Terrorism, Speciesism, And Saving Animal Lives

fearTerrorism is a much over used term, one that is invoked by government to tarnish enemies, used to frighten the public, inflame zealots, control the media, and to blur the distinctions between those fighting particular enemies and those targeting innocents and non-combatants.

Religious fanatics (mostly Muslim fundamentalists of late), political separatists, racists, etc, use violence against people indiscriminately. The targets of most terrorists are members of the general public, attacked to sew fear and dread, and to terrorize people who have no specific quarrels with the terrorists.

The Animal Liberation Front is considered a terrorist organization by the US government, a status demanded by Big Ag and Big Pharma, who took objection to their victims being freed by Animal Liberation Front (ALF) activists. The ALF never targeted people in their activities, they merely freed animals from horrific conditions or prevented their torture and murder. Big Ag and other animal exploitation industries even got Congress to pass, and the president to sign, the Animal Enterprises Terrorism Act (AETA) to make felons of anyone rescuing animals or damaging property in doing so.

More radicalized animal activists see no difference at all in damaging Auschwitz, damaging gas chamber operators, and damaging slaughterhouses.

There is no rational distinction between those who wield the knives and captive bolt guns in slaughterhouses and those who employ the thugs.

No logical difference between those who buy corpses and those who produce them.

No moral difference between serial killers and carnists.

The animals suffer and die because of all of them.

I look forward to the day when animal activists can exact justice for all the innocent lives taken. For all the cruelty and fear those animals endured.

But more importantly, to reduce the demand for animal corpses by reducing the number of corpse producers and corpse consumers.

Such actions would not be terrorism, as the targets are hardly innocents.

The targets are the enemy.

While there is no moral distinction between animal consumers and animal murderers, there is a tactical difference. Consumers buy meat, eggs, and dairy. Their purchases are the de facto hiring of others to commit murder and atrocities against animals.

Those who do the killing, and the people who hire the thugs with the knives, should be our targets.

Just as we fantasize that we would have taken out guards at Auschwitz, shooting the gas chamber operators, killing the Nazis in charge of the facility, we should employ direct action against those who own and operate slaughterhouses. Against those who wield the bolt guns, the knives, the chainsaws.

We do not excuse those who murdered Jews in the concentration camps because they were just doing their jobs. Nor should we excuse animal murderers because they are poor or disadvantaged or otherwise unemployable.

billionsCapitalism preys on people. Money is employed to make people do despicable things. But being poor or hungry is no excuse to torture and murder animals. Both the employers and the employed should pay for their crimes. And be prevented from committing further atrocities

At some point, no one will want to assume the risk of owning a slaughterhouse, of sitting on the board of directors of an animal murdering corporation. No one will want to work at killing animals if they are likely to be shot driving home.

This is where we are, comrades. We are champions of animals or we are not. Nothing the animal movement has done has worked. More animals are being murdered than ever before in history. There is a Nazi Holocaust of animals every hour of every day of every year. Six million animals murdered each and every hour. 24/7

Over 60 BILLION creatures have their throats cut each year. Animals that want to live as much as we do. Animals that love, that have families, that feel pain and terror and grief. Animals that have no way of fighting back against the system that breeds, tortures, and murders them.

We are their voice. We are their comrades. We are their avengers and their champions.

We can change the world! But only if we are willing to take the battle to those who do the killing.

Our strategies and tactics for the past fifty years have been a joke.

The modern animal movement dates from Peter Singer’s “Animal Liberation”, published in 1975. But many of us have been involved in rescuing animals since the 1950s.

But in all that time we barely saved a million animals per year around the world. Fifty million animals saved in fifty years! About the number who will be murdered in slaughterhouses in the next seven hours!

We cannot continue doing what we do. We are dooming billions of animals to death each and every year by refusing to take the fight to the enemy.

That enemy is Big Agriculture (Big Ag), the slaughterhouses, the feed lots, the factory farms, the packing houses, the wholesalers, the grocery chains, the restaurants. The consumers.

The most strategic targets are the factory farms, the feed lots and the slaughterhouses.

