Can Someone Explain Prayer To Me?

PRAYERI don’t get the whole idea of prayer. Never did. Even when I was a Christian, prayer didn’t make any sense to me.

The difference between us and god would make the difference between humans and bacteria seem tiny. Yet god is interested in our opinions? Would you be swayed by what a bacterium wanted?

God is supposed to be all knowing (omniscient), so he would know what you were going to pray for before you ever prayed. He is supposed to be all powerful, so he could grant whatever you prayed for.

But why would he?

Why would god change his mind about anything just because someone prayed?

If god is all knowing, all wise, and all powerful, what difference would your opinion or mine make?

It would seem that god would do whatever he wished regardless of what we ask him to do.

The only thing prayer accomplishes is to make one feel as though he or she is doing something, while doing nothing whatsoever. It assuages guilt, substitutes for substance, excuses inaction, indulges delusion, and promotes piety. It is nothing more than mental masturbation.

If we were actually created by god, he created our intellect. Our ability to reason, our ability to question, to challenge, to debunk.

I used to be a Christian. I bought into all the dogma, the blind faith, the suspension of reason.

Actually studying the Bible cures one of religion. The best argument for atheism is the Bible itself. Most Christians I know are unfamiliar with the Bible, have no clue to the ludicrous teachings of the Old Testament, no idea what the Bible really says.

Most Christians are unaware that the entire underlying premise of Christianity has long ago been disproven. Christ supposedly died to save believers from the Original Sin we all inherited from Adam and Eve. Here’s the problem: there was no Adam and Eve. Humans evolved from a troop of hominids in Africa. No Adam. No Eve. No Tree of Knowledge, No Garden of Eden to have been thrown out of. No original Sin. No reason for Christ to have died. No reason for Christianity.

If one is a woman, an animal lover, a vegan, gay, lesbian, or transgender, or an animal, the Bible is your enemy.

Which means the Bible is wrong. The Bible is a collection of Bronze Age myths, prejudices, folklore, bigotry, and misogyny, unworthy of serious consideration by modern society.



Author’s Notes:

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17 thoughts on “Can Someone Explain Prayer To Me?

  1. I guess I’m glad you’re not God because you wouldn’t care about our right to choose to engage or not. God is not forceful. You have free will. It’s an invitation to or not to. Let’s say there never was a Adam and Eve. Doesn’t disprove a creator or creation. Intelligence does not come from nothing. Otherwise intelligence means nothing so this is all just a random occurance that ultimately means nothing and your opinion is based on nothing and it’s all a pointless waste of time. Or we have an intelligent creator that gave us intelligence and the ability choose and to procreate intelligence in our children. Something unintelligent does not randomly become intelligent.


  2. Dear Vincent,

    There are Billions of Christians (let alone the other Religions) who are “meat eaters”. You are a Jew. I read this in one of your comments about yourself. I am a Christian – of Jewish decedents on my father’s side of the family.

    Instead of insulting the Billions of Jews and the Christians – and I am sure you ‘do it’ to all People who Believe that there is ‘a GOD’; instead of ‘being a clever’ – why do you and your ‘leader’ not try to win over these Billions of People to Vegan ism ? That is my question to you and to your ‘leader’ Vincent.

    Please read and share – Thank You :…/10042317

    Lord Bless (no offense meant hey), Michael.

    I have been a Christian for 75 years. I hope to die one. Please GOD.
    I have been a Vegan for 39 years. I hope to die one. Please GOD.


    • I am not a Jew, don’t know where you read that. I was raised a Baptist, am now an atheist, for reasons I have explained at length elsewhere on this blog. My brother is a fundamentalist preacher, and while I love him, I think he is nuts.


      • Dear Roland,

        You ‘play’ with the ruse of ‘mis-understanding’ hey.

        Clearly my commented was directed at what Vincent Athos ‘posted’.

        Sorry that you write that your own Brother is ‘nuts’. His reality includes JESUS, that’s all.

        Lord Bless, (no offense meant hey)



      • Dear Roland,

        Thank you for ‘sorting’ that, Re Vincent Athos. I do appreciate it.

        Keep up your Good Work for the Animals of this World. I am ‘behind you’ 100% Re our ‘fight’ for the Animals of this, our one-and-only-World.

        To me you are, and you remain – my Fellow-Vegan-Warrior; my Facebook Friend …. for which I thank GOD and I thank Facebook and I think You.

