Cruelty

  1. I am with you on all that we seem to be able to say “Yes!” to. To non-violence, ahimsa, compassion and kindness. The ways we can dissolve the illusion of separation by engaging the power of attraction we have, that yearning for returning to union.
    My qualms here arise with use of violent terminology such as “armory” or “fight” and “warrior”. I am trying to evolve myself into even checking my use of violent words in my lexicon. Perhaps “toolbox” and “campaign” might be used instead. I am wary of that which I tend to feel different from because I suspect there is where I need most to practice ahimsa or non violent solutioning, practicing the love I preach and feel we need more of in the world. Thanks for all your work in spreading vegan love!


  2. Most people of good will want a world free of injustice.

    However, when it comes to fighting for that better world, we all have limited resources, time, and energy. I have chosen to focus mine on the fight for animals.

    For one thing there are many organizations and institutions at city, state, national, and international levels advocating for social justice for people. They have many employees and volunteers, along with govenment and private funding. The animals, whose suffering is greater in degree and numbers, have fewer organizations, members, money, and even legitimacy. The need for help is greater.

    While people work to end the forms of discrimination that harm themselves, most are still speciesists. We can’t rely on those who care about social justice issues for humans to help animal activists. Some believe concern for animals is misplaced or even misanthropic and may claim a kind of a rhetorical copyright, condemning any comparisons of animal slaughter to The Holocaust or animal exploitation and abuse to slavery. Those horrors, we are reminded, pertain to human suffering not animal pain, and they find the human/animal comparison offensive. Well, that offends me. As long as people maintain the moral chasm between human beings and animals and use that to minimize nonhuman suffering, I’ll be on the side of the animals.


  3. I would say some animal activists are “proponents of universal rights.” There are people who advocate for canines, but don’t advocate for bovines, yet these same people consider themselves animal activists.

    I get the “total liberation” vision endorsed by a paltry number of individuals, but this vision is hardly sincerely assumed by more than a handful of people.

    Even total liberators want to dictate the lives of other earthlings.


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