Merry Christmas!


Christmas has its roots in Christianity, most certainly, if only by the name it bears. But Christ and Christianity have little to do with Christmas. Christians invoke it as the birthday of Jesus (a factual error), but the actual practice of celebrating Christmas has become a secular holiday enjoyed by people of all, or no, faiths.

Celebrating the Winter Solstice was a practice of many so called “pagan” religions. As the Romans, and subsequently the Spanish and Portuguese, conquered peoples, they spread Christianity in the wake of the corpses they created. The Catholic church was instrumental in making the conquered peoples as malleable as possible by allowing them to incorporate their own belief systems into the conquering Catholicism.

The results are seen today in Christianity celebrating both Christmas and Easter. Neither is biblical or historically related to the supposed events memorialized. Both are based on pagan holidays,

Reindeer and Easter bunnies have nothing to do with the Christian myth.

Christmas is recognized as a secular holiday in the United States and elsewhere, with no religious connotations attributed to its celebration.

Even atheists like yours truly enjoy and celebrate Christmas.

So a very Merry Christmas to all who love the holiday, even my Christian friends!



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4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Yes I agree, from the pagan perspective, however when the Christian says ‘Merry Christmas’ they are very much putting the ‘christ’ into the holiday where as we are taking the ‘christ’ out of the holiday. So happy holidays to all, whatever one wants to call it. But going back to the Christian theme of love and peace, let’s celebrate this ideology in our festivities remembering that peace begins on our plate. A true contradiction for Christians and the ultimate chutzpah with the savoured turkey and ham most will be ‘enjoying’ today. My apologies for such cynicism on Christmas. Enjoy your vegan meal and the true meaning of love and compassion as I know you will ! 🙂

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