We see crazy religious zealots employing direct action tactics to advance their causes.

Innocent people being targeted because of insane religious beliefs.

How much more legitimate are the interests of innocent animals? Creatures being murdered daily for the blood lust of humans?

My personal view is that anyone who kills an animal is a murderer.

If enough of us share that view, we can bring down capitalism, the slaughter industries, and legal systems which allow the Animal Holocaust to continue.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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8 thoughts on “Terrorism, Speciesism, And Saving Animal Lives

  1. Ahimsaforever. We share 98% of our DNA with chimps. The chimp diet is basiclally a plant based one eating only 1% meat mainly in the form of ants. The ancestor we share with chimps was a total vegetarian much like the modern gorilla who is also a total vegetarian. It has been disputed that a high protein diet resulted in the human brain. Many highly intelligent herbivore animals have large brains for their size. Regardless, the fact is flesh is certainly is not an essential part of our diet in contemporary times with the proliferation of plant foods now available to us.


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  3. Even before we were human beings we were violent and adept at destroying other creatures. Robert Ardrey succinctly describes our genetic legacy in his book African Genesis: “But we were born of risen apes, not fallen angels, and the apes were armed killers besides.” As Homo sapiens, in every time and every culture, “human privilege” was paramount with no moral or legal consideration for the lives of animals required, unless viewed as someone’s property. As populations grew and cultures developed, our methods of torture and killing also increased. So now, in a world approaching 9 billion people, we have turned the death of food animals into one of our most lucrative and productive industries. With the newest technology and scientific management, the living are efficiently turned into the dead.

    So it’s hard to imagine how animal activists, no matter how great the justification and desire, can destroy Big Ag. Just one act of of “terror” that not only damages property but also harms human beings would call out the full force of the law. Factory farms and slaughter houses would be turned into fortresses. For every transport truck destroyed, another would roll off the assembly line. For every slaughterhouse burned down, another would be built. For every shooter of captive bolt guns and wielder of knives killed, another would take his place. Would there ever be enough activists in the pipeline of justice to end the killing? To fight the backlash?

    To think there is nothing we can do to stop the torture and death of all the innocents is frustrating beyond words. But we, along with the animals, have so much and so many against us.


    • The idea that we evolved from killer apes had been widely refuted. Our ancestors were much more likely prey than predators.Most anthropologists and paleontologists believe our ancestors were omnivorous scavengers, whose primary diet was fruit, berries, and insects. We may have foraged much like modern chimpanzees, and scavenged the kills of actual predators, as do baboons.

      The very issues and concerns you raise about attacking Big Ag and those in their employ is the subject of my upcoming article Animal Liberation: The Next Step.

      Stay tuned…


      • Fair enough. Paleoanthropology is a work in progress. When Raymond Dart coined the phrase “killer ape” back in the 1950s, the fossil record was scant and some of it misinterpreted. There is evidence that early hominids were scavengers and prey, as well as predators, depending on the time and site. Examination of dentition and skull morphology, along with associated artifacts, reveals more of their lifestyle as the record grew.

        Anthropologist Henry Bunn and other scientists have studied what is called a “huge butchery” site in Olduvai Gorge, Africa, that dates from approximately 2 millions years ago. They believe that the hominids involved were members of Homo habilis and that they killed at least some of the animals by sitting in trees and spearing them at close range (prehistoric Paul Ryans?). Scholars believe hunting animals and consuming meat provided an energy source that eventually led to bigger brains and the more sophisticated tools and culture that made H. sapiens an evolutionary “success.” As summed up by Bunn: “As a result, over the next two million years our crania grew, producing species of humans with increasingly large brains–until this carnivorous predilection produced Homo sapiens.” At whatever stage the killing started for sure, it has been a huge part of our legacy.

        Kind of an aside here: Chimpanzees in Senegal have been observed breaking off tree branches, gnawing the ends to sharpen them, and then stabbing bush babies. They have also been seen forming gangs to beat up and kill other chimps. We may have someone in the wings to replace us.


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