        Lord Bless, (no offense meant)


        P. S. Roland, may I respectfully suggest to you that you approach your own Brother, in the love that you have for him, and tell him : “Brother ……, there is still Hope for you with us Vegans”. When he reads the Book ‘Cry Out’ he will see 100% that TODAY JESUS would be a Vegan. Full-stop; and amen. Then he will (please GOD) follow JESUS and ‘Go Vegan’. QED. (again, please GOD) …. just a suggestion hey.


      • The only time I mentioned the word “Jew” was on my website, where I compared the Jewish Holocaust to the Animal Holocaust.


  3. As you noted, prayer may help the one praying. No one can prove prayers are actually answered. If the desired results occur, they might have happened even without prayer. Or prayers may remain unanswered because God had other plans. At least that’s what we were told. Maybe part of the problem is what people pray for. Why should God care what football or basketball team wins? When it comes to the big things–weather catastrophes, wars, plagues–how would we even measure successful prayer? Or maybe human events are treated by the Almighty like evolution–they’re allowed to follow their course. Who knows. Religion is something you accept on faith or, better, consign to the category of imponderables.


  4. Amen. Being logical and asking questions is dangerous to the faith.

    I went through a similar journey (below) that led to my exit from the Catholic Church. My questions and discontent involved the Church’s indifference to the suffering of all the other creatures that we share this earth with and what suffering and that indifference meant to the Church’s own theodicy.

    Besides raising disquieting questions about human nature and human moral sensitivity, the fate of most animals calls forth theological queries, most of them having inadequate answers. Here, for example, is the most common explanation involving animal suffering: While other creatures do not deserve pain, being totally innocent, they inevitably experience it because of the sin of Adam. Unfortunately, the theological and philosophical traditions most quoted (coming from the works of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine, along with Aristotle, Descartes, and Kant) also maintain that animals do not have immortal souls, that their lives do not count, that their deaths do not matter. They deserve no rescue in this life and no reward in the next.

    Furthermore, the same traditions support the belief that human beings owe no moral consideration to other animals and may use them freely as a means of human pleasure, progress, and profit. People who abuse and kill other animals, then, are not deemed guilty of sin or deserving of punishment. Those responses in the light of unrelenting animal misery seem so unreasonable that they lead to an insolable problem of theodicy. How can we possibly reconcile an All-Just and All-Merciful God with the doctrine of the Church?

    The twisted logic if it is astonishing! Innocent animals suffering for millennia for a mythical sin! In fact, considering how long life has been on this earth, animals were suffering for that sin millions of years before it had even been committed! But Christianity hasn’t dealt well with evolution either

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  5. Dear Roland,

    You don’t really want an answer do you ? You have actually answered your own question haven’t you ?

    If you really did want an answer, then about 7 Billion (plus, minus) People would give you the answer – and it would be basically the same answer in each case. Amazing hey; don’t you think.

    One thing I have noticed – you tend to criticize the Old Testament mostly – far more than you do the New Testament i. e. JESUS and His Disciples. Why do you think that is ?

    You should – as I as a Christians do – not take ‘every word’; every ‘story’; ‘everything’ in the Bible so personally, as if it describes to you ‘concretistic reality’ ALL the time. You should see – as I as a Christians do – that a LOT of the Bible is ‘Symbolic’. If you do that it will mean that you will, unfortunately it seems to me, in your own personal case, mean that you will be left with the ‘message’ being conveyed, and THIS is what you really do not want. Not so. For the ‘message’ makes ‘demands’ on you that you do not want to follow = obey, hey. Not so.

    Lord Bless, Michael.

    P. S. Oh, incidentally Roland, the fact that you say/write : ” Even when I was a Christian, prayer didn’t make any sense to me. ” says to me that you never were a Christian. For, if you were, it would have. Not so. Is it here that your problem with GOD already manifested itself, do you think ? You never were a Christian.


    • Hey andrewmichael2015, look at this. Roland wrote a blog post criticizing the New Testament, too. It is just as illogical and crazy as the Old Testament.In the Old Testament, children who insult their parents should be stoned. Hardly logical. In the New, Facts about Jesus change in different books. Hardly logical. The only reason why religion exists to this day is because people are uneducated and they were told as kids, “Jesus is holy”, “Manna fell from the sky”, or “Mohammed is Allah’s prophet”.

      As to your remark on the original article, I doubt your God can hear you. Perhaps try praying even more. That’ll definitely help.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Funny. I could tell you of countless answered prayers…

        Maybe it’s perspective 😇 And maybe it’s not nice to be snarky about someone else’s


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