How Corporations Killed American Democracy

democracynotforsaleAdvertising creates demand for products and services. It convinces the public of needs that do not exist or do not exist as advertised.

Advertising is commercial propaganda. It impacts public perception, is virtually unregulated, and employs deceptions, half-truths, misinformation, and outright falsehoods to achieve its objectives.

Political advertising is similar, but there are NO regulations on political propaganda. None at all. Political ads are free to lie, intimidate, and frighten. They are free to appeal to hatred, bigotry, and greed. They are used to assassinate characters and lie about policies. And there are no limits on how much money can be spent on political ads or requirements to disclose who is funding the propaganda.

Advertising money drives people to products. Political advertising drives people to politicians. There are laws against consumer fraud but none against political fraud.

Political advertising, funded by corporations, trade organizations, special interests, and lobbyists, is the reason democracy does not work in America.

It is the reason Members of Congress vote against the will of their constituents. The reason corporations run the government. The reason billionaires buy presidents and Senators.

Private and corporate funding of campaigns must end if democracy is to exist. Public financing of campaigns should be the battle cry of every champion of liberty, every supporter of democracy, every social justice advocate, everyone who is not a billionaire or a Wall Street Banker, or capitalist apologist.

Political advertising, campaign contributions, and gifts to public officials, are nothing but bribes.

The persons paying the bribes and the politicians collecting them should be in prison.

This year Bernie Sanders is stirring political revolution in the Democratic Party, and Donald Trump is appealing to disaffected Republicans tired of seeing their elected officials putting Big Business interests ahead of the Republican rank-and-file.

For all Trumps’s demogoguery, xenophobia, and bigotry, his position on political bribery makes him the most attractive Republican to progressive enemies of the state, and even make him an attractive alternative to Hillary Clinton, who has been a Wall Street Democrat and apologist for Wall Street since Bill’s presidency. Her record of taking political bribes from Wall Street, Big Ag, Big banks, etc, is well known and documented. Her refusal to pledge not to appoint industry lobbyists and executives to Departments and regulatory agencies is sufficient in itself to disqualify her from serving as president.



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One thought on “How Corporations Killed American Democracy

  1. I’ve been thinking this for a long time. We concentrate on the evils of Wall Street and neglect Madison Avenue. Their message drives our overblown and ego-driven consumption and has made half-truths and hyperbole acceptable. Madison Avenue-type rhetoric is evident in both advertising and in political discourse. As I’ve noted before, it is part of what I call Humpty Dumpty speak: Words mean what we want them to mean, and facts are what we want them to be. The hucksters of Madison Avenue don’t have to worry about how good the product or the candidate actually is. They figure out what the people hope for, what might make them feel better, assuage their anger, reduce their pain. Then they promise.


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